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The Case for Free WiFi?

johnjosephbachir Re:Panera... (576 comments)

coooool. where did you see this? do you happen to know the company that sets up the infrastructure?

more than 9 years ago



Interview with Allan Odgaard, creator of TextMate

johnjosephbachir johnjosephbachir writes  |  more than 7 years ago

johnjosephbachir writes "Over the last few years, TextMate has become the most talked about, and among web developers probably the most popular text editor on OS X. A couple months ago, Allan Odgaard, creator of TextMate, mentioned on his blog that he was going to be passing through New York. I emailed him to see if he would be interested in doing an interview while he was in town, and he kindly accepted.

The interview covers many topics, from the thinking behind development decisions, Allan's friendship with Ruby on Rails creator David Heinemeier Hansson (which goes back to the 90s), and some juicy never before seen details on what's coming in TextMate 2."

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