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The Best Video Games On Awful Systems

joystickgenie Virtual On (272 comments)

I had so much fun playing Virtual On, but with the original on the Sega Saturn and the sequel on the Dream Dast the game series was destined to fail.

more than 4 years ago

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Confirmed For the PS3, 360

joystickgenie Re:Ugh, 90s style fighting (83 comments)

Correlation != Causation

Street fighter 3 never had a chance in America. Arcades were already dead in America when it released. The only console it was released when it was semi fresh was the dream cast after the dream cast was decided upon to be a failure. It was later rereleased on the ps2 but that was after the game was years old already. Most never even knew it existed.

Street fighter 4 sells due to nostalgia. Street fighter 4 is popular because it is the first street fighter game that many people have played since the release of Street fighter 2. They never played street fighter 3 (or the alpha series for a large part) to be able to judge it.

more than 5 years ago

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 Confirmed For the PS3, 360

joystickgenie Re:Ugh, 90s style fighting (83 comments)

To me that is like saying "who needs cartoons when we have film." They are two different mediums use to produce two different kinds of products. I would much rather have a sprite representing a cartoony character than a 3d model with shading effects try and represent a cartoony character. It just looks better.

Sprites and 2d games are not dead technologies. There are things that look better in sprites then in 3d. When dealing with things that are supposed to look like a cartoon or be very stylized, sprites have an incredible edge over 3d. If you want something to look realistic, then 3d has an edge.

Of course I am only of those crazy people who think street fighter 3 is better then street fighter 4 in just about every way. including graphics.

more than 5 years ago

On Game Developers and Legitimacy

joystickgenie Re:When did comic books become legitimate? (214 comments)

I disagree. there is something special about games that movies don't have. Although the story is unfolding in a 3rd person fashion there is a direct connection between the main character and yourself. Games like the longest journey have a unique quality that having the player control the actions of April Ryan allows them to more fully understand and relate with the character. It add a larger feeling of ownership and makes that things that happen to the character feel more personal. because they aren't just happening to the game character in a way they are happening to you as well.

more than 5 years ago

The Importance of Procedural Content Generation In Games

joystickgenie Re:Absolutely (160 comments)

I disagree on the point of 2D reaching its limit. There have been plenty of technologies that have been developed for 3d graphics that make significant improvements for 2D games as well.

If you haven't seen it before check out the game Oden Sphere. This is one have that took 3d technologies and using then to great effect in a 2D environment. Oden shpere used polygons on a 2 dimensional plane to stretch and distort the sprites textures allowing the game to have a more dynamic motion. it then used that technology to animate everything easily having the trees in the background sway with the wind convincingly. DirectX 10's swap over to shader based rendering also gives great things to the 2D development as shaders can create amazing effects on 2d objects.

But that is only talking technology that is somewhere that 2d can yet grow into. Artistically that are things that just can not be done as well in 3d as it can in 2d. Cell shading is not a replacement for traditional cell artwork. There is a reason that paintings stayed a relevant art form after sculpting came to be because there are things that you can express better in 2 dimensions than you can in 3.

Really I think once 3D has hit its plateau 2D will have a resurgence of 2D games.

more than 6 years ago

IP Rights For Games Made In School?

joystickgenie Re:FullSail's different... (128 comments)

Well there is a mention in the enrollment contracts that they have the right to use your work freely. That way anything you make as a student can be used by the school for advertising.

more than 6 years ago

Vital Parts of Games As DLC?

joystickgenie Re:They're insane. (446 comments)

Well you know those titles that come out as greatest hits? Those are the games the make money for the developers. Basically everything else is lucky to simply breaks even.

Console game development usually works something like this. A company gets paid an advance by a publisher to make the product. This advance is used to bank roll the company while the title is in development. This has to be done because even if the title is low budget with a small cheap staff the developer has to pay the console manufacturer's exorbitant prices for development kits and licensing. Once the title is released all of the profit from the title goes to the publisher until the advance is paid back with interest. Once the advance is paid back the the profit is split between the publisher and the developer where the developer still probably only sees maybe $1 in profit per title (that is with the current $60 price tag).

By buying used you really aren't hurting the publisher too bad, the lions share of the mony goes to them, they are the first to start making money from sales. Your not hurting the console manufacturer, they were making money off the title before it was even released.

The person you are hurting is the developer. the developer need there to be not a good launch but longevity of sales to make money. So when after a week from release there are only 1 new copy of the game and 20 used it make it pretty hard for those developers to get that longevity that they need to actually make money on the deal.

more than 6 years ago


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