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White House Approves Sonic Cannons For Atlantic Energy Exploration

jovius Re:The White House isn't stupid.. (272 comments)

The time of cheap and unconventional oil is over. Shale and deep water sources are unconventional and they wouldn't be profitable with the oil prices known in the last millennium. Besides in terms of oil used to extract oil they are also more costly.

The most reasonable solution is to move forward from hydrocarbons. That era is soon over and besides the dependency upkeeps certain political trenches. If an oil or energy company is shortsighted they will oppose this, but the companies who develop alternatives will be the market leaders of the future. It's no wonder that the more advanced and rich Middle East countries are heavily investing in solar and renewables. The same names will dominate the energy sector in the coming years.

This is the moment where the ones who don't adapt will not survive.

4 days ago

German NSA Committee May Turn To Typewriters To Stop Leaks

jovius Leaks or spying? (243 comments)

Using typewriters will definitely make spying the documents a bit harder, but leaking them is as easy as ever. The next level could be a new version of watermarked paper, which knows when it has been accessed or photographed.

about two weeks ago

Arecibo Radio Telescope Confirms Extra-galactic Fast Radio Pulses

jovius Re:Could it be ... (95 comments)

While fast radio bursts last just a few thousandths of a second and have rarely been detected, the new result confirms previous estimates that these strange cosmic bursts occur roughly 10,000 times a day over the whole sky.

That's a lot of aliens. Or maybe we are inside of a slow thinking alien's head.

about two weeks ago

The Pentagon's $399 Billion Plane To Nowhere

jovius Re:What difference now does it make? :) Sunk costs (364 comments)

The project has become too politicized. And politicians will always look for their own interests, which keeps the expenses high. And without the political support there's no plane. It's a vicious and expensive cycle. The core of the problem is not the manufacturing costs, maintenance costs or especially the defects, which are only symptoms of the disease.

about two weeks ago

The World's Best Living Programmers

jovius Re:Jon Skeet doesn't belong on such a list (285 comments)

That list presents the whole problem really nicely. It's not only about being a good programmer, but each of the individuals on the list are there because of their different personalities, which they've put forward along with their skill and talent. The absolutely best programmer would be found out in a competition, where the tasks would have been tailored for just that purpose. Anyway, these lists are like beauty pageants; only those who participate are deemed the most beautiful, excluding the ones who are beautiful enough to not participate.

about two weeks ago

Foxconn Replacing Workers With Robots

jovius Re:Why is it cheaper in China? (530 comments)

Robots allow for developing the production lines. Consistent precision and quality, and quality that's easier to control and fine tune. Human workers can only be exploited to a certain level, and electronic products are becoming more complex. It's about future profits.

about two weeks ago

The AI Boss That Deploys Hong Kong's Subway Engineers

jovius The Computer is Your Friend (162 comments)

"People get scared when you talk to them about AI,"

Team Leader, please report to the debriefing room ASAP.

about two weeks ago

Cambridge Team Breaks Superconductor World Record

jovius Re:ummm...nope (73 comments)

I see that my poor attempt about a magnet that attracts fridges didn't catch very well.

about three weeks ago

Cambridge Team Breaks Superconductor World Record

jovius Re:ummm...nope (73 comments)

Umm yes. It's a fridge magnet, not a magnet that attaches to a fridge.

about three weeks ago

Apple Kills Aperture, Says New Photos App Will Replace It

jovius Re:Aperture-specific plugins... (214 comments)

Well, Aperture doesn't stop functioning in an instant and plugins can still be developed for it. Plugin production will continue for some time because of the user base.

about three weeks ago

Evidence of a Correction To the Speed of Light

jovius Re:Don't mess with "c" (347 comments)

Space has a sort of viscosity if it would mean gravity and expansion, but that doesn't have an effect on the speed but the frequency of a photon. So it's more like a spectral filter.

about a month ago

Fabien Cousteau Takes Plunge To Beat Grandfather's Underwater Record

jovius Re:I don't understand how this is a "record" (84 comments)

They are not on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Skype while being there. On the other hand, that would bring peace to the world. For moving objects Foursquare could be a nice addition, although the gamification elements might make matters go out of hands.

about 1 month ago

Satellite Swarm Spots North Pole Drift

jovius Re:Important work - gives handle on earth's dynamo (80 comments)

Satellites may benefit from rolling out long thin wires while rotating in the Earth's magnetosphere. There's so called electric sail project in the testing phase where they are doing just that. The ready mechanism will not work in the Earth's magnetosphere though.

Wind, tidal and coriolis forces can be more easily tapped for energy, although they are not all directly caused by the planet's rotation.

about 1 month ago

German Intel Agency Helped NSA Tap Fiber Optic Cables In Germany

jovius Re:Just like the DDR or the 3rd Reich never happen (103 comments)

The traumas are still unhealed and they are passed on to the next generations, so the world has become a giant festival of self whipping. To avoid talking about the issues huge defenses are erected along with complex system of hierarchy. The totality is nonetheless based on a fragile illusion of power, which can be penetrated by anyone regardless of the applied conditioning - like what Snowden did for example. As long as people believe the illusion it stays together, but it's also possible to voluntarily change one's path and actions. The sum is less than the value of the parts.

Because ultimately it's impossible to have a complete control of a human being the mechanism needs to be paranoid to the infinity, and everybody is treated as a suspect. The problem is not however the humanity but the mechanism, which is in denial. For sure the ones in the core understand this, but the reward system in the brain can be really tricky...

about a month ago

Alienware Swaps SteamOS For Windows

jovius 2014 (173 comments)

The year of the Windows Desktop?

about a month and a half ago

Turing Test Passed

jovius Re:Outdated test (432 comments)

The test itself is flawed in the way that it's specific purpose is to test an AI, so the expected/unexpected outcome is set from the beginning. The AI's should be in the wild and not revealed until enough data of the interaction would have been gathered.

AI's can usually be tricked by injecting surreal elements to the conversation or asking about current events, or recent things. The focus should be in the intelligence and not in the conversational or mimicking part - the current online AI's could well be classified as chatbots. The feds even use chatbots to catch pedophiles, so wouldn't they pass the Turing Test?

about a month and a half ago

Star Within a Star: Thorne-Zytkow Object Discovered

jovius Yo Dawg (89 comments)

Nuff' said.

about a month and a half ago

Apple WWDC 2014: Tim Cook Unveils Yosemite

jovius Re:Newness overload (411 comments)

Apple's strategy is not no overwhelm, but to keep the users on an IV drip. And it works; they seem to listen. It stirs up emotions from side to side. It keeps the old users using the products. And more and more it becomes easier for the users of the other platforms to make a switch. Just when the same features have grown old Apple introduces them with their own extra twist and as a companions of their design. There's nothing wrong with that, and judging from the bottom line many of those features were not profitably executed.

Anyway it's not about the OS anymore, because anybody is able to seamlessly mix operating systems and their native applications together now. It's about the experience and the integration.

about 2 months ago

The Rule of Three Proved By Physicists

jovius Re:Clueless (80 comments)

What I gathered is that the configuration is like mirrors facing each other. The observer of the particle configuration is somewhere in the middle of the reflections, which go from an infinitesimal small scale to the infinitely large, in a sort of continuum. The distance of one mirrored reflection from another is successively 22.7 times more (or less) than the distance from the previous reflection, depending which direction is observed.

The number 22.7 is not necessarily a constant, and it depends on the properties of the particles. In the article it is said that the scaling factor decreases according to the particles’ relative masses, for example.

about 2 months ago

Goodbye, Ctrl-S

jovius That's the way I like it (521 comments)

Undo levels to zero, no saving. Live in the moment, on the edge. No turning back, it's all in.

about 2 months ago



Finland's Upper Secondary School Exams Going All Linux

jovius jovius writes  |  about a year ago

jovius (974690) writes "The Matriculation Examination Board of Finland has just opened an international hacking contest to find flaws and exploits in Digabi Live — the Live Debian based operating system to be used in the all-digital final exams by the year 2016.

The contest ends on 1st of September, and the winners are about to scoop hefty hardware prizes, also available as cash."


jovius has no journal entries.

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