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Motorola CEO Blames Open Android Store For Phone Performance Ills

jkabbe Re:Wow there is a first.. (384 comments)

In fairness, Steve Jobs did see this coming during the whole "why can't the iPhone multi-task?" drama from a while back. IIRC, he predicted that users would have bad experiences with multitasking too much and blame it on the phones.

more than 3 years ago

Windows 8 Early Build Hints At Apple, WebOS Competitor - EWeek

jkabbe Re:Flaming (375 comments)

Microsoft has too many "partners" to sneak in a new version 18 months after the previous version (like Apple did with Snow Leopard). As a result, they'll probably be tied into their recent 3-4 year schedule.

I think the sadness over Snow Leopard being weak was due to the fact that Apple had been shipping major new releases every 12-18 months for four straight upgrades. And then along comes Snow Leopard on the same schedule, but mostly under the hood. So yeah it was disappointing, but necessary (so no complaints here).

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft Losing Big To Apple On Campus

jkabbe Re:LINUX rounds numbers fine (764 comments)

Is compatibility really an issue when 43% of your student body uses a particular computer? It's one thing to talk about compatibility in the workplace, where your employer might use some obscure mid-90s custom business software that ONLY runs on windows. But for email, web, word processing, and presentations, I think these students will have all the compatibility they need.

As far as how much 'extra' you get, that's a matter of personal preference. I could easily recount my friends who took a look at PCs and were disgusted at the OS, cheap build quality, etc. But what would be the point? Products that sell are obviously at a price point that makes sense to them. Either you're arguing that ~10% of the computer buying population are idiots for buying Macs, or we're seeing AND CARING ABOUT something that you're not. That's not a knock on you, but it doesn't mean we've had the wool pulled over our eyes either.

more than 4 years ago

SugarCRM 6 Released, But Is It Open Source?

jkabbe Need Recommendation (357 comments)

I am looking for a recommendation. SugarCRM and similar applications seem mostly directed toward sales.

What we need is an application (prefer a web application) that has built-in calendar / task / contact / email -- all linked together -- with the ability to add my own data, relationships, and screens for entering / viewing said data.

I would start with something like FileMaker Pro but 1) I'd like to go the web app direction if possible because you never know how well an app like FMP will transition to the web, and 2) it has no robust built-in cal/task/contact/email. And, of course, there are licensing fees (which I am not averse to, but I would rather not pay a yearly seat fee -- if I have to buy I'd rather just pay once for licenses).

I am open to all suggestions. I intend to build a robust and sophisticated field-specific application. But I need a good foundation to start on. I just need to identify what that foundation should be.

more than 4 years ago

FSF Response To Steve Jobs's Letter

jkabbe Re:Article doesn't make sense (572 comments)

The FSF's problem is that they want everything to be free and open -- and aren't willing to draw lines anywhere in the middle. Sometimes they remind me of PETA complaining about Obama swatting a fly. It's ok to promote free and open software. But to act like we should all accept inferior software just because its "open" is, well, cuckoo.

more than 4 years ago

TSA Wants You To Keep Your Seat, and Your Hands In Sight

jkabbe One hour? Seriously? (888 comments)

Because apparently the only possible time to detonate something and bring down an airplane is in the last hour before landing. So THAT is why the shoe bomber failed....he did it too early!

How about we have a reasoned response to this instead of just blindly making shit up based on the last attack?

more than 5 years ago

Obama Losing Voters Over FISA Support

jkabbe Re:Telecom Immunity Might be a Good Thing (1489 comments)

My point was that without immunity there is a substantial risk that a court would decide that no crime was in fact committed.

Wouldn't that be far, far worse than immunity?

If we really wanted to do something about it we would impeach those in the government who were responsible. I don't see suing telecom companies as a credible solution.

more than 6 years ago


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