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US Horse Registry Forced to Accept Cloned Horses by Judge

kdryer39 kdryer39 writes  |  about a year ago

kdryer39 (1210976) writes "U.S. District Court Judge Mary Lou Robinson said she will sign an order requiring the American Quarter Horse Association to begin allowing cloned animals to be placed on its registry, according to the organization. A jury last month ruled that the horse association violated anti-monopoly laws by banning cloned animals. The quarter horse association issues and maintains a pedigree registry of American quarter horses, a popular breed associated with cowboys riding on the range in the 19th and early 20th centuries."
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Deutsche Telekom Moves Email Traffic In-Country in Wake of PRISM

kdryer39 kdryer39 writes  |  about a year ago

kdryer39 (1210976) writes "Germany's leading telecom provider has announced on Friday that it will only being using German servers to handle any email traffic over it's systems, citing privacy concerns arising from the recent PRISM leak and it's 'public outrage over U.S. spy programs accessing citizens' private messages.' In a related move, DT has also announced that they will be providing email services over SSL to further secure their customers' communications.

Sandro Gaycken, a professor of cyber security at Berlin's Free University, said 'This will make a big difference...Of course the NSA could still break in if they wanted to, but the mass encryption of emails would make it harder and more expensive for them to do so.'"

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Paypal Rolls Out Photo Verification Trial in UK

kdryer39 kdryer39 writes  |  about a year ago

kdryer39 (1210976) writes "Retailers in Richmond upon Thames are among the first to allow shoppers to leave their wallets at home and pay for items using just the PayPal app and their profile picture. The app for iOS, Windows OS and Android phones highlights nearby shops and restaurants that accept PayPal before the customer checks in by clicking on the required retailer and sliding an animated pin down on their screen. At present, only 12 merchants are using the system but it expects more than 2,000 locations will have the ability to use the app by the end of 2013."
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New Android App Encourages Users to Throw Device As High As Possible

kdryer39 kdryer39 writes  |  about a year ago

kdryer39 (1210976) writes "Like to tempt fate? Then you might want to check out Send Me To Heaven, the Android app that uses your phone's accelerometers to track how high it travels when thrown upward. Assuming you don't fumble your handset on its return trip, its distance will join that of other daredevils on the game's leaderboards. That's all there is to it. Really."
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HP Sells WebOS to LG Electronics, Inc.

kdryer39 kdryer39 writes  |  about a year and a half ago

kdryer39 (1210976) writes "LG has snatched up full rights to HP's webOS (which was last used in now-defunct Palm and TouchPad devices) and will integrate it into their line of "smart" TV's. WebOS was viewed as having a strong software foundation, but HP could not create a viable application ecosystem to keep up with Apple, Google, and Amazon. This poison arrow led to the dismal launch and failure of the TouchPad in 2010 and the resulting opening up of webOS last year.

While set-top implementations are a natural progression, I can only imagine where LG could take the failed OS with a little work and a face lift. Perhaps it can move us one step closer to the "Internet of Things," and have all LG-branded devices in the home sync with each other (and as a result, secretly plot the creation of SKYNET)."

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Intel to Launch Paid WebTV Set-Top Box Experience

kdryer39 kdryer39 writes  |  about a year and a half ago

kdryer39 writes "In an unexpected but kind-of-makes-sense move, struggling chip-maker Intel has decided to delve into the TV world by creating a set-top box containing an HD camera and microphone for various "novel applications." Intel expects to provide various live and on-demand content, as well as re-inventing the wheel by changing the way people search for content.

How will they do this, and where will they get the content from? Unfortunately, we don't know...and apparently neither does Intel. Erik Hugger, head of newly-created Intel Media has stated that "negotiations [with content providers] are in process, but provided no details."

Is this a last-ditch effort for the company to re-invent itself before everything hits the fan? Perhaps, but either way, it'll be one of those things that will be interesting to follow as it develops."

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