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Japan To Launch Solar Sail Spacecraft "Ikaros"

jt418-93 meh (138 comments)

the bjorans did this centuries ago :)

more than 4 years ago

Copyright Industries Oppose Treaty For the Blind

jt418-93 the bottom line (135 comments)

having read more than this article about it:
copyright holders, for the most part, are against ANYTHING that decrease their rights in any form. doesn't matter if it's for blind, crippled orphans. they should pay too. slippery slope and all that. in one of the articles the mafiaa lawyer actually said that. slippery slope in decreasing any copyright restrictions. they have worked too hard to get them increased to see things start going the other way....

gods, i hate the monkeys on this planet sometimes...

more than 5 years ago

Report Claims Iran Has Data To Build a Nuclear Bomb

jt418-93 dimona anyone? (630 comments)

as soon as dimona is opened up for inspection, the isralis can whine all they want, until they sign off on the ntp and all ow inspections, they need the seiously stfu.

more than 5 years ago

Iran's Nuclear Ambitions

jt418-93 as soon as isreal signs the npt (1032 comments)

they can complain about what nations that HAVE signed it do, until then, they can go to dimona and stfu.
seriously... isreal has yet to sign the npt and they get off scott free with their nuke program. double standard anyone? no wonder the arabs hate us. duh.

more than 5 years ago

The Essentials of RPG Design

jt418-93 the same but different... (241 comments)

this is also why there are no more janes type sims. no one is willing to spend a week learning how to work the controls just so they can take off and not blow up.... (mig alley im looking at you).
i LOVED janes games. longbow, f15, f/a18. excellent gameplay, good replay, tough to learn in sim mode.

the only hardcore game like that left i know of is ww2online

more than 5 years ago

Klingons Cut From Final Star Trek XI Movie

jt418-93 Re:No Klingon in the TOS Either... (447 comments)

colicos makes appearances on ds9 as well. in the episode with kahyless.
one of my fave sci-fi guys too

more than 5 years ago

Scientists Build World's Fastest Camera

jt418-93 Re:Ok? (130 comments)

particle events. super hardon collider type things.
and simple things, like water drops forming, ice forming. the more detail you record, the more you learn exists.

more than 5 years ago

Amazon Caves On Kindle 2 Text-To-Speech

jt418-93 Re:DRM for text is a really ridiculous idea (370 comments)

the AG made a point that they 'allow' the blind to do this for free, but don't want everyone to have that option (was in the original article a few days back). seems to me (iANAL) that if you open it up to one group, you have to let everyone.
but again, iANAL

more than 5 years ago

ESPN's Play To Make ISPs Pay

jt418-93 Exactly! (355 comments)

this is what has been in planning for a few years; to turn the net into cable tv. a delivery only system which gives total control to content on the net and also gives the failing media companies a new revenue stream.
there is a HUGE push behind this by many many media companies, so be very worried. only insane opposition has a hope of stopping this, and that is a slim one.

more than 5 years ago

Wiretapping Program Ruled Legal

jt418-93 is anyone really surprised? (575 comments)

constitutions are vessels designed to contain the acid of government that wants to eat up freedom. eventually, they all wear away and are discarded.
only took 200something years. not a very good run really.

about 6 years ago

Can We Create Fun Games Automatically?

jt418-93 koster = time sink / grind (198 comments)

having played swg, one of koster's grand designs, i would never touch another game he was affiliated with. his concept of fun is grindage / time sink / drag it out as long as possible. the only person i dislike more than him are the ea ppl that killed mco.
koster is a broken tool

about 6 years ago

Obama Moves To Link Pentagon With NASA

jt418-93 yay.... (491 comments)

now we can OFFICIALLY weaponize space. because we do such a good job keeping that stuff under control when we can physically lay hands on it...
obama is becoming more and more of a moron..

about 6 years ago

Flagship Studios Going Under

jt418-93 tiggs again.... (160 comments)

wow, she was tied up with the motor city online debacle. talk about picking winner jobs...

more than 6 years ago


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