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What was your first programming language?

jtriska Basic on a Tandy 1000HX (744 comments)

I first learned to program when I was 13 years old. I had only a few computer games for our families "Grandy" 1000, and one day I found a pile of Tandy 1000 magazines which had source listings printed for games in almost every issue, all written by a fellow named Randy Hawkins. I didn't know that I was essentially programming at first-- I just thought I was going through an elaborate process of installing a new game.

Coincidentally this is how I learned how to type as well. Eventually I learned enough of the commands and how the logic worked (thanks to Randy's explanations of the code listed) that I was able to start writing my own games.

Eventually I moved on to Pascal where I really learned how to code properly, then C/C++ and a bit of ASM. I don't really code much these days (I'm more of an artist guy) but I feel a great debt of gratitude to Randy. Wherever you are, thanks!

Oh how I miss that old Tandy..

more than 7 years ago


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