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Lots Of People Really Want Slideout-Keyboard Phones: Where Are They?

kenj123 Tricorder is a flip phone. (544 comments)

I checked, the star trek tricorder is a flip phone. At least you have that to look forward to getting someday.

about a month and a half ago

4K Displays Ready For Prime Time

kenj123 Re:I have the 39" seiki and love it. (207 comments)

2 more things that are pretty impressive on 39" seiki at 4k are PDF magazines, especially ones in HQ and Google Earth/Streetview/Maps. All of them have a mix of pictures/graphics and text that look really good at 4k. 3D buildings on Google Earth take a long time to build, partly because my video card is a bit slow. I just read Slashdot while they are loading...

about 4 months ago

4K Displays Ready For Prime Time

kenj123 I have the 39" seiki and love it. (207 comments)

It does have some issue with contrast and refresh, but its still very impressive. the 28" Samsung could be a better deal now.
Some observations.
1. Youtube has quite a bit of 4k content. however you need a 15-50Mbps connection, mine is a 6Mbps Verizon dsl line so I get quite a bit of buffering. I can download the videos and they are impressive, however, I think you need at least a 60in monitor to appreciate the difference. I've switched my video mode to 1080p and I can see some difference in fine, curved lines, but that's about it. The photos I take with my digital camera look really good on the monitor, but mostly because its so big. If there is text in the picture its easier to read at 4k, but the picture looks almost the same if I set it down to 1080p. The monitor has made me realize I need to upgrade to a DSLR camera.
2. At 2k it is really awesome at displaying text. the 39" is a bit too big, I have to move my head around to see where I'm clicking, but I do program on it and I have ways around that problem.
3. I do watch a lot of nature show on my HD tv. I've been underwhelmed with the video quality of things like tree leaves, fire, flocks of birds flying, ocean waves and water splashing, groups of people or animals running. I'm hoping to see some 4k content of those things and compare to 2k
4. I am watching the pricing on 4k projectors. they are about 5grand right now which is pretty good. not long ago 2k projectors where 3grand. a 4K projector displaying a 120" picture should look incredible. I have a place already picked out to put it in my house.

about 4 months ago

Why Did New Zealand's Moas Go Extinct?

kenj123 Re:Uh what? (180 comments)

"the tribes with ownership had a vested interest in protecting _their_ elephants for the long-term"
I would say we have very different views of short and long term. The instant the tribes men that own the elephants or the fishermen who own the fish have the access to gmo versions of elephants or fish they will replace the old with the new. The long term goal of privatization is to maximize ROI. Privatization might work as a stop gap but its not going to save the natural world as we know it.

about 6 months ago

Why Did New Zealand's Moas Go Extinct?

kenj123 Re:Uh what? (180 comments)

I'm skeptical that the 'tragedy of the commons' is solvable with privatization. If somebody owned the land and was trying to maximize output, they would probably kill all the birds and raise yams or something that had a better ROI. Mankind needs to come up with some better policies on what the planet should look like in the future. I've heard the author talking about the 6th extinction quite a bit in the media lately. They have talked indirectly about extinction triage, and it needs to be addressed more practically. I propose that organisms involved in the oxygen replenishment system get top priority.

about 6 months ago

Gates Warns of Software Replacing People; Greenspan Says H-1Bs Fix Inequity

kenj123 Inequality as a solution the impeding collapse (516 comments)

Sometimes I think that the income inequality is being implemented actively as a policy to reduce green house gas emissions. make the middle class a poor as possible to reduce their consumption load. I would be curious to see a chart of the carbon footprints of the different income groups in the usa vs their economic output. An alternate theory is that maybe they know that there is a coming economic collapse and the wealth might as well be concentrated. I think there was a story written about survivors on a life raft where they had to kill some people early on because they knew there was no rescue and they were dependent on the ocean current to get them to land but it would take several weeks. that way supplies would last long enough for the few that did eventually did make it to land. With the wealth concentrated in a few, they can preserve a spark of civilization so when the dark times are over, they can teach the survivors that is wrong to eat human flesh, how to use a fork, and what wines go with which food.

about 5 months ago

Scientists Induce New Hair Growth In Balding Men

kenj123 Re:Who cares (232 comments)

or maybe its a lot cheaper solution than hiring hookers...

about a year ago

Man Killed By His Own Radio-Controlled Helicopter In Brooklyn

kenj123 odd location for rc flying, (479 comments)

the park is at Gravesend Bay, near Coney Island and it can get pretty gusty off the ocean. I'm from the area, in fact I was sailing near by on Wednesday and I was going to stay out overnight and sail Thursday as well. Wednesday was beautiful and the wind was just right with a few gusts to get the adrenaline flowing. But Thursday was supposed to be a lot worse and it sounded like too much work, so i got out on Wednesday night. After hearing about this I'm all the more glad i didn't go out thurs.. I was out a couple days before, and it was really gusty then, the coast guard helicopter was circling around to see if anyone was in trouble.I'm currently not working :(, but having lots of fun :).

1 year,10 days

A Hydrogen-Based Economy

kenj123 h20 emission might have some problems, ie humidity (836 comments)

I'm curious if anyone has been discussing the consequences of putting that much water vapor in the air. For example, in a confined space like in Manhattan at the street level, would it cause an apprecible rise in the misery index- temp + humidity? The saying - 'it not the temperature its the humidity' - would change to - 'its not the temperature, it those damn fuel-cell powered cars'. Also, in the winter time, would some of the water vapor condense, drip on the road and cause icing problems? Or what about in desert areas, like phoenix, how would the local ecology be affected? The problems probably could be fixed by putting a condensor on the exhaust and storing the water. But that would reduce the efficiency. - ps I like being a contrarian.

more than 11 years ago


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