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Vinyl Record Pressing Plants Struggle To Keep Up With Demand

k3vlar Re: Not really missing vinyl (433 comments)

This is my experience: https://twitter.com/t3rminus/s... Vinyl sounds better because constraints in the manufacturing process require the source material to be mastered differently, and (surprise!) people prefer things that weren't wrecked in the name of making it loud.

about a month and a half ago

California DMV Told Google Cars Still Need Steering Wheels

k3vlar Re:Not surprising (506 comments)

No. Google cars don't drive on a "virtual track".

They reference map data for general route planning, and then defer to onboard cameras and other sensors which feed into image-recognition systems to drive in the same way as a human (by paying attention to the environment, and not blindly following GPS).

These cars use cameras, lasers and radar to look for lines on the road (or other markings), road signs, cyclists, pedestrians, other vehicles, etc., and use this to build a live 3-dimensional map of the surrounding area. The software builds a stack of triggers, sorts them according to priority, and then reacts, by turning, braking or accelerating.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

about 5 months ago

Misogyny, Entitlement, and Nerds

k3vlar Re:What the f*$# is wrong with us? (1198 comments)

As the guy who tells other guys to stop being so damn idiotic, I'm sick and tired of all these articles stereotyping men as misogynistic animals.

Look, I'm actively fighting this problem (and it is a problem, nobody is saying otherwise), with you. So why are you so quick to group me with the monkeys in our society?

Seriously. I'm sick of these articles saying I'm a bad person, and I hate women, and I'm a pig, an animal, and a rapist who should be ashamed of my physical urges.

Please focus on the individual bad apples, instead of grouping them as "men".

about 8 months ago

Why Speed-Reading Apps Don't Work

k3vlar -1 Disagree (92 comments)

As someone who discovered Spritz when it started making headlines, and tried out a similar RSVP app with the novel I'm currently reading, I can tell you that my comprehension didn't suffer. I tend to adjust the speed while I read, ranging from 500-700 wpm, and I can still clearly recall and describe the plot and detailed events of the book over the sections that I read using the app.

I do agree that it's not an ideal way to read, as the flow of text tends to be robotic and lacks some of the conveyance of emotion. In this regard, it's probably better for reading non-fiction or purely informational texts. I can't say it hurt my comprehension, though.

about 9 months ago

Door-To-Door Mail Delivery To End Under New Plan

k3vlar Seriously? (867 comments)

"The idea that somebody is going to walk down to their mailbox in Buffalo, New York, in the winter snow to get their mail is just crazy."

Seriously? Are people that god damn lazy?

In the town where I grew up, we had mailbox clusters for neighborhoods. Not just apartments and townhouse communities, but actual separate-houses-fences-and-yards areas. Oh, and get this, in the winter, we deal with an average of 14ft of snow annually. That doesn't stop anyone from walking or driving often as much as 1/2 a mile to the nearest mailbox cluster. It doesn't stop the elderly either, who sometimes rely on family, friends, and/or neighbors, but more often use it as an excuse to leave the house, even in blizzard white-out conditions.

Seriously. Walking to your curb isn't a huge deal. Better if it gets your fat, lazy ass off the couch, and may even help you be more fit and able to walk to the curb when you're older.

about a year and a half ago

Small Town Builds Its Own Gigabyte Network; Cost To Citizens $57/month

k3vlar Re:bits and bytes (269 comments)

It says it costs people "the same as what they currently pay for 100mbit". So it's giving them gigabit speeds for what they used to pay for 100mbit. ($57-$90)

The summary is poor, and the headline is just plain wrong. This is fail on a level I've not seen since...

about a year and a half ago

Cracked Game Released To Get Back At Pirates

k3vlar Re:So basically (509 comments)

Except it's only inaccurate in pirated copies of the game, as a clever "anti-piracy" measure. In a legitimate copy, piracy has a negative effect, but not enough to seriously affect sales of your virtual game.

about 2 years ago

Cracked Game Released To Get Back At Pirates

k3vlar Re:Interesting comparissons (509 comments)

Um... no? It's possible that right now, the Humble Bundle is showing the last mobile bundle, but the games are usually top-tier, cross-platform indie games. Some games have even made their debut on Humble Bundle.

about 2 years ago

European Researchers Propose Quantum Network Between Earth and ISS

k3vlar Re:Entangled Photons? (209 comments)

What happens to the Anomalous Materials they need for their experiments? Do they have the means for Residue Processing, or do they just seal all the waste in a Blast Pit? As far as pollutants go, We've Got Hostiles leaking into our atmosphere, oceans and rivers. So before you get On A Rail, and Power Up your Lambda Core, you need to consider the environmental Interloper.

about 2 years ago

Post "Good Google," Who Will Defend the Open Web?

k3vlar There's only one company on that list... (133 comments)

There's only one company on that list that seems qualified to me, and that would be Mozilla.

My reasoning (and this is based on my opinion, so mod how you will):

  • - Yahoo is slowly dying, having failed to gain a real foothold in the era of cloud computing
  • - IBM and Red Hat have enterprise customers they will put before "openness"
  • - Microsoft, despite it's attempts, still doesn't really understand (from a corporate perspective) what "openness" is, or how to use it
  • - The Wikimedia Foundation definitely doesn't have the clout

Mozilla has long championed open standards, and although they once toppled the "invincible" Microsoft, whether they still hold that kind of power remains to be seen...

about 2 years ago

Intel Supports OpenGL ES 3.0 On Linux Before Windows

k3vlar Re:Why? (113 comments)

He explained it in the comment: "there's less vertex data to generate and pass to the GPU"

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Why Is It So Hard To Make An Accurate Progress Bar?

k3vlar You know what I'd like to see? (736 comments)

You know what I'd like to see more than a working progress bar? A "Cancel" button that actually stops the f*%! process! .
I don't want to finish the sub-process I'm currently doing (which has probably stalled)... just FREAKING STOP.

If you (programmer) want to close connections, or save the changes to the disk, do it in the background. Making me sit there for another 10 minutes while you're "cancelling..." is not helpful. I will force close your program. Failing that I will hard-reset the computer. Seriously.

about 2 years ago

Twitter, American Express Letting People Purchase Goods Via Hashtag

k3vlar Re:Eh (106 comments)

300 shares of each Blackberry/Apple/Microsoft/Oracle

about 2 years ago

Hard Drive Revenue About To Take a Double-Digit Dip

k3vlar Re:Where are the hybrids??? (269 comments)

Apple doesn't have 3tb hybrid drives... theirs is a software solution. They include a 128gb off-the-shelf(-ish) SSD, and a 3TB platter-based hard drive. Their volume manager software "intelligently" shuffles data around, to optimize access speeds. Not sure how effective it is, but it sure sounds appealing in their advertising material.

about 2 years ago


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