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Pentagon Clears Flying-Car Project For Takeoff

joto Re:Auto Industry Bailout (90 comments)

So how is corporate welfare for small innovative companies any different than corporate welfare for big traditional companies? If Tesla motors suddenly was handed the "manufacturing infrastructure" of "Ford, Chrysler, and GM", they would, in order to be able to manage it, need to incorporate the management structure of Ford, Chrysler and GM too. Which would mean that the plan failed.

more than 6 years ago

Woman Admits Sending $400K To Nigerian Scammer

joto Re:I'm amazed (857 comments)

Why don't you say the same thing about Muslims and Buddhists? Afraid they might blow you up or sit on you? :-/

Another good reason would be that most religious people he/she knows personally, are christians. While all religions are silly, the fact that well-educated people who grew up in a secular western society still prefer self-delusion to truth, is more puzzling than that somebody less fortunate choose so. After all, humans have had religion since early prehistoric times, and unless you get some proper education, it's unlikely that you'd stop right now.

Maybe if you stopped your stupid stereotyping of religions and actually looked into any of them, you'd be surprised. But you won't do that

Most atheists know more about religion than most religious people. Which is why most people who don't give it much thought end up as religious. I am atheist because I've studied various religions, and have discovered that they are all bullshit!

I bet you'd never expect that from a Christian, would you

I still haven't heard of a church that wants married couples to avoid sex. I don't get it, do you believe christians shouldn't have kids either?

I've got a crap load of skepticism, and I for one, don't find anything scientific that satisfactorily explains how all this got here. I'm not saying that any particular religion has a better explanation, either, because there are serious holes in a lot of those, too.

I don't have a satisfactory explanation either. That doesn't mean I will accept a claim that it was all created by some supernatural being(s). As a matter of fact, I don't understand the financial crisis either, but I certainly don't blame God for it.

But you really need to start thinking for yourself, rather than mudslinging.

I'm sure the grandparent poster is capable of thinking for himself. He is even telling exactly why religions is not thinking for oneself. This is not mudslinging, and there's no reason to stop doing it.

more than 6 years ago

Woman Admits Sending $400K To Nigerian Scammer

joto Re:no, you won't blame yourself for being an idiot (857 comments)

While you make a good point, there's another reason to blame the victim here. The nigerian scam is basically asking you to participate in a money laundering scheme, for your own personal profit. Had it not been a scam, it would have been illegal. The "victims" deserve what they get, and in my opinion should be prosecuted for attempted money laundering as well.

more than 6 years ago

Eight-Armed Animal Preceded Dinosaurs

joto Re:who says ..... (211 comments)

Because "man" means "man", not "biped", "bird", "kangaroo", or "dinosaur". You could just as well question why people assume the standard meaning of any other word or phrase in the bible. Why not interpret "created" as "having sex with for the first time", and "God" as "Lola"?

That way "On the sixth day God created man" could be interpreted as "On the sixth day Lola had sex with kangaroos for the first time".

more than 6 years ago


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