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Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky Leaves Microsoft

john.willis1 Re:Direction change (417 comments)

Did you notice you said "Like Classix Apple OSX ?" -- We're doomed.

more than 2 years ago

Google Security Engineer Issues Sophos Warning

john.willis1 Official Official Sophos Response (89 comments)

Just in case someone wants the numbers.

Includes eight points of document, attack points, response and versions of product in which they were fixed and dates the fixed versions released.

Sophos KB Article 118424

Where this all started back in July 2012:
Small children shouldn't cast stones

Ongoing "drama"
A dish best served with Ketchup

The "sequel"
Never let a good Rant get the best of you

And today "When last we Left Lost.."

more than 2 years ago

Apple Delays Simpler and Cleaner iTunes 'to Get It Right'

john.willis1 Que the Church Lady (252 comments)

.. Could it be Skeuomorphism.. Hmmmm?

more than 2 years ago

Using Magnets To Interact With Your Tablet

john.willis1 But what about Magnet Radiation ? (64 comments)

Space 1999 blew up the Moon with radioactive Fusion waste on the dark side and "Magnetic Radiation". Funny I know.. but there actually is an Oersted effect that influences the hemoglobin molecule in blood. We don't live within range of a Magnetar (Stellar Corpse with Teslas of magnetic energy) but you get the idea. A funny mental picture is "you" glued to your touch pad because you can't get your fingers off the magnet "surface".

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Is Going To a Technical College Worth It?

john.willis1 Isn't the Question About getting a Job (309 comments)

Title: Slashot does something funny with the First line of Submissions

First, why go to school if you don't have a particular job in mind that you want?

Fun, exploring, finding yourself ?

I think successful people look around themselves and assess their situation, and build on that.

Live in a small town? Do you want to move to the City? Which City, what are its industries?

Then estimate the job market, the employment situation, the level of saturation.

And lets be honest, there are a lot of prejudices and expectations built into a profession independent of ability or education. If you ignore those your setting youself up to fail in the first place.

A College Education or a Trade school education isn't a guarantee, far from it, its a "bet" on a possible future that you wager a lot on. Most people never end up employed in whatever field they study. Opportunity and random chance have a lot more to do with that. If the overall job market isn't that great, taking a big risk in studying something you know nothing about doesn't sound like a Good idea.

Imposing your expectations on a field or institution also doesn't sound like a very good idea.. better to take a rest and think things over. Too often we try to muddle on through and end up shackled in debt we cannot discharge, regretting our decisions. You shouldn't do that. If it feels wrong, it probably is wrong.

more than 2 years ago

Now That It's Here, Is There a Place For Windows RT?

john.willis1 Not Really (287 comments)

The Desktop metaphor is a variation on the table metaphor. The kind you sit down to eat at, or work on a hobby project. It is a conducive environment with semi familar elements to everyone from a 3 month old to a 60 year old.

RT and the artificial "Styled" Tile interface is an oversimplification of the familiar "Icon" lexicography popularized in the MacIntosh interface programming framework.

Skew morphic is the opposite to the Tile interface carrying the abstraction to extremes, distilling it into a theology.. which also has its disadvantages when it meets a person with no common points of cultural reference.

It's the very thing they have thrown out as chaf or "useless" that makes both iOS and Windows Phone interfaces more customized to a generation and subculture than to the masses and will ultimately prove out less sales.

In effect iOS and WP are "old man" interfaces and will pander towards the last generation of people. They may persist in our culture for historical purpose but will be recognized as paleolithic artforms that fossilized in place. They served a particular pecular form of Aristocracy for a brief instance in time, before being overwhelmed by a more generalized "moderate" rather than misguided "fundamentalist" user interface.

The Baby boomer generation will help iPhones and TileOS for a while.. but ultimately will be overturned by a morphic interface more like Android or generic Windows interfaces like XP or Gnome which will prove to be the real workhorses of the 21st Century.

more than 2 years ago

Can Nokia Save Itself?

john.willis1 Re:yes it can (317 comments)

Wasn't HTC based on the Compaq Pocket PDA which ran Windows CE ? Which was a similar device to the Palm Pilot.. and that eventually got bought by the competitor that bought Compaq and then bought Palm and then cancelled both the Compaq PDA and the Palm OS and Products and then gave up on cell phones and sent them all to China? That HTC?

more than 2 years ago


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