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Limiting Kids' Computer Time?

kcidymkcus Re:WHY!?!? (100 comments)

how the fuck is that insightful? You're probably the perverted kinda fucker that likes to squirt kids with your "gun". Let's play shower kids, here comes the water. Ah daddy why is it yellow and why does it smell funny. Hold on Jr. Let daddy make some shampoo for you. You're a fucking retard and you like playing gay ass fag with children.

more than 9 years ago


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A quick pull

kcidymkcus kcidymkcus writes  |  more than 9 years ago So I was sitting here, pulling my pud and looking at user comments and thought; shit what a bunch of dumb fuck retards. All these people that don't have a fucking clue handing out info and advice that isn't worth the toilet paper I wiped my ass on this morning. So I decided what the fuck lets get some shit together and contribute shit of my own that is worth about as much. I swear most if not all slashdot readers exchanged their brains for a puff of ass wind out of their mothers asses. You people are fucking retarded, and for the Americans here, you're not just retarded, you're backwards, illiterate, offensive cocksuckers. Now I don't pretend to fucking know everything, well I guess that's the point, you fake ass poser mother fuckers try to convince the world you know everything. Ass fucking bitches. Eat my ass USA. Turds led by an ass hole.

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