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Gonorrhea As the Next Superbug

kaffekaine Re:You're not far off, actually! (456 comments)

It makes sense; let the lesser-bugs go, kill with dumber, more-trusted ways that kill ALL the bugs or none at all, and the superbugs have to mate with lesser-bugs.This bleeds out the specialty features.

So, what you're saying is we need to leave some cases of gonorrhea untreated, right?

more than 4 years ago

PlayStation Network Expanding To Involve Other Devices

kaffekaine Hopefully they solve the ID problem (63 comments)

Hopefully, they'll think about the problem of multiple simultaneous PSN connections. Right now, I have two PS3's and any given PS3 WANTS to be connected to PSN all the time (for news, licensing, downloads, multiplayer, etc, etc) but logging one in under my master account logs the other out. This is a Supreme pain in the butt if I want to play a game in one room while my kids play one in the other. I can only imagine what a mess it'd be if the TV (and the stereo and the PSP and the toaster, etc) wanted exclusive access to the ID, too.

It's not UTTERLY broken... there is a sub account feature for PSN for child accounts and stuff but I think it's really clear that they never planned on people owning multiple PS3s or having their entire home theater logged in or it'd be architected more sensibly.

more than 4 years ago

CERN Physicist Warns About Uranium Shortage

kaffekaine I saw it coming (581 comments)

People said I was crazy stockpiling Uranium in my basement, but who's laughing now?

more than 4 years ago

NASA Downgrades Asteroid-Earth Collision Risk

kaffekaine It's kind of weird... (244 comments)

But I feel somehow disappointed.

more than 4 years ago

The First Geek Wedding At a LinuxFest

kaffekaine Expect more (93 comments)

As gay marriage becomes more and more prevalent expect to see this trend continue.

Because as every Linux geek knows "LinuxFest" is a synonym for "SausageFest".

more than 4 years ago

Why Games Cost $60

kaffekaine Re:Its justified price (536 comments)

> Some good points deleted....

I think digital delivery is something that can bring this price down a lot.

The downside to Digital Delivery is that for most devices this gives the hardware manufacturer a "lock" on distribution to completely control price (witness Apple, although they've been smart about it and not gouged). There is no longer any competition (except between H/W manufacturers) they can set the price on stuff and there is no competition among content producers or used markets, or retailers, anymore, once established, the manufacturer can completely dictate retail prices to the developers.

So, the cynical side of me suspects that system providers will simply use the lack of physical media to boost profit margins and pocket the difference rather than significantly dropping the "standard" price for goods once consumers are locked in. I would imagine the millions of copies that console games sell allow a significant economy of scale for manufacturers.

You'll also probably see more of this trend where the initial game is half complete/low content and then you buy the rest of it in bits and pieces via DLC, too. We'll see if they drop the price in that scenario, so far the track record has not been good.

I agree about development costs going up for developers.

It seems that if the manufacturers are eliminating manufacturing and distribution costs for the publishers, that just leaves marketing as their only really useful function (assuming they are decoupled from the "studio").

more than 4 years ago

Intel To Challenge Android With Moblin For Mobile Devices

kaffekaine Wot's in a name? (108 comments)

Moblin will likely fail because, it's a goofy name, the market doesn't want yet another OS, and Apple seems to be the only company in the entire gizmoverse that can make a decent UI.

At least Android has some street cred for being "Google".

more than 4 years ago

MIT Project "Gaydar" Shakes Privacy Assumpitons

kaffekaine Re:Technology still too slow (508 comments)

This, fundamentally, is what the fight over privacy is about: It's not what we are (or are not) that matters, but rather the correlations between those facts and the social meanings and messages attached to them. The fight for privacy is really founded upon the belief that the average person is insecure, full of prejudice and bile, and is generally a manipulative bastard who'll stab you in the back given half a chance.

And I can't find any fault in that statement. Most people are, and thus... Privacy will remain an important thing to fight for so long as we have reason to fight amongst ourselves.

I'm not embarrassed that I take the occasional shit, but I still close the door when I do it. It's okay to want privacy, even in a perfect society. I want personal privacy anytime I don't want matters on public display. And people have a right to it, IMHO.

The desire for privacy is not, in general, about the belief that other people are prejudiced or accuracy of social meanings attached to identities, etc. If I have a brain tumor, I want it to be a private matter because it is not a public matter and I want to manage it in a private way. I'd like my social security number to remain private.There are lots of legitimate reasons to want privacy; it does not boil down to some essential 'root cause'. A Utopia would include privacy, it would simply not be violated. ;)

I think by trying to overgeneralize privacy concerns as being "about" some systemic societal flaw and trying to boil it down to some simple maxim, you've done the issue and yourself a disservice. What you're saying may apply to things like sexual orientation but I think that is just one piece of the overall puzzle.

more than 4 years ago

Tolkien Trust Okays Hobbit Movie

kaffekaine Re:once an idea or book (325 comments)

I think the money should be returned to the faithful movie fans in the form of popcorn discounts.

$3 billion buys almost 100 medium sized servings of popcorn at my local theater.

about 5 years ago

Tolkien Trust Okays Hobbit Movie

kaffekaine Re:What About "Bored of the Rings"? (325 comments)

Parodies are considered "fair use" of a work from a copyright standpoint. This legal protection has given consumers a rich bounty of derivative humor including "Spaceballs", "MAD Magazine", and Weird Al Yankovick's entire body of work.

about 5 years ago

Tolkien Trust Okays Hobbit Movie

kaffekaine Re:A Sickening State of Affairs (325 comments)

I am really disgusted that a movie studio (yeah, MPAA sucks, etc.) needs to get permission from the bottom-feeding welfare leaches of a long-deceased author to make a film. Worse yet, they have to pay for the privilege.

Those people you call "bottom-feeding welfare leaches of a long-deceased author" are responsible for making sure that the author's legacy and work maintain their original integrity and artistic vision. You know, stuff like that tastefully done Rankin and Bass musical cartoon version of the Hobbit that makes me want to claw my own eyes out with a spork that they green-lighted when I was a kid (a period in my life when thankfully my parents had the good sense to keep the sporks locked away safely in a cabinet).

about 5 years ago

Web Hosts Hit With $32 Million Judgment For Content

kaffekaine Re:There goes the internet... (202 comments)

However if, Cisco informed you that you were selling fakes and you continued selling what you knew to be fakes, are you seriously suggesting you shouldn't then be liable for selling counterfeit goods?

But, on the internet, no one knows (for sure) that you're Cisco!

about 5 years ago

Fatty Foods Affect Memory and Exercise Performance

kaffekaine Oh noes (379 comments)

I'm concerned the implications of this study may adversely affect the success of the high fat diet book I am currently authoring.

more than 5 years ago

Team Aims To Create Pure Evil AI

kaffekaine Stop choosing the lesser evil. (527 comments)

After reading the article I think the kery thing this research has proven is that being a great computer scientist does not necessarily guarantee you'll be an even passable philosopher or psychologist.

more than 5 years ago

Parents Baffled By Science Questions

kaffekaine What I wanna Know (656 comments)

What I want to know is: How many Scientists are baffled by stupid parenting questions?

more than 5 years ago

The Rise of the Digital Nomad

kaffekaine Who Knows (273 comments)

> The need for contact with other people has driven some nomads to start working with others in public places and at strangers' homes. I could see this need someday becoming so great that eventually these folks may be driven to the point where they form functional groups with like minded colleagues and commune in a central location. Out of sheer desperation for human contact, of course. I think "office" would be a catchy name for one of these communal locations. > at strangers' homes. This part is ironic because in fact, yesterday morning a stranger burst into our house while I had opened the door to get the paper, he sat down in our breakfast nook, plugged in his computer into the nearest outlet, and went straight to work saying nary a word. Poor bastard.

more than 5 years ago

Beware the Perils of Caffeine Withdrawal

kaffekaine Some people enjoy caffeine? Oh the humanity! (700 comments)

I'd like to quit caffeine, but based on the comments here, quitting it apparently requires that your balls be removed.

more than 5 years ago


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