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Google's Silent Monopoly

jrsimmons Re:How about Google isn't an Illegal Monopoly? (425 comments)

You're confusing "being a company that has a monopoly in some market" with "illegally using a monopoly to gain an unfair competitive advantage". A company may very well "break the law to become a monopoly" as you put it. For example, the company might bomb their competitors stores and drive them out of business, achieving a monopoly for themselves. Still, the crime would be "bombing their competitors stores", not "achieving a monopoly for themselves".

Simply having a monopoly in some market IS NOT ILLEGAL.

Wal-Mart has been accused of illegally using their market dominance, but mainly just by workers unions who are upset that they won't hire union workers. There has not been a single court decision against them to my knowledge.

I hadn't read about the Toys R Us stuff. That's interesting. And it illustrates my point very well. Toys R Us did not get in trouble with the FTC for having the dominant market share (monopoly). It got in trouble with the FTC when it used that dominant market share to bully its suppliers into giving it an unfair advantage against certain competitors.

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jrsimmons jrsimmons writes  |  more than 10 years ago

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