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Streaming the Inauguration In a School?

kennygraham Prayer? (201 comments)

With all the christian prayer that'll be going on at the inauguration, would this count as staff-sponsored captive-audience prayer in public school? Would be interesting to see in court ;)

about 6 years ago

OMG Did U C What U R Paying 4 Texting?

kennygraham Re:Channel miles (721 comments)

Text messaging costs as much as it does purely to rip people off.


The size limit is pathetic too


then again I'm quite a verbose person.

I didn't notice ;)

more than 6 years ago



UT Offering Classes on Supernatural Abilities

kennygraham kennygraham writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Kenny Graham writes "It's a sad culture we live in when a state funded school (University of Tennessee) offers a class on dowsing. Now you can use your federal grant money to learn to "find your energy places".

Students are given comprehensive packets of information along with a set of two metal wire rods — dowsing rods — bent in the shape of an "L" and are taught how to "program" them with prayer, and how to hold them to receive "yes" or "no" answers to specific questions asked by each dowser.
Maybe next year they'll offer courses on palm reading and talking to the dead."

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