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Cryptic Studios Releases New Star Trek Online Details, Trailer

jmoriarty Re:For the lazy.. (272 comments)

I think the TFA details should be worded:

  • Big galaxy... it's space, the final frontier
  • These are the voyages of the Enterprise 1701-ZZ
  • It's mission will be billed to you monthly
  • You can explore strange NPC worlds for new cosplay ideas
  • You can grind by seeking out new races and civilizations
  • You can boldly go to the one place this franchise hasn't be beaten to death before!

Just no word yet on whether "Kirking Alien Women" is a skill class you can take.

more than 6 years ago



jmoriarty jmoriarty writes  |  about 8 years ago

Jeff Moriarty writes "[MODERATOR: My email is jeff.moriarty@intel.com if you would like to talk about this directly. Feel free to edit the text as you see fit.]

I work in IT at Intel, am one of Intel's "official" IT bloggers, and am looking for a little abuse. Intel launched these external IT blogs late last year to open the lines of communication, and perhaps show the world we're not entirely as evil as you may have heard. Since I've been given some leeway in talking about Intel as a blogger, I thought I'd push things a bit and see what the Slashdot crew would like to know.

I've been at Intel seven years, all of it in IT, but I'm not an Intel apologist. We do great things, and we do ridiculous things. Intel IT really gets to see both sides of the coin, trying to contribute to Intel's bottom line by supporting our products, but facing the same technical and budgetary challenges as most of our customers. I'm hoping our blogs and this Q&A will help us share how we deal with those challenges. All IT related questions are fair game, as are personal questions about working at Intel, our culture, etc. Give me the Top Ten, and if I don't know the answer, I'll ask around until I find someone who does. I've got my kevlar armor on, so bring the love."


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