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NYT Paywall Cost $40 Million: How?

joe_garage Re:What did they spend the $40-50 million on? (305 comments)

This is a trend -consulting fees, otherwise how did the CND gov spend 1.5billion$ on the federal gun registry to register maybe 7 million guns (that really no one wanted anyway) .....

more than 3 years ago

China's Nine-Day Traffic Jam Tops 62 Miles

joe_garage Re:Holy crap! (198 comments)

this is a typical drive in toronto on the DVP or 401 -- it SEEMS like 9 days

more than 4 years ago

EU Demands Canada Gut Its Copyright & Patent L

joe_garage Hopefully this will go to committee (2 comments)

"And we'll go along with it, no doubt. Our government only cares about sovereignty when it involves Arctic dick-waving"

more than 4 years ago

Disputed Island Disappears Into Sea

joe_garage Re:Hey, wait a minute (460 comments)

according to that graph - a cursory look at it indicates in times of major conflicts there is a temp spike upwards.... so ......... well that will never work anyway .......

more than 4 years ago

How To Play HD Video On a Netbook

joe_garage Re:How about a free option? (205 comments)

codec packs are really never required and often just crap up your system .. Media Player Classic Home Cinema http://mpc-hc.sourceforge.net/ has built in EVR renderer and plays 1080p files (at at least up to 40mps bitrate) on ION netbooks and ION 330's using the GPU instead of the CPU .. also - XBMC has two different branches out now that use GPU acceleration for perfect 1080p playback hardware like above ...

more than 4 years ago

Fraudulent Anti-Terrorist Software Led US To Ground Planes

joe_garage Re:Suprise surprise... (147 comments)

computers ARE magic to 99% of the population (if they own one or not) --- i fear that also goes for 'those in charge' (of us?)

more than 5 years ago

What is the Current State of Home Automation?

joe_garage Re:What about INSTEON? (409 comments)

as a dull mater of interest - the control4 system runs on a linux kernel

more than 5 years ago


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