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For Half, Degrees In Computing, Math, Or Stats Lead To Other Jobs

kekx Re:~50% have no degree... (174 comments)

The more I fill in that gap, the more I realize exactly how big that gap is, and strangely, the gap grows as it fills.

So true and almost poetic :)

about a month ago

Parenting Rewires the Male Brain

kekx Re:I believe it because.. (291 comments)

There is a nice blog of a family living pretty much the same way you do: I have been following it for some years and I'm really enjoying it. I am still quite young, but people like you or they are who make me think I might actually have kids one day ;)

about 3 months ago

Mathematician: Is Our Universe a Simulation?

kekx Re:law of energy in a VR (745 comments)

Who says we humans are the point of this hypothetical simulation? Meaning, the tree could very well still make it sound because it is useful for the simulation.

about 6 months ago

First Recorded Observation of Freshwater Fish Preying On Birds In Flight

kekx Re:First Observation? (93 comments)

Maybe the pictures you saw were of saltwater fish? It says it's the first freshwater fish that they recorded.

about 8 months ago

The UK's Internet Porn Filter and Fighting Censorship Creep

kekx Re:The answer is simple (234 comments)

While this is a very nice reply, the problem is that the majority of the population will not be able to formulate it clearly and concise like you did and/or will simply conform social norms and accept the blocking.

about 8 months ago

Yahoo Encrypting Data In Wake of NSA Revelations

kekx Took them way too long (137 comments)

Well, actually it's quite embarrassing that they're only doing this now...

about 9 months ago

Microsoft and Facebook Launch Internet Bug Bounty Program

kekx Re:WTF (57 comments)

I did not debate that, it's also quite obvious, that it is good for Microsoft - in a variety of ways - , otherwise they wouldn't be paying $$ for it ;)

about 10 months ago

Microsoft and Facebook Launch Internet Bug Bounty Program

kekx Re:WTF (57 comments)

Even if that is the case (which it isn't in my opinion), why would you complain if your customers pay to improve your product? This is obviously good for "the internet" (whatever that is).

about 10 months ago

VLC Reaches 2.1

kekx Re:Still sucks (127 comments)

You do realize that the glitches that you complain about are due to VLC avoiding patented, closed source solutions? In this light they are actually doing awesome work!

about a year ago

Teenage League of Legends Player Jailed For Months For Facebook Joke

kekx Re:Teenager? (743 comments)

For me teenagers includes eighteen and nineteen ;)

about a year ago


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