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Is It Wrong to Love Microsoft?

kaalamaadan Re:There is a price for what you want (1643 comments)

Yes. But what if you want a cheap computer? That is better than nothing at all. I do not want the best computer, I want something that does bare minumum. When you look at this in this way, I think Microsoft is nobler (and less effecient) than Apple. Microsoft in a way made the PC revolution possible, with all its negative side-effects.

more than 9 years ago


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kaalamaadan kaalamaadan writes  |  more than 10 years ago Measurability continued ...

Should be getting around to proving that all those functions are measurable, upto the algebra.

  1. Lemma 2.2
  2. Corollary 2.3
  3. Corollary 2.4
  4. Theorem 2.6
  5. Theorem C.7
  6. Corollary C.8
  7. Theorem 2.8

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