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Ouya CEO Talks Console's Tough First Year, and Ambitious "Ouya Everywhere" Plan

kcbnac Re:They need more games... (134 comments)

I was able to hook mine up to my Windows 7-running desktop, and use it for the Steam Big Picture mode; not everything worked out-of-the-box and I didn't putz with it to get it fully functional; but a little tweaking and it'd probably be perfect. (This was ~Sept 2013 or so)

There is also an Android App "Blue Board" that lets you use your Android phone or tablet as an input device on the Ouya (You install it on both the Ouya and controlling device). Makes keyboard input much easier (if you're using it for web surfing and such).

about 7 months ago

Microsoft Makes It Harder To Avoid Azure

kcbnac Microsoft's name is tainted (164 comments)

Because they've realized the 'Microsoft' name has such negative connotations in the consumer market, that they don't want CxO's shooting it down based on its name, and one that wasn't directly tied to their Windows environment, since its where they want you to run your Linux VMs "In The Cloud":

  "...we knew that we needed to ensure that Windows is the best platform to run Linux workloads as well as open source components. ..."

about a year ago

Boy Scouts Bully Hacker Scouts Into Submission

kcbnac Trademark Rule Requirement (289 comments)

BSA has Trademarks that are 'infringed' by this organization's name - which you are required to actively defend against anything that could be infringing - otherwise you lose your Trademark. (This is not true with Copyrights, just Trademarks)

As a fellow Eagle Scout, I agree it isn't wonderful or ideal behavior - but if they want to keep their name (and with all the splinter-orgs as a result of their recent decision regarding Youth membership, there are plenty) and uniqueness in 'Brand Identity' they have to do this.

about a year ago

Obama Asks FCC To Make Carriers Unlock All Mobile Devices

kcbnac Re:You can already buy unlocked devices. (378 comments)

That, and in the US, most carriers don't offer a 'discounted' service for buying the device outright (or bringing your own); so if you're going to use the service anyway, may as well get the discounted phone.

1 year,5 days

IBM Promises $1B Investment In Linux Development

kcbnac $1 Billion Towards THEIR OWN ARCHITECTURE. (109 comments)

The phrase '$1 Billion' gets people to sit up and notice.

But most of this work won't benefit the Linux community and software at large, at least directly. It will be ancillary improvements; where something gets re-written/improved/fixed due to issues on the POWER architecture that happen to benefit everyone else too. Hopefully these are many and useful.

Still, any investment shows that Linux is Serious Business.

1 year,6 days

Mozilla Launches Firefox OS Devices In Stores, Opens Up App Payments

kcbnac Re:Waste of time (57 comments)

So does that mean when the servers are down, I'm supposed to pull the secretary into the meeting where we try to fix it?

How about the janitors?

You let the folks you hired for that task, work on that task. You don't reassign everyone to focus on one thing, that is overkill and a waste.

about a year ago

Book Review: Puppet 3 Beginner's Guide

kcbnac Re:As Always (81 comments)

For situations where the agents can't talk back to the Puppet Master, you can push out the manifests (config files) to each host and apply them directly, locally. (As if it were a single, standalone machine)

Not sure if there is a way to push the results back to a Puppet Master for aggregation, but there may be a way to tackle that. (Or just back to a central logging server for parsing)

about a year ago

Harvard, IBM Crunch Data For More Efficient Solar Cells

kcbnac Re:Why Efficiency? (65 comments)

Also this way there is a globally-accessible and searchable database of all the materials and their various properties - so for your exotic project with a weird requirement, you can find the materials most appropriate to your situation.

This is useful for more than coming up with a single solar cell, it helps pave the groundwork for hundreds of varieties - each the best-fit for a different situation.

Example: Organic compounds may make sense if you can 'grow' the system for a self-repairing/expanding system, say in a biodome on Mars; or on a floating station in the Arctic; both of which you won't have an easy opportunity for a 'service call'. Identifying which one(s) work best in those environments will shave years off development time, allowing a focus on other design issues.

about a year ago

Harvard, IBM Crunch Data For More Efficient Solar Cells

kcbnac Re:Why Efficiency? (65 comments)

Because if you can build one at 3% and one at 9% but all other costs being the same, you build the 9% one. They're figuring out which is the most efficient so they know what order to look at capabilities/options on. Start with the most efficient, and work your way down the list until you find one that meets the other criteria.

about a year ago

AMD Launches New Richland APUs For the Desktop, Speeds Up To 4.4GHz

kcbnac Re:I beg your pardon (153 comments)

Here is your Radeon HD7850:

It has 1024 Shader Processors ("Radeon Cores" in the summary), and (stock) is clocked at 860MHz. The 8670D included in this new APU has 384 Shader Processors, and is clocked at 844MHz. So about 2/5ths of the computing power; presuming all other factors are equal.

So while for high-end gaming, it won't quite cut it (Turning on most of the shiny and enabling it across 3 monitors with Eyefinity would make it beg) - it should be plenty powerful for light/medium gaming on a single monitor, or any light/moderate duties across multiple monitors with Eyefinity.

about a year ago

Vastly Improved Raspberry Pi Performance With Wayland

kcbnac Re:wayland (259 comments)

No, the worst possible use case would be remote X11 over a RFC 1149 compliant connection. (Although 2549 adds QoS, or RFC 6214, for those that use IPv6)

about a year ago

Google Fiber To Come To Provo, Utah

kcbnac Funny timing with CISPA vote today... (92 comments)

Funny that Google (one of the backers of CISPA) announces something that will catch everyone's eyes and ears on the same day CISPA goes to the Senate floor for a vote.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Way To Archive and Access Ancient Emails?

kcbnac Re:IMAP (282 comments)

Any web-based client *should* (unless they use a plugin or other weird config tool) save any filters, etc. to the web-based-profile (Like GMail does). Otherwise, if you choose Thunderbird (or any other sane client) you could just copy over the profile between installs. Even across OSes.

I've successfully used a singular Thunderbird profile on both a Windows and Linux boot off the same machine; granted Linux access to the NTFS partition Windows sat on and it used that profile directory. Been copying it forward to new installs for a few years now.

Migrating towards a VM (that gets backed up regularly) holding the 'core' stuff that doesn't sync well (Firefox and Chrome both do; so can run that on whatever) - then just use that VM for non-GMail email, and whatever else is worth consolidating down to one machine.

about a year and a half ago


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