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Giant Crater Appears In Northern Siberia

jzarling Could it be ALIENS? (122 comments)

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos wants to know.

about 2 months ago

Manuel Noriega Sues Activision Over Call of Duty

jzarling Did not know... (83 comments)

he was still alive.

about 2 months ago

The Last Three Months Were the Hottest Quarter On Record

jzarling Re:But its cooler here... (552 comments)

I will listen to him today to get refine my snark for accuracy.

about 2 months ago

The Last Three Months Were the Hottest Quarter On Record

jzarling But its cooler here... (552 comments)

...surely the recent "Polar Vortex" and cooler temps I am experiencing means that Global Warming is a hoax!!! Rush Limbaugh told me so.

about 2 months ago

Windows 9 To Win Over Windows 7 Users, Disables Start Screen For Desktop

jzarling Give me a family pack (681 comments)

Dear Microsoft, Please sell a Family Pack similar to Windows 7.

about 3 months ago

Google Building a Domain Registration Service

jzarling Partnered straight into buy outs... (69 comments)

WIX, and its other "partners" will soon be absorbed - their technical uniqueness will add to Google's own...

about 3 months ago

Stephen Hawking: 'There Are No Black Holes'

jzarling Of course he says that... (458 comments)

...because he calls them Hawking Holes!

about 8 months ago

Datawind Not Blowing Smoke: $38 Tablet Coming To the US

jzarling RAM? (210 comments)

I didnt see a spec on RAM - anyone know what it ships with? I recently bought a Samsung Centura which has very similar specs as this tablet, and it has left me wanting.

about 9 months ago

Hands-On With Windows 8.1 Preview

jzarling Start8 - saved my parents... (505 comments)

My parents bought a Win8 AIO monstrosity, it was nightly support calls.
I bought them a copy of Start8 and showed them how to get to the desktop - now all is better.

about a year ago

Iron In Egyptian Relics Came From Space

jzarling Giorgio Tsoukalos asks... (119 comments)

Did all these rocks fall from the sky, maybe, but, could some have been brought by ancient astronauts, as gifts to the native population?

about a year ago

Cosmos Remake Coming To Fox In 2014

jzarling Hypnotic Voice... (193 comments)

Carl Sagan had a voice that could lull you into a trance -

about a year ago

Nintendo To Cancel Weather, News, and Other Built-In Wii Apps In June

jzarling Netflix will still live on...? (175 comments)

My Wii is used primarily by my 8 yro for Lego Games, and Netflix - I bet that is 90-95% of how Wii's are used anyway.

about a year and a half ago

Set Your Watches For the End of Windows XP

jzarling Re:Who calls MS for support? (712 comments)

I have called to xfer a license - and it was painless.

about a year and a half ago

James Cameron Gives Sub To Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

jzarling Re:Napkin sketches not always a good idea (35 comments)

Its terrible when you have Stonehenge monument in danger of being crushed,,, by a dwarf. And it was 18" tall.

about a year and a half ago

Google's Server Cooling Plan Produces 4ft Alligator

jzarling Swamp People Tie in... (79 comments)

I hope that they hire Troy from Swamp People to catch it.

about 2 years ago

Is Mobile Broadband a Luxury Or a Human Right?

jzarling Its a Luxury (332 comments)

Clean food, and water. Free basic education. A safe place to live. Those as the basic human rights - IMO

about 2 years ago


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