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Citizen Scientists Help Explore the Moon

kaitos Re:Paper-hungry grad. student (60 comments)

They select 50 random contributers as coauthors for papers.

more than 3 years ago

What's Coming In KDE 4.4

kaitos Re:System Activity feedback (423 comments)

It seems natural, to me anyway, that I should be able to hit Ctrl-Esc and see what is using all my bandwidth, so, be able to sort it by network using rate, just like I can for CPU and memory, etc. Every program I've seen that does this needed root privileges though, but maybe it can be done with the PolicyKit framework?

more than 4 years ago

Identity Theft from University Computers

kaitos Actually breaking in? (259 comments)

I know of this guy here at SIUE who was arrested and kicked out of the school for "breaking into the computer system and stealing information." What he did was found an anonymous public FTP, logged in, and poked around. What he found was all of the information for every foreign student that attends SIUE (They have to keep a database because of the patriot act). So what does he do? He informs the computer department (Office of Information Technology) that they really should have this stuff secure and not just open as it is. The next day the feds break into his dorm room and sieze all of his stuff. He was then kicked out of school.

more than 9 years ago


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