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Trouble Ahead for Java

justin sane Re:XP quote and more (772 comments)

However little you think of VB (especially VBScript) MS has provided a huge number of tools to make development easy and painless - and the results are often decent. I remember being able to put together *simple* VB data collection forms back in 94-95 without having too much idea what the hell I was actually doing. There STILL nothing like that for Java. - Go ahead, flame away. I'm not a hardcore Java guy, but someone else here at the office is, and we constantly see shortcomings. That's not to say there's not strengths too, but still shortcomings. Open sourcing Java *MIGHT* help overcome many of those shortcomings (especially in the GUI toolkit area).

Yeah, as a result VB is the number one favorite coding vehicle for worm and virus writers. Great recommendation BTW. WHen is VB gign to be open-soruce along with all the tied-in Windows APIs? (never of course). LOL

I keep repeating this on various boards - if Sun was serious about getting Java to the masses, they'd carpet bomb the hell out of the US with CDs ala AOL with the latest JVM for multiple platforms. That they DON'T do this speaks volumes. Better yet - get AOL to bundle it on their CDs and have an installer with lots of nice Java packages - an 'intro to Java' for the common man. Explain the cross-platform benefits, etc. - something my mom could understand.

Yeah right. That's how C, C++ and Lisp became popular huh? Lame.

Anyone notice the rapid incrase of M$ supporters on /. now that M$ thinks Open Source and Linux is a threat? Apparently they are starting a "simulated" grass-roots campaign on /. I wonder how much these shills are getting paid? Based on their poor analogy, logic, and reasoning skills I hope not much. Ignorance and sophistry should not be lucrative.

more than 12 years ago


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