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The Dismal State of SATCOM Security

johnjaydk Re:Aren't those guys rocket scientists? (52 comments)

Not saying I'm representative of the whole group, but I'm a rocket scientist, and I'm pretty pants at information security.

Getting them up there and not having them fall down is not half bad. I still try to keep my kerbals from blowing up. But seriously, at least accept that info-sec is important. There might be a business case in not being totally p0wnd.

3 days ago

The Dismal State of SATCOM Security

johnjaydk Aren't those guys rocket scientists? (52 comments)

You would have thought people who made satellites were, like rocket scientists. Not drunken lemmings.

3 days ago

Ask Slashdot: Online, Free Equivalent To a CompSci BS?

johnjaydk Loots of good stuff out there (197 comments)

This is all Python centric but that's where the jazz is these days:

  1. Codecademy. My 12 year old son just passed it.
  2. An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python (coursera.org). Games and great fun. Also in python.
  3. Udacity.com. Do all of their software subjects. Just ditch the Java stuff. The 90's are long gone.

I've got a 15 year old masters in CS but I went through the coursera and udacity stuff and learned quite a lot along the way. Good stuff.

about a month ago

The Science of Solitary Confinement

johnjaydk Re:isn't it used on violent prisoners? (326 comments)

I also don't want to take the risk of torturing somebody who was wrongfully convicted.

I don't want to torture anyone. Period. It permanently mentally mutilates both victim and perpetrator. Just say no.

Don't even get me started on torture light...

about 2 months ago

Majority of Young American Adults Think Astrology Is a Science

johnjaydk Re:Astrology is a proto-science (625 comments)

Economy -> ???

Economy is the precursor to reading tea leaves, everybody knows that. They teach that in B-school.

about 2 months ago

Kentucky: Programming Language = Foreign Language

johnjaydk Re:Should be Alternative Language Requirement (426 comments)

Why is there a foreign language requirement anyway?

Yesterday, my best friend spoke to an american supplier and told them that he wanted the goods shipped to Europe. Not some weird, small country but Europe. The supplier asked where Europe was in the US.

I think You guys could do with a foreign langue or two. Not to mention geography...

about 3 months ago

More Bad News For the F-35

johnjaydk Re:Giant F-ing Boondoggle (401 comments)

Is America planning on invading Denmark?

Damn. We thought we could keep our puny little oil production secret. Those pesky NSA types blew our secret.

about 3 months ago

FreeBSD 10.0 Released

johnjaydk Includes strengthened cryptography (136 comments)

My primary attraction is the strengthened random number generation for cryptography. This eliminates the NSA introduced weaknesses in the underlying hardware.

That alone is enough to turn me into a rapid FreeBSD supporter.

about 2 months ago

Pirate Bay Founder's Custody Extended to February 5th

johnjaydk Solitary confinement is standard practice (127 comments)

If you and a mate steals a couple of bicycles, only you get nicked and don't rat on the mate immediately then it's solitary for you pal.

Standard practice in Denmark and it's a fucking disgrace. Amnesty International have been all over this for years but without any results. Makes us look like a bunch of savages.

about 3 months ago

NSA Trying To Build Quantum Computer

johnjaydk Re:And they called me crazy (221 comments)

So in short, you can't use /dev/random, you can't use pretty much any commercial random number generator. You'd have to roll your own and show that your bias is small enough for no attack to be practical. Like I said, it's harder than it looks.

Use a radioactive source and measure the decay. That is truly random.

about 4 months ago

Amazon Workers Strike In Germany As Christmas Orders Peak

johnjaydk Re:Ungrateful krauts (606 comments)

As an example case, I recently heard about a friend-of-a-friend who lives in Denmark (I think), and got free education, healthcare, and various other support services while he was a student. After entering the work force as an engineer, he now makes enough to live comfortably while gladly paying 60% in taxes.

60% sounds a bit high but it's in the ballpark. The important point is to add up the total cost that an american would have to pay in order to get the same benefits. If You do the math then the tax doesn't seem particular high in comparison. But it's still the Danish national sport to complain about it.

about 4 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Would You Secure Your Parents' PC?

johnjaydk Re:Take away administrator rights (408 comments)

Yeah. Did that with the in laws pc. Worked for years until the old fart took a computer course, demanded the admin password and immediately hosed the thing.

After that, I couldn't be assed to fix the thing again.

about 4 months ago

Pirate Bay Founder Warg Being Held in Solitary Confinement

johnjaydk Re:Lucky Ducky (192 comments)

Solitary confinement in a Danish prison - doesn't that just mean he gets the jacuzzi all to himself?

The danish arrest house I walked past today is so ancient and run down that he's likely to get a shower in his cell whenever it's raining. At this time of year it's going to be a really cold shower.

The thing we have going with solitary confinement is a disgrace. Solitary confinement for months is standard procedure for anything above shoplifting.

about 4 months ago

Sweden Will Deliver Pirate Bay Co-Founder To Denmark

johnjaydk Re:um.... (56 comments)

Yah this doesn't make much sense to me. If you want to question someone, why does this require shipping him around?

It's not like they're sending him to gitmo. It's the country next door. 300 miles at most. He doesn't even need to show his passport. Chill out dude.

about 5 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Language To Learn For Scientific Computing?

johnjaydk 2 paths (465 comments)

If you can find anything that resembles a math library with the correct tools then go with Python. Numpy is everyones friend here.

If you have to do the whole thing from scratch then Fortran is the fastest platform. I can't say I've meet anyone who enjoyed Fortran but it's wicked fast.

about 6 months ago

Its Nuclear Plant Closed, Maine Town Is Full of Regret

johnjaydk Re:We'll never have a sane debate about nuclear po (380 comments)

My point is that the two groups argue in two distinct and incompatible frameworks. Add to that, the techies think the non-techs are irrational while the non-techs think the techies are untrustworthy.

I'm pro nuke, but that's not my point. There is plenty of blame to go around here.

about 7 months ago

Its Nuclear Plant Closed, Maine Town Is Full of Regret

johnjaydk Re:Except Nuclear is not the best solution (380 comments)

It's not common knowledge but most coal contains small amounts of radioactive material. When the coal is burned, this is either released into the atmosphere or put in some glorified dump along with the rest of the ashes.

I say coal fired plants are plenty radioactive and not nearly as conscientious about handling as the nuclear guys.

Lets not beat around the bush. The alternative to nuclear power is coal and coal fired plants are shooting up like mushrooms all over the world.

about 7 months ago

Its Nuclear Plant Closed, Maine Town Is Full of Regret

johnjaydk We'll never have a sane debate about nuclear power (380 comments)

On one side we have a lot of people talking technology and facts about something that few people understand and can't observe.

On the other we have people who are afraid, on a gut level, about something they don't understand and a deep mistrust towards the technical people. The technical people consider these guys stupid and irrational.

A sane dialogue is a complete nonstarter. They can't even agree about what's sane.

about 7 months ago

US Forces Ready To Strike Syria If Ordered

johnjaydk Re:Tell me again (918 comments)

why we keep spending money interfering with civil wars 1/2 way around the world??

The risk of NOT being involved in a war is getting dangerously high. We need a new one in the pipeline before we wind down the current ones.

about 8 months ago

Why Weather Control Conspiracy Theories Are Scientifically Ludicrous

johnjaydk Re:Contrails do control weather (251 comments)

They may not be nefarious, but they do add particulates that had a demonstrative effect on atmospheric temps during the 9/11 airspace shutdown.

Contrails contributes to an effect called global dimming where some sunlight is prevented from reaching the earth. The 9/11 ban on flying provided a perfect experiment for measuring the effect and the researchers where surprised at how large the effect was. The dimming effect goes some way to counteract the CO2 greenhouse effect.

As to the chemtrails, there were an air force program once where they tried to eliminate contrails by adding various chemicals to the exhaust. The solution turned out to be unpractical and were dropped.

about 8 months ago



Tor under attack in Europe

johnjaydk johnjaydk writes  |  about 5 months ago

johnjaydk (584895) writes "After the Silk Road bust, European leaders such as David Cameron who wants GCHQ to handle the issue. Europols EC3 unit is also working on the case. The justification for the attacks are child porn and other criminal activities. But it still raises the question of how to provide secure communication to political dissidents while preventing criminal activities. It's like making water that isn't wet."

Lisp Creator John McCarth dead at 84

johnjaydk johnjaydk writes  |  more than 2 years ago

johnjaydk (584895) writes "The creator of Lisp and arguably the father of modern artificial intelligence, John McCarthy, died last night.

Lisp was (and to some extend still is) a radical leap forward and have had a strong influence on a lot of other languages although many still refuse to see beauty between parens."

Link to Original Source

When users want malware

johnjaydk johnjaydk writes  |  more than 2 years ago

johnjaydk (584895) writes "How do You handle users who insists on installing malware? I'm running a nice tight ship where users can't install stuff and now I face a rebellion because I don't allow them to install malware. I can't even explain the concept of malware to them."

Zune HD vs. iPod Touch showdown

johnjaydk johnjaydk writes  |  more than 4 years ago

johnjaydk (584895) writes "Get ready for Zune HD versus iPod Touch in a battle set for this fall when Microsoft will take the wraps off of its first touchscreen portable media player (PMP), the Zune HD. Microsoft says this is the first PMP to combine a built-in HD Radio receiver, high-def video output, an OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display and Wi-Fi. But will it be good enough to steal the glory from Apple's iPod Touch?"
Link to Original Source

Where have all the action gone?

johnjaydk johnjaydk writes  |  more than 5 years ago

johnjaydk (584895) writes "IT seems to be in a bit of a low these days. A least from my humble point of view. I did the Telco wars incl a bit of VoIP but that stuff have all grown stale. Web2 had a short spike but fizzled quickly. Embedded (embittered) is somewhat dodgey. Where have all the action gone? Where does one go for the action these days? Where is the fight? Currently I'm playing safe with partially outsourcing and partially agile (against the firms will) but it all seems defensive. Where is the fight, who's not afraid of winning? Where is the blood flowing these days ? Where can one win ... and loose ?"


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