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20 Million People Exposed In Massive South Korea Data Leak

joh Defending against inside attackers is hard (53 comments)

Really. You'd need military-grade security and strictly planned access levels -- and then look at what Snowden did.

Even more, in most companies there's just no way to implement this. Data is just what they're working with and often the most basic security is bypassed or never implemented just because it's too bothersome while being without any immediately visible gain.

Come on, every admin out there will know that just too well. Security against attacks from the outside, yes. Security against attacks from the inside? Forget it. People need to work with the data and even just to make sure that people have only the access they really need often is so much bother that nobody wants to start with that.

about 3 months ago

NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 Tested, Fastest Android 4.3 Slate Under $200

joh Re:More, more, more of the same (107 comments)

Yes, if a pressure-sensitive stylus is your thing, this is interesting. But I have never missed that (or any stylus at all). I would gladly take it as a feature, but this is just ONE thing of many that people may want besides a screen on the front.

What I was saying is that almost all tablets are of the most generic kind, with everything but the hardware and the price being judged as totally unimportant. Some try to stand out with the fastest specs, others with the cheapest price and that's it. It's as if you could just buy cars with four wheels and an engine and some would try to have the most powerful engine and others the most cheap price and none came with air condition or seats you actually want to sit on or even a trunk to put your luggage into.

The current state of the art in tablets is really pathetic.

about 4 months ago

NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 Tested, Fastest Android 4.3 Slate Under $200

joh Spam (107 comments)

So many words just because you have no idea what you're talking about...

It's not the camera that is always on. Its the HDR mode that is always on when you use the camera. Reading "always-on HDR camera" and jumping up and down just because you can almost feel the well-known button ("NSA! Spies! They want to see me all day long!!) being pressed is a bit tired now.

Really, it's almost like Spam these days. In the original Mounty Python meaning that coined the phrase (not that /. readers these days would know about that). "You can have Egg and Spam. Or Egg, Bacon and Spam. Egg, Bacon, Sausage and Spam. Spam, Bacon, Sausage and Spam. Spam, Egg, Spam, Spam, Bacon and Spam. Spam, Spam, Spam, Egg and Spam..."

about 4 months ago

NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 Tested, Fastest Android 4.3 Slate Under $200

joh Re:Why "always on"? (107 comments)

basically it takes images so fast it can snap 2 images at the same time

You can do it with one image if you've got access to the raw (more than 8-bit depth) data from the camera.

This still isn't going to give you very much to work with. Taking two shots with a given sensor and its limits can give you much better dynamic range by using different settings to begin with. HDR can be ugly, but used within reason it can give you much better photos.

about 4 months ago

NVIDIA Tegra Note 7 Tested, Fastest Android 4.3 Slate Under $200

joh More, more, more of the same (107 comments)

I recently handled a Lenovo Yoga 8 tablet. This thing has paltry specs, but front-facing stereo speakers, an adjustable stand and power and volume buttons you can actually press without looking for them without any risk of pressing them by accident. I was utterly impressed.

Most tablets are just so BORING. There are very few tablets that actually try some new and useful things. Really, being able to put that thing up onto a table and easily adjust the angle so that the camera when using Skype actually shows me and not the ceiling is more useful to me than pushing the benchmarks a little farther out. Why are there so precious few tablets allowing this? Why has even the fine Nexus 7 the power and volume button hidden behind the bezel, all of them in the same shape and close together, so that half of the time you have to first hunt them down and then you still press the wrong one often enough? Why?

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Why Do Mobile Versions of Websites Suck?

joh Re:mobile is for a quick check on the go (382 comments)

not for hours of detailed surfing on a site

if you want a good experience for mobile, code an app

So why people complain at smartphones batteries giving out after 6 hours in a day?

Believe me, people DO use smartphones to do heavy surfing. They really do. People do everything (and more) on smartphones they do on PCs.

about 4 months ago

NSA Hacked Email Account of Mexican President

joh Re:Are they that naive or arrogant or stupid .. (242 comments)

I'm pretty sure they think that caring for that just isn't part of their job. Maybe they're even right with that, it's the job of others to reign them in.

about 6 months ago

Most Cave Paintings Were Painted By Women, Says Penn State Researcher

joh Re:What interested me (205 comments)

Furthermore, sexual attraction is not the same thing as actually wanting sexual intercourse. It ranges from simple and almost universal things like the benign interest in the aesthetics of human bodies -- no matter the gender --, over gendered group bonding (best example: sports clubs) up until bonding with a specific individuals (best example here: soldiers in war).

This sounds like it came straight from some feminist university professor. It is not true. This bonding has nothing to do with sexual attraction. If you can 'admire' the same sex's sexual characteristics, you're gay!

So if you can 'admire' your own sexual characteristics you're gay?

(This is one point I could never understand about homophobes: Do they detest their own bodies? I mean, every man has a male tongue in his mouth all day long and often enough a dick in this hand too. Yuck!)

about 6 months ago

SpaceX Falcon 9 Blasts Off From California

joh OK (97 comments)

Here's a much better link: SpaceX successfully launches debut Falcon 9 v1.1.

Then, this F9 "v1.1" was much more of a version 2.0. It had its engines uprated from 95,000 lbf (sea level) to 140,000 lbf (sea level). They also are arranged in different way (from a 3x3 grid to a circle of 8 with one engine in the center) which meant a new thrust structure. It also has its fuel tanks stretched by 60% making it much heavier. This is as far as you can go from the 1.0 and still keep the name. Succeeding with this in the first try is good.

There's no news though on them recovering the first stage. It was meant to brake and reenter intact and try for a "landing" on water. Or maybe they just want to tow it home first (but its hard to imagine Musk not bragging about it).

about 7 months ago

iOS 7 Lock Screen Bug Leaves Certain Apps Vulnerable For Access

joh Re:Easily avoided (135 comments)

As soon as I did the iOS7 update, I noticed that you could access the camera from the lock screen, and I didn't want someone taking inappropriate pictures on my iPad if they stole it.

You could access the camera from the lock screen from iOS 5 on.

about 7 months ago

Did Apple Make a Mistake By Releasing Two New iPhones?

joh Re:They didn't release enough phones, IMO.... (348 comments)

As a current iPhone user who has had over 2 years of headaches trying use such a tiny touch screen,I would be all over getting a new iPhone if Apple would release a model of phone that was phablet-sized ... bonus points if it came with a precision stylus.

Apple can't come with a phablet all that easily. The iPhone is stuck with it's 1136 x 640 resolution and this would just look crappy with a larger display. The only way they can come with a larger display is again doubling the resolution to 2272x1280 (which would give 434 DPI with a 6" display) and this is still a bit far out. Maybe next year.

Apple really had a headstart with apps due to their pixel-perfect approach, but this is haunting them now. Android is much more flexible here, even if it means somewhat crappy apps if the devs are sloppy and can't test and optimize for dozens of screens sizes and resolutions.

about 7 months ago

Samsung's Smart Watch Coming September 4th, Without Flexible OLED Screen

joh Re:Perfect (89 comments)

Apple's engineering varies between fairly good and awesome

True, but their control fetish varies between fanatical and fascist. While they have the advantage of being the sole hardware provider their products need to work with, they cripple their devices so much it greatly reduces the flexibility.

Maybe, but flexibility is the last thing you want because then you would need to find out what the damned thing is actually good for all by yourself. You'd get maximal flexibility out of a smartwatch that just runs Android on a 2" screen. It also would be totally useless for most people.

The point of such appliances really is that someone else already put lots of work and thought into what it's good for and optimizes the device for that. Some people call that "control fetish" other call it outsourcing boring work and getting a device that gets to the point and does something useful as it is.

about 8 months ago

Great White Shark RFID/Satellite Tracking Shows Long Journeys, Many Beach Visits

joh Re:Size? (86 comments)

16 feet.

about 8 months ago

Samsung's Smart Watch Coming September 4th, Without Flexible OLED Screen

joh Re:Perfect (89 comments)

Do you know what's really funny? Even as you smirk at Apple and Apple's customers you totally expect Apple to come up with a better product than Samsung is able to.

about 8 months ago

Samsung's Smart Watch Coming September 4th, Without Flexible OLED Screen

joh Re:They still haven't explained what this does (89 comments)

Nobody knows, that's the problem.

But: Don't call it a watch. Or only if you call your smartphone a "pocket watch" just because it can display the time and you have it in your pocket.

I think selecting features that make sense and executing this in a way that you want to use them is the really hard thing here. Just squeezing a small Android device with a tiny screen and battery into a huge watch isn't going to make it sell.

about 8 months ago

The Cryonics Institute Offers a Chance at Immortality (Video #2)

joh Re:How many times can you die? (155 comments)

The thing that always scrambles my brain when thinking of this is consciousness:

If you can do that, if you make a digital copy of ones brain, then logically you can "install" it into multiple bodies. So lets say you do that.. You die and they install a copy of your brain into two bodies. Picture yourself waking up.. as two people? To the outside world these two would behave as you would, but where is the conscious you. The one that's staring that the computer screen right now. How does that duplicate or even what the hell is that.

I generally consider myself scientifically minded and am an athiest, but this aspect of things always throws me through a loop.

I really don't see what's so complicated about that. There would be two individual people thinking they're you (and both would be right), with all your memories and whatever but they wouldn't have any more or less a "common consciousness" than any other two people. From that moment on they would have different experiences, would think, see, do and learn different things and would slowly become more and more different over the years. Not totally different (they would be very similar), but very much like identical twins who still are two people.

Only people who exercise some magic (or religious) thinking about their consciousness or "soul" being somehow a magic entity that cannot be copied or multiplied without still hanging together in a ghostly way have a problem with thinking this through.

about 7 months ago

Germany Produces Record-Breaking 5.1 Terawatt Hours of Solar Energy In One Month

joh Re:Uneconomics 101 (687 comments)

But at what cost?

Apparently Germans pay 2+ times the price that Americans pay.

So essentially this news story is stating that Germans are setting new records at getting fucked by their inefficient electricity generation strategy.

Germans may pay more per kWh of energy, but in absolute terms they still pay less because they consume much less energy.

I'm paying 22 Euros a month (100% solar/hydro/wind), that's $30. How much do you pay? If I'm paying twice as much, you're paying $15, right? Right? Come on, tell me.

about 7 months ago

The Steady Decline of Unix

joh What's this? (570 comments)

Neckbeard teasing? Or what?

Unix (in some incarnation) is running the world. It runs on servers, on embedded systems and basically all tablets and smartphones (both Android and iOS are Unix).

I cannot believe I'm wasting 30 seconds on this. Die, Slashdot, die.

about 8 months ago

Could Humanity Really Build 'Elysium'?

joh Re:Betteridge's law of headlines (545 comments)

I don't think there was actually a functional ICBM available during WW2, although the V-2 came close, I don't think it was capable of achieving a stable orbit.

The V2 was FAR from orbit or anything like that. About an order of magnitude or more from orbit in fact.

about 8 months ago


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