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Kids Can Swipe a Screen But Can't Use LEGOs

js3 Absurd conclusion. Everything is learned. (352 comments)

Kids will be familiar with whatever he/she has had time to play with. Ability to build legos doesn't come built it, kids who haven't seen one will still have to learn how to build them.

2 days ago

Intel Pushes Into Tablet Market, Pushes Away From Microsoft

js3 Re:Drivers, its all about the drivers (109 comments)

Intels predicament has nothing to do with drivers. Times change and they didn't change fast enough.

2 days ago

Racing To Contain Ebola

js3 Animal carriers (112 comments)

It seems this one is being spread by birds, but frankly doesn't it seem like other diseases are killing way more than this instance of ebola?

about a week ago

Snowden: NSA Spied On Human Rights Workers

js3 Re: What's the big deal? (230 comments)

>can Chinese intel agencies do it to you too?

They already do it. EVERYONE DOES IT. That's the point you seem to be missing. I'm totally OK with my government spying on you/your government. I assume your government is doing the same.

about two weeks ago

Snowden: NSA Spied On Human Rights Workers

js3 What's the big deal? (230 comments)

It's an intelligence agency, it spies on people. The only thing to discuss is whether it is allowed to spy on American citizens. Everyone else is fair game AFAIC

about two weeks ago

To Reduce the Health Risk of Barbecuing Meat, Just Add Beer

js3 May? (179 comments)

The thing I hate most about science is the "guessing game". You either know, or you do not. Stop giving advice based on guesses.

about two weeks ago

NASA Halts Non-ISS Work With Russia Over Ukraine Crisis

js3 Re:Thats bad for science. (291 comments)

That's unfortunate that we loose scientific abilities because of political reasons. Science in this country already suffers from enough political religious groups and budget cuts. Hopefully SpaceX or the airforce will be able to fill the gap until it stabilizes.

For it to work both parties have to operate in good faith. Stealing parts of other countries is not good faith.

about two weeks ago

Indie Game Jam Show Collapses Due To Interference From "Pepsi Consultant"

js3 Re:So what was the problem again? (465 comments)

They did negotiate the contract, some parts were removed, but none of the linked articles said anything about the "dramatic" clause being excluded. They were very well aware, like in all other reality show productions, that their words and actions would be twisted for dramatic effect.

about two weeks ago

Indie Game Jam Show Collapses Due To Interference From "Pepsi Consultant"

js3 So what was the problem again? (465 comments)

I read Adriel Wallick's post. Basically he went on a game show where they agreed or were aware of producers being able to use anything for dramatic effect. Then one douchdb, asks them some inflammatory questions about women games and they lose their shit.

Ok in a normal office environment I would agree, but this is a TV show, you want people to watch it. it needs drama, not a bunch of nerds making video games because that is very boring by itself.

What happened on the set it seems is what happens on all those 'reality show' sets. Pump up the drama make contestants look like idiots. If you can't stand this shit maybe you should never have agreed to it at all.

about two weeks ago

Linux May Succeed Windows XP As OS of Choice For ATMs

js3 Re:heartburn in the industry? (367 comments)

> Oh if only Microsoft had given them more than like 10 years notice of end-of-support, they might have had time to prepare....

I've been in shops where the key mission critical app was 30 years old. All of the shiny new MBAs would come in and try and replace that thing with newer tech but would ultimately fail. The 30 year old product did the job and the shiny new things couldn't.

ATMs are such a key part of their business that it really makes no sense for them to not be in total control.

Linux allows that.

Although they should have used a more industrial product to begin with. The choice really shouldn't be between Linux and Microsoft. There should be better targeted options and the market should have allowed those to thrive.

If your mission critical app is 30 years, why would you use XP?

about a month ago

1GB of Google Drive Storage Now Costs Only $0.02 Per Month

js3 Costs money to upload it (335 comments)

You get charged for bandwidth so don't think it's cheap

about a month ago

How St. Louis Is Bootstrapping Hundreds of Programmers

js3 Re:Taking one course solves a "shortage"? (147 comments)

So what you are telling me is there is a shortage because you aren't willing to market value for good programmers, but you won't take average programmers either. So what exactly is this supposed to solve? You'll just end up with a bunch of average programmers in the end anyway because the good programmers will be attracted away by market forces.

Maybe what you need to do is increase the pay to make it a more attractive place to work.

about a month ago

How St. Louis Is Bootstrapping Hundreds of Programmers

js3 Taking one course solves a "shortage"? (147 comments)

Where is this shortage or programmers problem coming from? Last I check there are lots and lots of them. If they are looking for good programmers, they wont solve it by offering one course...

about a month ago

Einstein's Lost Model of the Universe Discovered 'Hiding In Plain Sight'

js3 It made me think.. (118 comments)

could a really smart ant model the entire earth?

about a month ago

Steve Ballmer Blew Up At the Microsoft Board Before Retiring

js3 Re:asshole (248 comments)

I'm always amused by posts like this. You're bitching at MS because they are not #1, yet if there were #1 you would be bitching at them too!

about a month and a half ago

Mozilla Is Investigating Why Dell Is Charging To Install Firefox

js3 Not illegal to charge for a service (306 comments)

Someone is willing to pay me 16$ to install firefox, why would the firefox terms and conditions apply to me? I'm not selling their product.

about a month and a half ago

Wolfram Language Demo Impresses

js3 Does calling a method really count as 2 lines? (216 comments)

All I see there is calling some method to do something complicated. It's not 2 lines of code of the actual meat is hidden somewhere.

about 2 months ago

Windows 8 Metro: The Good Kind of Market Segmentation?

js3 I call bullshit (389 comments)

To really understand metro, you have to watch the development videos at microsoft virtual academy website.

Somehow their UI designers came up with this ridicilous notion that your apps don't need any "distract" menus or system icons and it should only display content. Content is the king they say, none of those resizing bars or window icons or anything. This is the main reason why metro apps look like that.

It's like someone designed a car and said.. "you don't doors once you're in the car all you need is the road". To that I say "getting in and out a car shouldn't be an un-intuitive mess dumbass"

about 2 months ago

Nokia Turns To Android To Regain Share In Emerging Markets

js3 Didn't they sell out to Microsoft? (146 comments)

I thought Nokia sold its devices division to Microsoft. Also they already have their low end Asha platform

about 2 months ago


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