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What To Expect With Windows 9

kamapuaa Re:A non-UNIX OS in a UNIX world? (532 comments)

Windows is 90%+ of the desktop market, 90% of the office suite market. I don't think separate companies be better at developing Windows Phone. Basically, your idea is wrong and you should feel bad.

2 days ago

Google's Android One Initiative Launches In India With Three $100 Phones

kamapuaa Re:$100 (50 comments)

They exist, but they typically have 1 gig ram memory, 4-8 gigs internal storage, a crappy camera. The screen is lower-resolution, the external speaker is on the weak side. Build quality and reliability is a bit lower.

They're perfectly usable, and for a kid they're fine (although kids do load up on apps, which might be a problem with a cheaper phone).

The point was that they're phones you're going to want to upgrade before too long. Whereas a computer is fine for 5 or more years, unless you're a gamer.

3 days ago

Drone-Based Businesses: Growing In Canada, Grounded In the US

kamapuaa Drones are being used. (94 comments)

Drones are pretty commonly used. My friend who does aerial photography tells me that drones are pretty much taking over real estate. Drones are used for investigating animal rights claims, are commonly used in agriculture, are being researched by Amazon as a near-future way to deliver packages...I just don't see drones as something being grounded by over-regulation.

5 days ago

Link Between Salt and High Blood Pressure 'Overstated'

kamapuaa Re: I can simply ignore all health and diet advice (291 comments)

Cigarettes are undeniably bad. So are trans-fats, alcohol overconsumption, and too much stress.

The issue is that health publications yry to extend everything into being undeniably bad, on the scale of smoking, when in fact the food or habit may only be bad in certsin cases. One current theory on salt is that diabetics, the overweight, and blacks are higher risk groups for salt being linked to blood pressure, but for the large majority of people there is no association. Of course that's boring health advice, people like to hear something strong like "quit now and live longer," so health claims get wildly exaggerated.

about a week ago

Researcher Fired At NSF After Government Questions Her Role As 1980s Activist

kamapuaa She deserved it. (499 comments)

Read the article. The terrorist group wasn't tangentially related to the organizations she belonged too, they were "affiliated." As in, "officially attached to or connected." Not "oh a few people were in both groups," like many people are suggesting. The article doesn't explain the connection, but presumably they were all of the same blanket organization. She visited a convicted terrorist from the group in prison, suggesting that she knew the terrorists and was in an organization that she knew was connected to terrorism, even if she herself did not assist with any terrorist acts.

Knowing terrorists and having been tangentially involved in a terrorist organization is not in itself a crime, but yes without a doubt that is something she should have disclosed. Essentially, she lied on her background check and got fired. Good.

Of course not everything should be asked on background checks. I think it's fair to say, sexuality shouldn't be asked, or political affiliation, or a number of other things. The potential for abuse is too high. But if you can't ask employees if they have a connection to terrorism, what are background checks for at all?

about a week ago

To Really Cut Emissions, We Need Electric Buses, Not Just Electric Cars

kamapuaa Re:What makes you think it was environmentalists? (486 comments)

Also, there are other nations, such and France and Japan, who have used nuclear power extensively and done quite a bit of research and still haven't developed Mr. Fusion. The US power industry isn't the only R&D in the world.

about two weeks ago

Apple Announces Smartwatch, Bigger iPhones, Mobile Payments

kamapuaa Re:So what exactly is the market here. (730 comments)

Because right now, Apple faithful only need a single iphone. If it was possible, Apple would love to sell them a second iphone for their other hand, but that doesn't quite work due to usability issues. This technology boldly allows people to have an iphone for both their left and their right hand.

about two weeks ago

Facebook Blamed For Driving Up Cellphone Bills, But It's Not Alone

kamapuaa Re:I never realized how bad it was (131 comments)

It's that cheap/easy in the US too, just people whine about it. I get the cheapest and it's 1 gig for $30/month, and after that it throttles down, it doesn't charge extra.

And realistically, I can't see people using more than a couple megs of data on low-quality Facebook videos.

about two weeks ago

Why Phone Stores Should Stockpile Replacements

kamapuaa $90 deductible (253 comments)

Like everybody else says, this article is stupid. BUT THERE'S MORE!

T-Mobile sells a number of Android phones for less than the deductible of $90. $50 Alcatels, for instance, or the Nokia Windowphone. The LG L90 is a half-decent phone, better than the LG F3 he broke, for $100. Or he could even use the money to get a better phone. People use their cell phones a lot, presumably Bennett Hasselton is gainfully employed, it would have been worth the $1/day.

Why would a person who is pinching pennies by getting a crappy phone also spend money on a high-deductible insurance policy, on a phone that probably cost him $200 new in the first place?

about two weeks ago

E-Books On a $20 Cell Phone

kamapuaa Re:"Book Deserts"? WTF? (116 comments)

Of course the idea is that some areas don't have libraries (and likely don't have bookstores). My current city is fairly large, 225,000 people, and basically only has one library.

Reading on computers and phones and e-readers is indeed an alternative for people who live in such areas. I love my e-reader, but just because it's easier I read on my cell phone almost as much. It may seem ridiculous, but you quickly adapt and honestly I don't really mind it. It works for fiction, not so much for a cookbook or programming book or something where you'd want to flip back and look over pages.

about two weeks ago

Grand Ayatollah Says High Speed Internet Is "Against Moral Standards"

kamapuaa Re:If the Grand Ayatollah's against it.... (542 comments)

If man is five then the devil is six. If the devil is six then god is seven.

about two weeks ago

Grand Ayatollah Says High Speed Internet Is "Against Moral Standards"

kamapuaa Re:If the Grand Ayatollah's against it.... (542 comments)

Except no...a little Googling shows that first mention of the number is in a widely distributed book from 2nd century Christian author Irenaeus, who affirms that the number is 666, and mentions some texts with the wrong number. The only evidence for 616 is an old papyrus from the 3rd century. It may be the oldest known copy of the book of Revelations, but it wasn't the original copy, the text was written 150 years earlier. Furthermore, papyrus was valuable and was often re-used, so it may not even be the oldest known version of Revelations.

In order to prove that the original number was 616, one would have to find either the original version of the text, or a large number of texts (from various locales) which wrote 616, or perhaps have a well-regarded and well-preserved early Christian author like Irenaeus or Augustine say that the actual number was 616.

about two weeks ago

DNA Reveals History of Vanished "Paleo-Eskimos"

kamapuaa Re:Aboriginal First Nations (57 comments)

Oh, that proves that Indians didn't get fucked over by last 500 years of history! Very convenient!

about three weeks ago

DNA Reveals History of Vanished "Paleo-Eskimos"

kamapuaa Re:Today's "Natives" eliminated the Clovis culture (57 comments)

There is a lot of scientific reasons to doubt the Solutrean hypothesis, and very little scientific reason to back it. For instance, the lack of DNA or linguistic similarities. As of now, it is a theory mostly supported by the Discovery channel and such.

40 thousand years of contact, with no evidence to show for it? It seems very unlikely. There's been pretty good written records in Europe for more than 2,000 years, surely if there was constant contact with the New World there would have been some kind of record. And monopolization of the East-West trade didn't cause exploring. The lack of Mongolian monopolization was the reason for the push. Pre-Roman civilization simply wasn't complex enough or sea-going enough to travel across the Atlantic.

about three weeks ago

Anand Lal Shimpi Retires From AnandTech

kamapuaa Re:Impressive (152 comments)

GP meant "laudable" in the sense of "undertaken under the influence of laudanum."

about three weeks ago

Google's Megan Smith Would Be First US CTO Worthy of the Title

kamapuaa Story is false (117 comments)


Prior to his career in government, Park was the co-founder of two successful health information technology companies.

So a man who started two IT companies by the age of 35 doesn't have a background in Technology, because he got a graduate degree in business?

about three weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Old Technology Can't You Give Up?

kamapuaa My wife makes fun of me... (635 comments)

My wife makes fun of me, but

1) Film cameras...I have a bunch but mostly use the Olympus Stylus Epic. Get them developed & scanned at Costco for a few dollars. I also have (and use) a phone camera and a DSLR, but film cameras are pocket-able and pictures look great.

2) Records - Mostly it's just for fun, but fuck the haters - my 180 gram jazz LPs sound WAY better than any CD or MP3 and NO it's not psychosomatic.

3) Dreamcast - shit is fun, although the HD re-make of "Jet Set Radio" makes my Dreamcast far less essential.

4) 1950s Yamaha Guitar - not a classic, but the age helps, mostly it's sentimental (my grandmother gave it to me).

about three weeks ago

Facebook Cleans Up News Feed By Reducing Click-Bait Headlines

kamapuaa Stop there (61 comments)

They need to be careful and make sure they don't reduce Robin Williams tributes or Ice Bucket Challenges. Otherwise there won't be anything left :(

about three weeks ago



Companies using new technology to track cars.

kamapuaa kamapuaa writes  |  more than 4 years ago

kamapuaa (555446) writes "MVTRAC, is one of several new companies in the process of automatically tracking car license plates to make private databases. They're for use in helping banks re-possess them, or helping police find stolen cars, or really whatever the companies feel like, as the new-found industry lacks government oversight. The New York Times has an article about how it's changing the car repo industry"
Link to Original Source

Average gamer is 35, fat and bummed

kamapuaa kamapuaa writes  |  more than 5 years ago

kamapuaa (555446) writes "According to a study published in the upcoming October issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, US Video game players average 35, are fatter than average, and tend towards depression. Specifically, women video games players tended towards depression, while male video game players tended towards large BMIs. While the study itself points to several conclusions, one researcher noted: "habitual use of video games as a coping response may provided a genesis for obsessive-compulsive video-game playing, if not video-game addiction.""

Radiohead vows not to repeat music giveaway

kamapuaa kamapuaa writes  |  more than 6 years ago

kamapuaa (555446) writes "Radiohead has said they will not repeat their marketing stunt of giving free copies of their album over the Internet, while merely asking fans to leave money in a virtual tip jar. '"I think it was a one-off response to a particular situation," Thom Yorke said of the band's decision last October to let viewers pay what they wanted for digital downloads of the new album "In Rainbows."'"


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