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Did the Ignition Key Just Die?

kehren77 Re:No, thank you. (865 comments)

My wife has a Prius with keyless entry/start. The keyfob hides a physical key that you can use to unlock the door and you can insert the keyfob into a socket in the dash if you need to (if the battery dies). Works great. Plus the batteries in the keyfob are readily available and easy to change.

I love being able to unlock the doors and start the car without needing to get the keys out. Makes it that much harder to lock my keys in the car.

about 9 months ago

How Do You Backup 20TB of Data?

kehren77 Re:Crashplan (983 comments)

Agreed. I'm backing up almost 1TB (most of which is my music/movie library). The only downside was the amount of time that first backup took. Almost 2 months on my crappy Charter Cable connection got my to 80%, switched to a fiber connection and it finished in 2 days.

about 10 months ago

OneDrive Is Microsoft's Rebranded Name For SkyDrive

kehren77 Who is in charge of naming at Microsoft? (197 comments)

I mean seriously, how many products have they had to rename in the past few years? Metro, SkyDrive, etc...

Maybe they should try Googling these things before they announce them.

about a year ago

Mars Express Orbiter Buzzes Martian Moon Phobos

kehren77 Maverick!!! (39 comments)

Sorry, Goose, but it's time to buzz a tower.

1 year,26 days

Ask Slashdot: Best FLOSS iTunes Replacement In 2013?

kehren77 Re:Never used iTunes (317 comments)

I've never used iTunes. I just use folders and store everything by /Artist/Album. It's easy enough to right click the folder and select "play in VLC".

And how exactly do you create playlists this way?

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Best FLOSS iTunes Replacement In 2013?

kehren77 Do people still listen to music this way? (317 comments)

iTunes is nothing but the backend of my Apple TV these days. I can't remember the last time I played something directly on the computer. I just wish the AppleTV interface had a fast scroll option. When your library has 17,000+ tracks in it, it takes forever to scroll through it to the bottom.

about a year ago

Microsoft Cuts Surface Pro Price By $100

kehren77 Using the XBox model (341 comments)

So they're going to try to use the Xbox model to try to get as many devices out there as possible. Unfortunately for MS, Android already beat them to this. Sure, it's possible to late to the game if you have a way of upping the ante in the market, but when you come to the table with a device that is at best on par or slightly below what is already there, then you can't hope to break into the market.

They should have spent more time/effort getting a foothold in the phone market. Windows Phone was DOA and hasn't gone anywhere lately. Do they even still make it? Both Google and Apple were smart to get their foot in the door with a device everyone carries. Then they expanded to the middle ground devices that people weren't convinced they needed. Why would buy a Windows tablet if you have an iOS or Android phone?

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Enterprise Level Network Devices For Home Use?

kehren77 Linksys (241 comments)

You're doing something wrong if you got though 1 per year. I've only had one router die on me in the past 13 years. And that was after about 7 years. My WRT-54G lasted for about 7 years with no problems until it died. But at that point I wanted to replace it with an N device anyway. Been using a WRT160N ever since.

Additionally we purchase about 9 WRT-54Gs for work in 2004. They were just now being to have issues when we replaced them in the fall of 2012. But the issue they had were with load due to a massive influx of iPads, not because of hardware failure. And the few we had that began having software issues, worked perfectly after replacing the default firmware with DD-WRT.

Keep looking, the problem isn't your consumer grade routers.

about a year and a half ago

2013 U.S. Wireless Network Tests: AT&T Fastest, Verizon Most Reliable

kehren77 Who cares about speed... (131 comments)

...if you don't have a connection? I'd rather sacrifice some speed for reliability.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: What Magazines Do You Still Read?

kehren77 Re:The Week (363 comments)

Me too.

Not only that but they don't pander to one side of the political spectrum, you get articles with view points from both sides (since apparently no one does any impartial journalism anymore).

about 2 years ago

Light Bulb Ban Produces Hoarding In EU, FUD In U.S.

kehren77 Re:Labelling (1080 comments)

Most of the bulbs I've bought have had some sort of "instant on" advertising on them and have worked decently.

The exception is indoor VS outdoor. I tried to use the same bulbs in some exterior lights and when it's cool outside (50 F) these bulbs take close to 10-20 minutes to warm up. I ended up switching back to incandescents for these fixtures.

more than 2 years ago

Poll Finds Americans Think the TSA Is 'Doing a Good Job'

kehren77 Re:Real reason (523 comments)

No, those of us who fly infrequently think the TSA is doing a shitty job, just like those of you who fly regularly.

My wife was in a security line for an hour and a half a couple weeks ago and was only half way through the line when she finally had to go find someone and basically cut in line or she'd have missed her flight.

It should not take 3 hours to get through security at MSP, but apparently 54% of Americans think that is acceptable.

more than 2 years ago

Will Speed Limits Inhibit Autonomous Car Adoption?

kehren77 Duh (650 comments)

Really? Rich people will be the ones that first buy expensive new cars? How shocking. Next you'll tell me that they were the first to purchase the Tesla S and the Chevy Volt.

more than 2 years ago

Steve Ballmer: We Won't Be Out-Innovated By Apple Anymore

kehren77 Re:Fight the wrong battles? (610 comments)

With more and more companies, municipalities and school districts moving to Google Apps, I'm shocked that the MS board hasn't handed Ballmer his gold watch and sent him packing.

more than 2 years ago

Ford Predicts Self-Driving, Traffic-Reducing Cars By 2017

kehren77 Re:"during predictable...conditions" (388 comments)

Exactly. There is no such thing as "predictable, low-speed conditions" during rush hour or any other time. They'd have to have 100% of cars use this technology for that.

Plus who cares about low speed? Let me know when this thing can take over for me on my hour long 70 mph highway commute.

more than 2 years ago

Microsoft Announces 'Surface' Tablet

kehren77 Re:Consumer Confusion (712 comments)

That was my first thought too. That's been part of Microsoft's (poor) business plan since Ballmer took over. Every new OS has to come in multiple versions.

more than 2 years ago

Six Arrested Over Japanese Android Porn Virus

kehren77 Re:Wait wait wait (92 comments)

I saw "Japanese Android Porn" and just assumed robot. Android the OS didn't even occur to me for a 10-15 seconds.

more than 2 years ago



IE 6 on an Intel Mac?

kehren77 kehren77 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

kehren77 (814078) writes "Recently my school district implemented a web-based system to access payroll information. The catch is that the system only works with Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. Our school is an all Mac school. I've been able to access the system using a combination of VMWare Fusion, Ubuntu and IEs4Linux but I can't imaging trying to train my users to jump through all of those hoops. I've tried looking on the WINE website, but they just point you to CrossOver from Codeweavers and as far as I can tell the Darwine project has dried up. Has anyone had any success compiling WINE for Mac OS X or is a commercial solution my only option?"


kehren77 has no journal entries.

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