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Prescription Handguns For the Elderly and Disabled

kahei Re:Absolutely correct (1093 comments)

But... lots of people show disrespect for Internet Tough Guys. I, for example, feel and show no respect toward you. Indeed I am actively dissing you, if I may use that word -- sneering at you, and doing it through the base and scurrilous medium of the Internet to boot. As an ITG, this must happen to you often.

Does that mean you get to shoot me?

Right. So the 'respect' thing is really of questionable relevance. Also, you smell and your tie looks stupid.

more than 6 years ago

On Black Friday I...

kahei Re:Walmart worker trampled to death by customers (517 comments)

People who worry about clothing going 'out of style' in two years are probably also less discerning when it comes to the quality that would make clothing last for more than two years.

Wal-mart is selling to people who combine these two features -- people who will put up with cheap crap but are very attentive to 'fashion' (in the Wal-mart sense!) trends.

I must admit I hadn't thought this demographic had much of a voice on Slashdot but I guess I was mistaken :)

more than 6 years ago

The Walking House

kahei Exotic bloody solids (304 comments)

...and needless to say these guys design everything as a truncated octahedron or a hexagonal prism (on it's side, yet, so there are no vertical walls) and never as a BORING OLD CUBOID. Because having wide flat floors to live on and vertical walls to put doors in would be too boring and traditional and convenient.

Instead, their project has cuboctahedral modules that join onto each other via round portholes that are at about 30 degrees off vertical. I don't know what it is about architects that gives them such contempt for the actual users of their buildings. Everyone else designs to co-operate with the eventual users. Architects design to be clever, where 'clever' means lots of big geometrical shapes that reflect sound and carry vibration and have nowhere to sit down. Metal-walled buildings are pretty grim anyway from a temperature/moisture control/vibration point of view, but making it cuboid, corrugating the surfaces a bit and avoiding welds (in favor of joins that provide some damping) would be a start.

I think the acid test for innovative housing ideas should be: do they have to resort to silly futuristic shapes, or is there a chance they have some actual ideas for creating nice places to live?

more than 6 years ago


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