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Advice for Linux on a Laptop?

jjw8 Re:I hate to say it ... (276 comments)

Did you actually read my post? I gave advice on selecting a laptop for running linux as well as suggesting what I *personally* would consider to be a better option. The macbook is by far the best value Core Duo laptop available at this point, plus it has the advantage of being able to run not only Linux and Windows but ALSO OSX, which I consider to be an advantage. He explicitly stated he has a need to run Windows, but clearly wishes to run a better OS - be that Linux or OSX - for general day to day use. I do run linux on a laptop - Fujitsu Siemens P7010 - with everything supported except the sd card reader. This is purely because I wanted an ultra-portable laptop. For desktop purposes I use a mac, which I *personally* consider to be the best UNIX experience out there at the moment. This will be my final post on the matter as I refuse to be drawn into a flame war for no reason. Joel.

more than 8 years ago


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