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Gmail Labs Lets Users Experiment With 13 New Features

jwpeterson Re:But not conversation disabling... (142 comments)

You can "mute" a conversation by selecting it and hitting 'm'. It shouldn't show up any more in your Inbox.

more than 6 years ago



Pentago is a first player win

jwpeterson jwpeterson writes  |  about 9 months ago

jwpeterson (1299277) writes "Like chess and go, pentago is a two player, deterministic, perfect knowledge, zero sum game: there is no random or hidden state, and the goal of the two players is to make the other player lose (or at least tie). Unlike chess and go, pentago is small enough for a computer to play perfectly: with symmetries removed, there are a mere 3,009,081,623,421,558 (3e15) possible positions. Thus, with the help of several hours on 98304 threads of Edison, a Cray supercomputer at NERSC, pentago is now strongly solved. "Strongly" means that perfect play is efficiently computable for any position. For example, the first player wins."
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