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State Rep. Says Biking Is Not Earth Friendly Because Breathing Produces CO2

karot Fat Tax (976 comments)

So is an extension of this that fat people carry more weight, get tired more quickly, and therefore pant and generate more CO2.

Their additional weight also wears sidewalks more quickly...

Should we tax fat people under the same rules?

about 2 years ago

English Court Allows Patents For "Complex" Software

karot Patent or Bugfix? (132 comments)

So, having used Symbian phones, I would suggest that what is really happening here is that Symbian are trying to patent a bugfix... The bug being that their phone O/S is painfully slow.

I very much doubt that they have invented something that will make all mobile phones regardless of O/S run faster, unless perhaps we're talking about little robotic legs? That would be a cool patent :)

more than 6 years ago


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