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Students Are Always Half Right In Pittsburgh

kenneth_martens Re:There isn't a teacher alive (881 comments)

$50,000 is a good starting figure.

No, $50,000 is a ridiculous starting figure. Somebody fresh out of college with no previous job experience can't expect to make $50,000. I certainly didn't make that much as a software developer. Of course it's all relative to the cost of living. Perhaps in some place like San Francisco $50,000 would be reasonable; not so much here in Dallas where I live.

The problem with recruiting teachers won't be solved by jacking up the salary. It can be solved by better working conditions. For starters, teachers shouldn't be expected to work crazy hours. A regular 40-hour week is reasonable, but most teachers have to work far more than that just to keep up. It's the workload we have to fix, not the salary.

more than 6 years ago


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