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Best DNS Naming Scheme For Small/Medium Businesses?

kakos Just Use Theme Names and Be Done With It (481 comments)

Theme names are good. Choose a theme that doesn't have any overloaded context (like cities, for example) or common names and you'll be fine. If you are worried about your machines not being easily identified for their purpose, just make a DNS alias for it, e.g. alias athena.yourdomain.com to mail.yourdomain.com or what have you.

Complicated naming schemes are bullshit and the bane of civilisation. If I have to deal with one more machine named W832COHRWTFBBQKEKEKEKE.somedomain.com, I will shoot myself. Those names are hard to relay to people, not easily remembered, and only really relay information to the people who came up with the god damned naming scheme. It's infinitely easier to tell a employee to login to 'zeus' than it is to tell him to login to 'w832COHRWTFBBQKEKEKEKEKE'.

more than 6 years ago


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