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60G Nomad Zen vs. The iPod

kdoherty Re:Article (673 comments)

Those are neither future features nor examples of FUD. I'm an iPod owner who read up a little on the Nomad recently and the Nomad playlist editing is different from the iPod's.

The new On-The-Go playlists for the iPod allow you to add songs to the playlist and clear playlists. When you plug the iPod into your Mac for syncing, the On-The-Go playlist is automatically wiped.

On the Nomad, you can not only create playlists, but you can name them, and they will persist on the device. I don't know about the software for Windows but I assume it syncs back the playlists from the Nomad.

Now, I love my iPod; I bought a 10G iPod last August and just bought a 30G one when they came out last week. That said, nobody benefits from this kind of rabid, ill-informed advocacy.

Next time you want to make an argument for the iPod against the Nomad, make sure you have all the facts. If you're not willing to do that, don't waste people's time.

more than 11 years ago


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