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Classic Books of Science?

jmoloug1 Discourse on Reason - Descartes (451 comments)

This short and highly readable work can be regarded as opening the doors on the age of enlightenment. For related info, read Descartes' Bones an interesting read about Descartes was viewed in successive generations.

more than 5 years ago

How Close Were US Presidential Elections?

jmoloug1 Re:Thanks from the reminder (971 comments)

Without the war, FDR would have been voted out of office in 1940, and the recession would have stretched through most of the 1940s.

Nice theory, except we weren't attacked until the end of 1941. Most people were opposed to the war before then while FDR was actively trying to get us into the war.

Further, as for the theory that Obama will be hated in four years because he can't fix it, why was FDR reelected continuously through the depression which he allegedly couldn't/didn't fix?

more than 5 years ago


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