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IPv6 for the Linksys WRT54G

jquiroga Re:IPv6 incremental support won't help (232 comments)

You're right in the technical aspects, but I believe the big problem isn't technical.

I agree with Dan in these two:

  • The big mistake was not to extend IPv4 to make it easier for normal users to adopt the New Way.
  • The problem that the previous mistake caused is that most normal users are deadlocked, all of them waiting for the others to adopt the New Way first.
That's why I think this discussion is quite relevant, especially if you expect IPv6 to finally enter the mainstream. It seems the mainstream is deadlocked. That won't be solved by pitching the technology, they don't care. They are sensitive to economic arguments and to marketing, and both are stacked against IPv6.

I post from Europe, and we've been enticed and encouraged to adopt IPv6 for years. However, it remains exotic for most techies and almost completely unknown to normal users. Why? Because IPv4 already won. Even if I decide to embrace IPv6 myself, I can't recommend it to paying clients who hire me to help them avoid dumb mistakes. The adoption of a new technology to do the job of an existing and deployed old technology that seems to work OK, and a real expense to get some unknown benefit with no timeframe will look like a dumb mistake to many of them. And I can't change their short-term way of thinking.

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