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The Blind Shall See Again, But When?

jsupreston Re:Optical nerve still needed. (226 comments)

That is exactly my problem. With glasses, I am 20/200 in one eye due to a birth defect. It was easy to fix even in the early '70's, but my family didn't have the money for such a surgery. Now, I could have the surgery, but due to over 35 years of atrophy, my optic nerve in that eye is all but dead. That being said, if it were possible to even give me enough sight in that eye to be able to tell more than light from dark, I'd try the surgery. Just for reference, I can make out large shapes (such as human bodies) at about 3'. I can read 2" tall text a letter at a time from a distance of about 1". Anything more than that is impossible for me at this time. At least my other eye is 20/20 corrected. Without glasses, my "good" eye is 20/200 with the bad eye off the chart low.

more than 4 years ago

PCWorld Says Firefox is Strong, Vista is Weak

jsupreston Re:twitter strikes again (395 comments)

I'm burning karma here, but I've got to say that I am surprised that the editors would even allow someone with such bad karma to even post comments, much less submit an article that shows on the main page. I know this doesn't sit well in the stomachs of those with good or excellent karma who have submitted articles only to have them rejected.

about 7 years ago



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