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New Gentoo 2007.0 Release Gets Mixed Review

jokerr Re:And what did you think was going to happen.... (273 comments)

True you learn more about Linux and the inner workings of Gentoo when you install it manually but that's not the point. If I have a LiveCD Installer to use, it damn well better work. That's the point of a LiveCD installer. Sadly, IMHO it wasn't ready for release. I had a nightmare trying to install Gentoo 2007 using the AMD64 LiveCD installer. It got so bad that I just gave up and did the manual install. Constant freezes/hangs with no apparent reason or logs/errors to help debug the situation. Wasn't fun to say the least.

more than 6 years ago


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Information Sources

jokerr jokerr writes  |  more than 8 years ago This is more or less a rant. I submitted a poll request a couple weeks ago asking if others use Digg. The submission was rejected. Fine. After all asking Slashdot users in a pole if they use Digg could lead to a long line of trolling/flaming between the two sites. Later I submitted an "Ask Slashdot" question asking Slashdot users how they stay up to date on current technology. In short I said "Slashdot is great for some things but its not an end all means of information. How do you stay current with technology trends/programming/geek stuff?" That submission was rejected too. Wouldn't you know, a few days later a similar submission is posted. Some times you just have to love Slashdot.

  • Me: "How do you do x?"
  • Slashdot: "I'm sorry, I don't understand the question...rejected."
  • Person B: "How do you do x?"
  • Slashdot: "Good question, let me post it."

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