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Early Childhood Neglect Associated With Altered Brain Structure, ADHD

judoguy Re:Other possibilities? (87 comments)

I agree in general that these things might contribute, but I want to look at this through the lens of low income in the U.S.

1. Lack of proper nutrition. If the body is spending all it's food surviving there is little left to grow. It is well known thet the brain takes a lot of nutrition to grow.

Calories aren't the issue these days, it's crap carb calories. Low income = obese in America these days.

2. Lack of exercise. If you don't use the motor parts of the brain they may not grow.

I suppose, but running around is free, pretty much.

3. Lack of stimulating toys.

I'm old. When we didn't have any store bought toys, we played with sticks and tin cans and cardboard boxes and matches(!) when I was a kid in the 50s and early 60s. When bored enough, we'd dig holes in the sides of hills to make caves. I'm still amazed none of us died in a collapse.

4. Lack of stimulating play.

See the point above.

I'm not a Luddite by any definition. I've been coding for over 30 years. Grew up going to Radio Shack for surplus parts before Tandy made it into a retail toy store. I grew up mostly as the only child of a single working mother. This whole issue is pretty complex.

I just know it irritates the hell out of me to be in a restaurant and watch a small child trying hard, and failing, to compete with it's mother's phone for attention.

5 days ago

Bill Gates: Piketty's Attack on Income Inequality Is Right

judoguy Re:Let me get this right (832 comments)

Just seems wrong to me to charge people a fee for spending their own money.

A lot of this discussion would go away if the government didn't want unlimited power. It baffles me that people are constantly claiming that the U.S. doesn't have enough government.

Damn, folks, really?!? We have a massive, unpayable debt in the U.S. right now. Over 100 trillion once SS and Medicare/Medicaid obligations are figured in.

That ain't enough already? Jeez.

5 days ago

Millions of Voiceprints Quietly Being Harvested

judoguy Re:Nuance ... (86 comments)

There are private companies that have this down pat. A friend of mine is a sysadmin for a company that "records the call for quality assurance" for clients ranging from banks to the DOD. Many, many terabytes of data acquired yearly. They accurately transcribe all calls to get CC info, health data, etc. They also analyse the calls for stress, etc. to judge the call center performance.

It's pretty un-nerving what they can do and this is just one company with home grown, or at least home modified software. I have no problem assuming that the government has this or better.

about a week ago

Statisticians Uncover What Makes For a Stable Marriage

judoguy Re:I sure don't fit the profile (445 comments)

Only at big family dinners! BTW, our church has no antipathy to divorce either, just recommends trying to work things out when possible, but no stigma.

about a week ago

Statisticians Uncover What Makes For a Stable Marriage

judoguy Re:I sure don't fit the profile (445 comments)

Thanks. We of course told our kids to NEVER do something that risky!

One took our advice, lived together for a couple of years and appears to have a great marriage. We're watching to see how the other one does.

about a week ago

Statisticians Uncover What Makes For a Stable Marriage

judoguy I sure don't fit the profile (445 comments)

My wife and I dated for about 3 weeks and decided to marry. We had about 10 attendees, mostly stunned relatives present. We had a total combined cash pile of $14.00. The wedding cost maybe $50, her small town family church was either free or really cheap and her father paid the bill. We never had a honeymoon (See the $14 point above!). We both are really into our religion, so I suppose that matches.

That was 36 years ago.

about a week ago

Tesla Announces Dual Motors, 'Autopilot' For the Model S

judoguy Re:the event (283 comments)


about two weeks ago

Justice Sotomayor Warns Against Tech-Enabled "Orwellian" World

judoguy She doesn't mind the state controlling everthing (166 comments)

but I don't like the fact that someone I don't know can pick up, if they're a private citizen, one of these drones and fly it over my property.

She's probably just fine with the *state* peeping into your (not her) business. That's the very definition of a self labeled "progressive". Guns, drones, private (no tax man involved) monetary interactions between people, healthcare, retirement, etc.

These things are the bailiwick of the state only. You're too stupid to be allowed to make these decisions.

about a month ago

Scientists Capture the Sound Made By a Single Atom

judoguy Re:forest (100 comments)

In the same way that light isn't light if no one sees it? I disagree.

about a month ago

Securing the US Electrical Grid

judoguy Re:Cyber is easy, EMP is possible (117 comments)

Cyber is easy - simply no direct connect to the internet. Anything less is effectively nothing. Anything more is not needed.

Not that easy. I worked for a company that did just that. Air gapped completely. We sneaker netted the web orders, etc. back and forth between the internal system and the outside world. Huge pain in the ass, but secure.

When we had to be certified as PCI compliant by our auditors, they wouldn't. Said that the air gap was a security risk! Made us connect and go through the hoops with more firewalls, et al., to be certified so we could stay in business.

I will NEVER believe that they are more secure now than before. We checked the sneakernet data for SQL injection, ran AV, limited removable media to a few trusted and audited employees and so forth. But in the end, we had to get that PCI cert or our bank would refuse to do business with us.

about 2 months ago

New Nail Polish Alerts Wearers To Date Rape Drugs

judoguy Re:The world we live in. (595 comments)

Saying that the victim had a role in the incident isn't precisely "blaming the victim". Our attention and/or inattention during our activities play a role in the outcomes. It's true that no one deserves to be taken advantage of by some bastard, but it's childish to cry that no one should ever be at risk for carelessness either. Doesn't work with power tools, rock climbing or as any adult knows, interaction with other people.

about 2 months ago

Slashdot Asks: How Prepared Are You For an Earthquake?

judoguy Re:But (191 comments)

No kidding. Who needs an earthquake when the power goes out at -30f.

Having said that, I moved here from the South some 25 years ago. I don't think I've had a power loss in the winter here.

We had them all the time from winter ice storms down South. I've lost power up here in the summer time many times from an hour to a week once in south Minneapolis. But thank God/Whoever, never in the winter.

about 2 months ago

Giant Greek Tomb Discovered

judoguy Re:meh (164 comments)

When your country becomes the largest military force on Earth, then YOU can dictate measurement units.

Until then, neener, neener!

about 2 months ago

DARPA Wants To Kill the Password

judoguy Re:As long as certain rules are kept (383 comments)

Good point. I'm at an age where my friends are dying every year or so. As someone who has had to "close up shop" for some of them, it's a royal bitch to do when their online life can't be accessed. Stopping the mail, shutting down the online business, etc.

"Oh, they should have prepared for that in advance, as soon as they knew they were going to die". Yeah, well, perhaps in some fantasy world. No, the survivors clean up in real life.

about 2 months ago

Was America's Top Rocketeer a Communist Spy? The FBI Thought So

judoguy Re:Communist == Spy in America? (165 comments)

To be sure, "Communism" is the perfect example of something that doesn't scale. Works OK for my family (sort of) but starts to become unworkable with two families.

Totally wrecks everything at scales larger than that. Astonishing idiocy to try and apply to a country.

about 3 months ago

Was America's Top Rocketeer a Communist Spy? The FBI Thought So

judoguy Re:Sick of Denialists (165 comments)

Wrong about a few things. Health care isn't a Communist benefit. Oh, you mean forcing everyone to buy Obamacare. Not a "benefit".

border fences with guards who shoot to kill (Arizona, California border with Mexico)...

Wrong again on a couple of levels.

1. You may be too young to remember, but places like the USSR, East Germany and Cuba kill(ed) people trying to leave, not come in. And..

2. I know a border guard currently on duty. He is constantly told not to engage illegals and to stay away from specific parts of the border at certain times. And they spend a LOT of money and time giving health care, etc. to the illegals they catch

Not remotely similar to the referenced "border fences".

about 3 months ago

Google Looking To Define a Healthy Human

judoguy In my case, why not? (125 comments)

In a sensible health insurance market, I might very well want to have insurance companies have my personal health data.

I'm 61 and in perfect health. Literally, perfect health. Superb lipid profile, low blood sugar, not over weight, no diseases, never smoked, don't drink, athlete level blood pressure, etc. I work my ass off keeping this way.

I WANT the damn insurance companies to discriminate on the basis of "pre existing conditions". Note that the term "pre existing conditions" is an insurance industry term, nothing to do with health care.

I damn sure don't want anyone selling any information about me and I'm sure Google will, but as I said, in an ideal world, I'd give it to the parasitic insurance industry.

No, scratch the above. In a ideal world, I wouldn't have to worry about health insurance at all. I only need some now I order to set up an HSA. And I only want to set up an HSA in order to save some money in taxes. In an ideal world, I'd just pay for my own health care and not have to screw around with government corruption and confiscatory taxes in the first place.

about 3 months ago

New Treatment Stops Type II Diabetes

judoguy Re:There's another treatment that stops most T2 (253 comments)

No, only bad food tastes bad. People today don't know what healthy food is. Bacon and eggs are healthy foods. Butter is healthy food. Starchy carbs are tasty, but unhealthy foods. Rice cakes are unhealthy food. You may have an eating disorder, but that's a different problem.

I agree completely that exercise for the sake of exercise sucks. The trick to happiness in exercise to find something you can enjoy for it's own sake. Physical activity is great for lots of reasons, but weight loss isn't one of them. If you are on a carb diet, you generally can't lose *fat* from exercise. You can burn glucose OR fat. It's called the Randall cycle . You have to get into a fat burning metabolism to burn fat. Otherwise you're just burning muscle and liver stored glycogen and storing the fat.

I'm a 61 year old judo competitor. A little over 4 years ago, I started eating lots of fat, moderate protein and very low carb intake. I lost 40lbs in about 6 months and it didn't come back. I never count calories, eat tons of eggs and very little grain, whole or otherwise. My cholesterol panels went from getting-ready-to-die to teenage athlete levels. Yes, I get plenty of exercise in the dojo, but that literally hasn't changed in decades. Only the diet changed. Eating fat and cutting the carbs is what made the difference for me and about a dozen of my friends.

about 3 months ago


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