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Analyzing (All of) Star Trek With Face Recognition

jonas_jonas Re:Fair use? (140 comments)

If we are talking about star trek, it is:

rules of acquisition number 173: Don't pick up girls on /.

(ok, i know it's tos not ds9.)

more than 5 years ago

9 Browsers Compared For Speed and Features

jonas_jonas Re:Origin of Webkit... (363 comments)

Well, no, actually, saying "gave birth" does, in fact, imply that they got some of the original generic seed from another source.

It was a short but hot love between him, Konqui, and her, the bitten fruit from Cupertino.

But after she was pregnant, she left the guy, giving their kid a new name, so noone could see anymore, who had planted the seed in her.

But later the man saw, that his child was growing so well - so he tried to forget, that she left him all alone in the cold, and decided to adopt his own child again.

more than 5 years ago

Apple Planning Video-Call iPhone

jonas_jonas Re:Transparenty iphone? (268 comments)

You could do this with the iphone now... But with a second camera on the front, I get finally a mirror to fix my makeup!

more than 5 years ago

Michael Meeks Says OO.o Project is "Profoundly Sick"

jonas_jonas Re:But isn't that the idea? (676 comments)

The point is:

With the functions in the ribbon, you are changing the *content* of your document, slideshow or spreadsheet or you are changing the format of it.

Everything in the Office-Menue is about dealing with your files (opening, saving, printing - yes you can argue, if it is file-related - signing etc.). Sure, you can argue about the name and the icon of the Office-Menue but it is a "kind of good" analogy to the Windows-Start-Button.

more than 6 years ago

iPhone App Pricing Limits Developers

jonas_jonas Re:Spreadsheet (437 comments)

Score: 10, Funnynsightful

more than 6 years ago

Is There a Cyberwar, and Is the US Losing It?

jonas_jonas Re:Losing now, or lost long time ago? (320 comments)


Aren't most of the other things work well on the internet? (more or less)
How many people here on slashdot live from something like the internet? (I know, I do.)
Isn't there a lot of (good) business going on? Isn't there a lot of culture going on? Isn't there a lot of good (and bad) communication going on?

How many real world mailboxes are overflowing with advertisment stuff (speak spam)? Douglas Adams made jokes about that twenty years ago in the Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. It is just cheaper over wired networks.

Spam is annoying like the flu. I comes again and again in various flavors, but almost anyone dies from it anymore. And we live well and prosper with it.

more than 6 years ago


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