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Ubuntu TV: Coming Soon To a Living Room Near You (Video)

joeyblades Re:Smart boxes not TVs (183 comments)

I personally would rather not have any more "boxes" attached to my TV.

I have a Sony Google TV and I love it.
I haven't noticed any latency issues.

BTW, You really can't compare an integrated Sony/Google TV (or similar) solution with Roku unless you ONLY care about streaming. One of the best things about Google TV is the integrated Chrome browser. I love watching some program and being able to pull up a browser in the background and learn about what other movies that actor is in? or what's the name of that song playing in the soundtrack? or how many stars does this movie get on Rotten Tomatoes? or what's that pitcher's stats? etc.... Or, if I want to show my family some pictures on some web site, but I would like to leave the playoff game on in the background.

more than 2 years ago

German Copyright Group To Collect From Creative Commons Event

joeyblades Slick (349 comments)

According to German law, you are required to prove that an artist is not with GEMA.

Nice! Since it's practically impolssible to prove the negative, GEMA always wins...

more than 2 years ago

Samsung Takes the Lead In the Smartphone Market

joeyblades Re:Holding market share is another thing (406 comments)

I seriously considered iPhone for my last purchase, but I've started to think of my phone as a computer and the iPhone is simply too restrictive. I'm very happy with my Motorola Atrix. Actually, every Motorola phone I've had has been stellar.

more than 2 years ago

Samsung Takes the Lead In the Smartphone Market

joeyblades Holding market share is another thing (406 comments)

Based on my experience with Samsung phones, I would be very surprised if they can hold that market share. In my family of 4 we had 4 Samsungs (various models - 3 smartphones). 3 of the 4 crapped out within the first 6 months of use (only the dumbphone continued to work). One of them had to be replaced 3 times. Samsung obviously does not care about quality control, so I'll never buy another Samsung product again... ever.

I know several friends that have had similar experiences and have come to similar conclusions. Samsung won't be able to hold on to their marketshare lead when they continuously deliver a poor user experience.

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Which Android Phone (and Carrier) For WiFi Proxy Support?

joeyblades Re:Reading comprehension (125 comments)

Ummm... couldn't resist pointing out that your reading comprehension is not quite right either...

You wrote:

he is asking for an app which would enable this

but what the OP actually wrote was:

I want a new Android phone which provides this

...just sayin'

Otherwise, I agree with you and add the point about how ironic/moronic it is that when people don't have a clue what you're talking about they jump to the conclusion that you don't know what you're talking about. The OP asked a legitimate question about proxy support and then more than half of the responders started talking about tethering support...

more than 2 years ago

Environmental Enforcement Agents Targeting Guitars

joeyblades Not exactly... (379 comments)

The feds claim against Gibson is not that they are using wood from non sustainable sources, as stated above. Gibson has clear documentation showing that it is.The feds maintain that the issue is that the wood was not "finished" by Indian workers, as (possibly) required by Indian law.

Incidentally, the Indian government is not involved.

more than 2 years ago

Humanoid Robot Wakes In Space, Tweets

joeyblades Re:You know, I've got to say one thing for NASA (91 comments)

So what?

What can be learned from the exploration of the moon or Mars? Maybe some natural history, but that will have very little impact on the quality of life here on Earth.

I know: knowledge is power, but the cost / benefit analysis just doesn't hold up. Once we get all the problems sorted out on terra firma, then we can think about spending money on off-world exploration... and even then, does it really need to be manned exploration? By the time we're ready to resume spaceward boondoggles, maybe we'll have autonomous robots that are more than capable enough to get the job done at a fraction of the cost, for longer periods of time, and no unnecessary risks to humans.

more than 2 years ago

Apple Patents Cutting 3.5mm Jack in Half

joeyblades Trying to clear up some confusion... (369 comments)

About ports, jacks, and connectors.

The article is somewhat unclear, but the patent application is pretty clear.

The reason Apple is proposing this solution is that it offers the maximum backwards compatibility.

A connector is what most people call the plug.

A jack is the entire female assembly (including housing) that can receive a connector/plug.

A port is the electrical portions of the jack (i.e. the electrical connectors in a specific configuration).

Apple's solution WILL allow the use of standard 3.5mm plugs / connectors.

Here's the exact relevant bit from the patent application:

16. The plug connector of claim 11 wherein the plug is cylindrical in shape, and wherein when the plug is inserted into the longitudinal passage, the plug extends at least partially through the second opening.

For full size plugs / connectors Apple proposes a cap of similar looking material to the device case, which will increase the profile of the device with a sort of bubble around the connector.

more than 2 years ago

AptiQuant Browser/IQ Study Was Likely a Hoax

joeyblades Dang. And here I was feeling all superior (185 comments)

I use IE, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera... which, by my calculations would have put me at the top of the IQ heap (they are additive, right?). Now I guess I'll have to look for some other metric to prove how intellectually superior I am.

more than 2 years ago

No, We're Not Headed For a New Ice Age

joeyblades Re:And we know this because...? (473 comments)

It's entirely possible to reduce CO2 emmissions without reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Likewise, it is possible to eliminate the use of fossil fuels while maintaining the current level of CO2 emissions. One does not necessarily follow the other.

more than 3 years ago

Apple Acknowledges MacDefender

joeyblades Re:Kudos to Apple (314 comments)

Well, the SEO poisoning attack I understand, but that is not what was being described. The way SEO poisoning works is that the search engine is tricked into generating a link to a malicious site rather than a legitimate site. This would be one of the normal channels that would bring up the bogus MacDefender web page that looks like a virus scan is being performed. You still have to click one of the bogus buttons (OK or Cancel) to start the download of the installer.

What was described was something different where clicking on the Google link didn't take you to the MacDefender ruse, but initiated the installer download instantly (or perhaps took you to the page and the download started automatically). I think the second option is not possible in Safari... but I could be wrong. I have seen no threads anywhere to suggest that I am wrong, however. I have my doubts about the first option, but am less sure. One of the posts indicated that it was tied to the Safari bug/feature where image files are automatically downloaded. Now I have never seen this behavior, but there are threads where people complain about it, so there must be some truth to it. Also, while I have never seen an image file get automatically downloaded to any of my Macs, I have seen something similar happen with PDF files, so that lends a little credibility.

I have one site that routinely downloads PDFs instead of displaying them in my browser, so I was able to try some things. When the PDFs were automatically downloaded, they did not open automatically open. I have to manually launch them. This behavior is independent of my setting of the "Open safe files" setting.

So, bottom line, I have my doubts that merely clicking on a Google search result can cause the MacDefender installer to launch. For that to happen, the Google search results link would have to be modified to trigger a download instead of following a link. I'm going to give Google the benefit of the doubt that their security has not been compromised to facilitate this.

I did say "doubts", which means I am still open to a convincing argument or proof...

more than 3 years ago

Apple Acknowledges MacDefender

joeyblades Re:Kudos to Apple (314 comments)

Hmmm... Well I have never observed this, but it sounds to me like the issue would be with the way Google builds it's links to search results, not with Safari, per se. Safari won't download anything unless you request it and to request it you have to perform some sort of click. Unfortunately, a cleverly crafted page can trick you into requesting it... and so... apparently can a poorly crafted Google results page.

Can you help me observe this behavior? I don't know what to search for to make it happen.

more than 2 years ago

Apple Acknowledges MacDefender

joeyblades Re:Kudos to Apple (314 comments)

I don't completely understand what you mean by this:

Click on Google Image Search result

However, you said "just by visiting", I said "you have to click" and you said "click"...

Also, you are confusing automatically running an installer with automatically running the malware code.

Anyone who authorizes the operating system to install a program that did not come from a trusted source, deserves what they get. It's an important life lesson that some people can only learn by doing...

more than 2 years ago

Apple Acknowledges MacDefender

joeyblades Re:Kudos to Apple (314 comments)

You are confused. Safari does not automatically download the trojan just by visiting the page, you have to click on one of the download buttons. Of course, they are disguised, but the user still has to be tricked into initiating the download. Safari does not automatically execute the trojan either. If you have not unchecked the "Open safe files" box in the general preferences, Safari will open the installer, but nothing is executed until the user approves the install. Even then, unless you are foolishly running as an admin, the OS will require your admin password before the install can proceed.

Any operating system that would prevent user stupidity would be crippling to a savvy user.

more than 2 years ago

Apple Defends App Makers Against Lodsys

joeyblades Re:In-App purchases (108 comments)

That is freakin' hilarious!

more than 3 years ago

Apple Causes Religious Reaction In Brains of Fans

joeyblades Why single out Apple? (636 comments)

I'm pretty sure you will find that anytime somone feels the need to defend their choices, their religious centers will get triggered. It could be Apple products, memory foam, latex, or sleep number beds. Emacs versus VI. Gun control. Abortion... Jiffy peanut butter versus Peter Pan. blah, blah, blah. These are all "religious" arguments for some people.

more than 3 years ago

The Encroachment of Fact-Free Science

joeyblades Re:Fact-free science cuts both ways (962 comments)

if you're trying to argue that we should be skeptical about AGW because of all effects that amplify the effects of AGW

I think, if you go back through my posts it will be clear that in some cases I'm talking about general principles that impact global climate, in other cases I'm talking about global warming in general, and in other cases still, I'm talking about anthropogenic global warming. I'm not confused about these three independent concepts, but you seem to be. Do you assume that just because atmospheric CO2 is high that global warming is inevitable and that if CO2 is high it must be anthropogenic in nature and therefore the global warming is anthropogenic? If so, this is an overly simplistic (albeit common) view of the way the universe operates.

Our position in the current Milankovich cycle points to cooling, not warming.

There is not merely one Milankovich cycle. People who talk about Milankovich cycles like this are usually referring to the trivial 100,000 year cycles that take our planet between glacial and interglacial periods. However, the 100,000 year cycle is actually a composite of multiple smaller cycles that beat in non-integral periods. There are multiple warming trends within the larger "cycle". You are right, our current "position" within this larger cycle is not one of the big ones that marks the start of an interglacial period. You are also right that we are about 1/4 of the way into a cooling cycle. However, you are thinking in terms of 100,000 years and 24,000 years and in terms of ice ages and such... You are ignoring the smaller warming trends that can and do occur with smaller effects over shorter cycles.

you apparently know that it was because of his questioning of AGW

Not exactly. His crime was pointing out that some of the assumptions regarding ice core data appeared to be wrong. Not attacking AGW directly. It's as if he pointed out that the Earth must be older than 6000 years and is suddenly labeled an atheist since this line of thinking clearly contradicts the Bible...

What makes you think I believe any of those things?

You seem to think that you understand how I'm wired... I just thought I'd show you how it feels to have your scientific value system challenged with little or nothing to go on...

more than 3 years ago

The Encroachment of Fact-Free Science

joeyblades Re:Fact-free science cuts both ways (962 comments)

I'm a scientist, I would have to be a fool to dismiss the greenhouse effect and CO2's contribution to it.

I have never, would never, say that global warming is invalid. Once again you assume you know what I think and fail to hear what I say.

Our current position within a Milankovitch can certainly explain a warming trend. A warming trend can explain a rise in CO2.

I'm not sure what point you were trying to make about water vapor. Mine was that water vapor is the largest contributor to the greenhouse effect. As temperatures increase, the atmosphere's ability to absorb more water vapor increases, which can lead to more warming. Most climatologists that I've talked to and seen papers from agree to this. Their only contention is that a rise in CO2 is precipitating (no pun intended) a corresponding and amplifying rise in water vapor. I don't dismiss that possibility.

Of course, methane has a greater greenhouse effect (per volume) than CO2. The question is what is the greatest source of methane? It's probably natural, though some anthropogenic causes probably weigh in with some significance - most notably farming.

You missed the point about CO2 sequestration in the oceans. As global temperature rise, the oceans are less effective at sequestering CO2, so more is released into the atmosphere. Again, which came first, the rise in temperature or the rise in CO2? Some experts say the former.

I don't know the details of the supervolcano guy's dismissal. Maybe you do? Otherwise, why would you assume that this was the way it went down? Oh yeah, because that's always the assumption - when it comes to GW, the one with the questions must be the crackpot...

I would hate to see what you think about how we determine the ages of stars.

Nice. You don't like your perception of my point about one concept so you formulate an arbitrary attack on my views regarding another concept... Jeez. I don't assume that you're a non-scientific sycophant just because you believe (1) that extraterrestrial intelligence exists and (2) that it would be possible to make contact with them and (3) that Frank Drake is not full of BS... The Drake Equation

more than 3 years ago

The Encroachment of Fact-Free Science

joeyblades Re:Fact-free science cuts both ways (962 comments)

There are plenty of mainstream scientists that have questioned the science. Never does it bode well for them. Does this make them wrong?

For years it was quietly forbidden to suggest that there might be more to DNA than the coding sections. The rest was simply "junk". Many scientists were squelched in their research that explored other possibilities. It took overwhelming perseverance by a few renegades to finally open the field of epigenetics. What if those brave few had also been beaten down? Even today, many genetic scientists begrudgingly admit that some junk DNA may not be junk... but they still insist that most of it still is. Sometimes scientific consensus can be a very bad and limiting thing.

more than 3 years ago



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