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Record Box Office Indicates MPAA 'Piracy Problem' Hot Air

joel8x Re:As I have posted previously.... (244 comments)

The evidence of what happened is clear: 2007 was the best year in almost a decade for decent movie releases. And, I'm not talking about just the big crappy blockbusters, but actual good movies like There Will Be Blood and No Country For Old Men. The increase in box office intake correlates to what we've (intelligent people) been saying all along - put out good content and people will consume it.

People are sick of crappy popular music and the only stuff that sells in huge quantities is kiddie stuff because they are easy audiences and don't realize that Hannah Montana can't hit a note without autotune. That is the main reason why the music industry is hurting - the talent is abandoning them and their old ways. Pretty soon though, you will find that as video equipment comes down in price and editing software is cheaply available, independent movies will come out and have global distribution the same way any musician can over the internet. The talent will slowly migrate to the new business model while the old studios will cry foul on their own customers. The best thing the movie studios can do to slow down the inevitable is to put out more good movies and stop trying to cheapen your brand by remaking everything just for a quick buck.

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