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Investors Value Yahoo's Core Business At Less Than $0

joeflies Doesn't valuation work the other way around? (141 comments)

Namely, don't you value Alibaba based on the size of Yahoo's investment (plus a multiple for future growth), rather than using that investment to gauge how much the investor is worth?

11 hours ago

Why No One Trusts Facebook To Power the Future

joeflies Don't assume that Facebook is forever (218 comments)

As myspace proved out, the social market is incredibly fickle. Facebook's billboard model is only part of the market, and there are already signs that communication is shifting towards real time. That market isn't so clear, with plenty of fragmentation across LINE, the weibos in asia and facebook's relatively poor sticker offering trying to catch up. WeChat may have been pricey, but a necessary addition to admit they missed the boat on this angle.

about two weeks ago

Illustrating the Socioeconomic Divide With iOS and Android

joeflies This data is about Twitter not platforms (161 comments)

The only conclusions that I can draw has to do with the people who use Twitter. While twitter's user base may be sufficiently representative of the overall mobile user space, I don't see how it can correlate to wealth of platform adoption until other factors are also ruled out.

about two weeks ago

Gmail Goes HTTPS Only For All Connections

joeflies Re:Encrypting Data at Motion, not Data at Rest (141 comments)

I was primarily commenting because the summary said "Gmail messages are encrypted from the time they leave a user's machine to the time they leave Google's infrastructure." which is obviously incorrect. The messages aren't encrypted at all, only the network connections are.

about a month ago

Gmail Goes HTTPS Only For All Connections

joeflies Encrypting Data at Motion, not Data at Rest (141 comments)

SSL/TLS is only for data in motion, and applications that choose to use it. Anyone who gets access to the backend will still be able to freely read as much content as they like

about a month ago

Solar-Powered Toilet Torches Waste For Public Health

joeflies For all the reasons I've disliked bill gates in th (126 comments)

It all seems trivial if he is successful building this. I suppose it's true that applying tech to poop isn't something a lot of people are researching.

about a month ago

Should Newsweek Have Outed Satoshi Nakamoto's Personal Details?

joeflies I think it's reasonable, if it was accurate (276 comments)

The simple fact is that BitCoin is drawing a lot of mainstream media interest. Given that nobody really knows who's behind it, (and for those really suspicious of a conspiracy, what all this crowd sourced crypto is analyzing), it's certain to draw questions. Like the ST:TNG episode "Clues", we have a series of minor mysteries on our hands.

But nevertheless, it isn't clear to me that Newsweek outed the right guy. As odd as Nakamoto appeared in the article, I'm left with feeling that the reporter is the one that's acting weird.

about a month and a half ago

F-Secure: Android Accounted For 97% of All Mobile Malware In 2013

joeflies Re:Moral of the story: (193 comments)

That may be true in the US, but i've heard from friends overseas that other markets prefer their own stores, like a Chinese phone will have a custom rom and local app store, of which the legitimacy of the apps may come into question.

about a month and a half ago

Phil Zimmerman Launching Secure "Blackphone"

joeflies Just one question (156 comments)

On the black phone, where did the PRNG come from?

about 3 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Can We Still Trust FIPS?

joeflies Strangely enough, it's still probably safer (138 comments)

Based on what I understand of the FIPS process (which is little, admittedly), the whole exercise to put your crypto under the microscope results in eliminating a number of coding mistakes and implementation problems. So even if the algorithms themeselves are potentially weakened (we don't know ), a FIPS approved product that's had 3rd party scrutiny is probably still better off than one that wasn't, due to cleaning up implementation issues with the keys, random numbers and algorithms.

about 7 months ago

Early Apple Employees Talk Memories of Steve Jobs, Thoughts On New Movie

joeflies Can't they just accept it for what it is? (146 comments)

the way that mr. fernandez comes across in the interview, it sounds like there is a single definitive history that only he knows about and resistant to share. it's not like movies are used as definitive pieces of history, it's essentially folklore at best.

about 8 months ago

First California AMBER Alert Shows AT&T's Emergency Alerts Are a Mess

joeflies the biggest issue I see (380 comments)

is that this experience annoyed so many people, a lot of people will turn the feature off. Then when a real alert that affects a large population comes out, such as a Shelter in Place alert, a lot of people won't get the message.

The emergency system should only be used for disasters, not for amber alerts. I personally received the exact same alert 5 times.

about 8 months ago

Cybercrooks Increasingly Use Tor Network To Control Botnets

joeflies Alarmist journalism (99 comments)

The article found two examples of using Tor, and had already identified one from the past. That's the justification for the "increasingly using Tor" headline? Then again, I'm surprised that they didn't run with a headline of "Malware using Tor Doubled!"

about 9 months ago

New Moons of Pluto Named Kerberos and Styx; Popular Choice 'Vulcan' Snubbed

joeflies Why was Vulcan disqualified? (194 comments)

Seems like that's a critical part of this story and the reason is not mentioned.

about 10 months ago

Apple Details US Requests For Customer Data

joeflies Contradiction (116 comments)

"The most common requests came from police investigating crimes or searching for people". Searching for people would mean that each request would affect one account. 4,000-5,000 requests affecting 10,000 accounts implies that each request touched on average two accounts (a caller and a recipient?). In addition, it doesn't say how much data was slurped out of each request either - is it a particular imessage or a whole dump of all imessage records, or is it tapping all imessages to come?

about 10 months ago

Keeping Your Data Private From the NSA (And Everyone Else)

joeflies How do you protect against metadata surveillance (622 comments)

Encryption is fine and dandy, but your metadata is still exposed. Unless you have a Tor for your mobile traffic, then your metadata is still effectively exposed in the clear.

about 10 months ago

Microsoft, Partners Probed Over Bribery Claims

joeflies Re:Hate to defend M$ in any way, but (137 comments)

The whistleblower was either working for Microsoft or on Microsoft's behalf.

"a Microsoft official in China directed the whistle-blower to pay bribes to government officials to win business deals"

1 year,29 days

Is It Worth Paying Extra For Fast SD Cards?

joeflies Not according to the guy at frys (164 comments)

I once went to frys to pick up some extra cards, and the sales rep told me that if I buy the more expensive cards, it will improve the quality of my pictures because they will be sharper and more colorful. I am still trying to figure out how he justifies that statement.

about a year ago

Why Microsoft Got Into the Console Business

joeflies So MIcrosoft's basic premise is (257 comments)

"Cooperate with us or we will crush you". Geez I wonder why Sony would ever give such a cold shoulder to such a friendly gesture?

about a year ago



On the trail of online mystery Cicada 3301

joeflies joeflies writes  |  about 5 months ago

joeflies (529536) writes "The Telegraph reports on Cicada 3301, an online mystery that's built like a Dan Brown novel, testing knowledge of obscure books, history, stenography, and cryptography. Whether it's an elaborate alternate reality game or a recruitment tool, it's still unknown who's behind it and where it all leads."

Digital Picture Frames carry Malware

joeflies joeflies writes  |  more than 6 years ago

joeflies (529536) writes "The San Francisco Chronicle reports that some digital picture frames manufactured in China carry an advanced trojan. Currently it is being used to capture credentials from online games, but researches suspect that it may be used for other purposes in the future."

joeflies joeflies writes  |  more than 7 years ago

joeflies (529536) writes "The San Francisco Chronicle has an extensive article on the controversial site Jigsaw, which makes it easy to sell other people's identity information. Jigsaw encourages people to collect business cards and email signature blocks, which is compiled together into a searchable database. Participants earn points towards their own searches or earn money.

Is this exactly what Scott McNealy meant when he said electronic privacy is dead?"


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