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China Plans Particle Colliders That Would Dwarf CERN's LHC

kaatochacha Re:Make-work Project? (211 comments)

That's like saying " we have a functioning democracy, except our King tells everyone what to do, but all the ministers and the guy selling candy bars are elected!"


Favorite "Go!" Phrase?

kaatochacha Re:Adam West (700 comments)

That phrase used to be my answering phone outgoing message...

3 days ago

"Intelligent" Avatars Poised To Manage Airline Check-In

kaatochacha Re:Sigh. (102 comments)

I'm becoming less and less of a fan of the "buggy whip" example. Mainly because we currently feel it's so easy and simple to point and laugh at those archaic, buggy whip makers.
The concept changes drastically when you realize how much of the middle class has/will be gutted by automation, and now it's not just buggy whip guys losing their job, it's YOU. In the position you thought was too intelligent and necessary, you're suddenly automated out of existence and somebody else is making jokes about whatever it is you do being eliminated, times are tough, suck it up.
Society needs to figure out a way to deal with this before it becomes rioting, heads on poles serious.

4 days ago

People Who Claim To Worry About Climate Change Don't Cut Energy Use

kaatochacha Re:No real surprise (708 comments)

People who look fondly on Communism view themselves as the policy makers in that system, when they imagine it implemented. They never see themselves as the slave being told to toil away in the coal mines.
Just as anyone who thinks they could be a "benevolent dictator" is wrong.

about two weeks ago

People Who Claim To Worry About Climate Change Don't Cut Energy Use

kaatochacha Re:user error (708 comments)

I do this as well, and there's one case where people are reasonably upset: If you're coasting up to a light that's red, but are in the left lane, you may block someone from making a left turn signal at the light that's green. I try to be accommodating if I see that and not coast to the light.

about two weeks ago

Texas Town Turns To Treated Sewage For Drinking Water

kaatochacha Re:Loco (242 comments)

You left out the "Yeahhhhhhhhhh!"

about two weeks ago

Cybercrooks May Have Stolen Billions Using Brazilian "Boletos"

kaatochacha Re:Ah (69 comments)

There are illegal companies that do exactly this. They send formal looking bills for vague services to large companies, usually in smallish amounts.
Often, the person receiving the bill, rather than research why "XYZ Consulting" is charging a $22.45 fee for consulting services, will just pay them.
If only one out of ten gets paid, they're still ahead.

about three weeks ago

Site of 1976 "Atomic Man" Accident To Be Cleaned

kaatochacha Re:Faith in God (299 comments)

Were you beaten by a Christian as a kid? I bet you're fun at parties.
You know what? I don't believe what Mormon's believe. However hey're nice, kind, generally thoughtful. Why would I actively disparage them? I KNOW what I know and what they think. Why make it a fighting point? But I'd rather sit around with a bunch of Mormon's discussing religion than half the people trumpeting self-important "I'm right, you're wrong, fool." statements.

about three weeks ago

Disappointed Woz Sells His "Worthless" Galaxy Gear Watch

kaatochacha Re:OMG WOZ TOUCHED IT. (242 comments)

Those watches are excellent! Great job!

about three weeks ago

Disappointed Woz Sells His "Worthless" Galaxy Gear Watch

kaatochacha Re:watches? (242 comments)

I just did. Took me 13 seconds to do it, though I really didn't need to wake the phone to get the time.

about three weeks ago

The Rise and Fall of the Cheat Code

kaatochacha Re:Deep dive (178 comments)

Oh good lord, I've been wondering about this crap myself.
My assumption has been, since most software folks are primarily sedentary, "deep dive" makes them feel like they're out in the Bahamas, snorkeling.

about a month ago

Barnes & Noble To Spin Off Nook Media, Will Take It Public

kaatochacha Re:Champagne corks pop at Amazon (51 comments)

Oddly enough, were they dead tree books, you wouldn't even have been bothered by the whole thing.
I can get paper books from my local library for .50-$1.00. Searching by specific authors is difficult, but on a sidenote I often find other things to read.
The technology is selling us supposed convenience at the cost of control and access.

about a month ago

Barnes & Noble To Spin Off Nook Media, Will Take It Public

kaatochacha Re: What B&N needs (51 comments)

My father, a 75 year old senior citizen who never used computerson the job, has no problem at all using a Nook. I can't speak much more the simplicity than that.

about a month ago

A Physicist Says He Can Tornado-Proof the Midwest With 1,000-Foot Walls

kaatochacha Re:Your taxes at work (501 comments)

You kinda made his point.

about a month ago
top, Mensa Create Dating Site For Geniuses

kaatochacha Re:Dating should be about genetic heath (561 comments)

I see what you did there, you short Jewish businessman. The username is just the cherry on top of the deception!

about a month ago


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