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Ask Slashdot: Remote Support For Disconnected, Computer-Illiterate Relatives

kesuki Re:It.s not about you. (332 comments)

the best way to do this is to make a basic user account for normal mode, and an administrator account for accessing everything. all the settings for WM can be made so that admin can see everything wile basic user sees only a custom menubar and desktop and can't actually do anything. if their desktop icons are made immutable they won't be able to remove them, and if you find cheap hardware to run it all on they won't be a target anymore except to spammers/con artists.

is a $100 device you could work with and just tell them it's their new pc. since it has a serial port many hardware modems will work, and need no drivers, usb modems may or may not work i don't know...

2 days ago

Ask Slashdot: Remote Support For Disconnected, Computer-Illiterate Relatives

kesuki a good FreeBSD system properly configured is best (332 comments)

i don't know where to go with Linux recommendations but pppd on freebsd will allow dialup on demand, but if you don't want that a manual link can be put on the desktop. chflags run as root (chattr if you don't like bsd and insist on linux) can make files immutable then not even root can delete, or move without running the chflags program first. if you want parts of the os to be protected feel free to make immutable files anywhere you feel like it to 'harden' the system the freebsd handbook has a walkthrough on compiling the kernel which is highly recommended for removing features and making the system harder to hack. disable or remove everything you or they don't need to further harden the system, and use a customizable WM and edit it so that only the functions you or they need are present i don't know what the people use these days, though.
freebsd is easily configured to run on slow computers. keep in mind software modems may be a real pain to configure and there are usb modems that might work good, further research is required. i don't know what hardware you're running for them, but if you've got them on an arm board there are way more people working on linux based ARM support while FreeBSD warns they aren't end user ready... however a basic browser and email virtually anything x86 is usable for a modern browser which may not work right on dialup requires at least 256MB of ram with 1GB or better recommended by me.

2 days ago

A 16-Year-Old Builds a Device To Convert Breath Into Speech

kesuki Re:The fancy ones are expensive.. (67 comments)

the fancy ones are $8,000 instead of $80 is because IP laws protect monopolies. in an open ecosystem where everything is free as in libre, any person designing medical devices could interoperate with everyone else designing medical devices. ever call to every piece of hardware would be workable by anyone who wanted to. every program even one privately funded, would then be opened to the community so their competitors could learn what you did and how and be able to build on what you did.

and if that smells like lost profit to you, maybe it is, but it's better for everyone. there is no vendor lock in forcing you to use inferior or vulnerable platforms. there is no 'upgrade cycle' that hardware vendors crave, the free market is always releasing inferior hardware to generate new upgrade cycles.

the government is supposed to be fixing things which corporations do wrong and they just don't care it seems. planned obsolescence.... do i need to rant more here?

if you think of sick people only in dollars and cents then you are in need of some morality. if you think we need to reinvent every medical tool every 20-30 years to 'fund' the proprietary developers of hardware and software then think of all the things that could have been done with those people not doing BS work, in a civilization where people are more than the dollars they have in their wallets.

3 days ago

Stop The Vultures?

kesuki Re:Typical (8 comments)

> "The world economy and middle-class lifestyle are built on theft, slavery, extortion and murder."

They have those things in many countries, yet they remain shitholes compared to America. There's more to the success of America than just criminality.

Putting forth such a blanket statement only makes you look absurd.

lets look here, cnn the ptb lap dog they are have a 'salary' calculator that caps at $400,000 a year. yet america has 1565 billionaires according to so to correct you, the blanket statement that the middle class lifestyle is unsustainable or the cause of the problem is absurd. clearly a system that supports 1,500 billionaires yet no one can apparently get a salary over $400,000 is definitely a gamed system. it is the top 1% who are the problem and the middle class only supports a dream of the poor to not be poor, while doing so for little rewards while whole nations are bankrupted so an investment banker can get 50% growth of income for billionaires, and the 304,118 millionaires can keep growing their wealth
one in one hundred people are millionaires. and the civilization that caused this is not going to sustain it forever. if the romans couldn't do it we sure as hell can't.

about a week ago


kesuki Re:So, if idiots have power. . . (19 comments)

"Heads of finance are just giving the market what it wants, and their riches and status indicate how good they are at doing it. They're successful, not sick."

until the peasants start revolting the rich can do almost anything. the exception is access to heaven.

"They wouldn't be so successful if you the People (not you specifically, but as a whole) didn't create the demand, either directly or indirectly through the government you were supposed to keep in check."

the government hasn't created the mass of happy peasants that was corporation which took away the governments ability to keep in check the power of the rich, in the name of the peasants they serve.

"The leaders are just doing their jobs. It's the people who are sick."

no one is sick. you just haven't gotten it yet. the human consciousness is the parallel of many nodes. each node knows only what its node is working on. there is nothing not even light that can travel across the entire brain and provide every node with the same data. the visual cortex is exceptionally good at throwing away visual data and piping to other nodes the compressed lossy perhaps fractal data to nodes specializing in data storage. there are many nodes each about the size of a usa penny generally in a tube shaped form. each node can do its unique job and its frankly amazing how many nodes the human brain has. why do i bring this up? because your brain invents the reality you believe in for you and not even logic can fix that. it has nodes invented to do this. there are chemicals that impact your mind, including the six nodes that the sugar and cocaine target, that keeps the data flowing between nodes. as they do their respective jobs. and create the consciousness matrix that makes up your highly parallel mind that has been programed by most schools to be highly serial. even games are highly serial. i learned how to play with the best but it was a path of diminishing returns my other nodes either craved the data or rejected it. the ones that craved it got tired easily the ones that rejected it stopped trusting the rest of the nodes. there is no dd for the brain but the cycle i was in was as close to it as is possible. making every day the same at blinding speed while parts of my brain became exhausted and other dark. the true sickness is that there is none. we are all healthy and the chemicals just make one side win or the other in the terms of how the brain works. and depending on who you are and who your doctor is will determine if they try to slow down your nodes or speed them up. the rest is a moot point it is not a sickness but rather two roads to early failure of nodes or to lazy nodes doing little real work and staying dark.

about two weeks ago

AT&T Says 10Mbps Is Too Fast For "Broadband," 4Mbps Is Enough

kesuki Re:The real reason, and it does make sense (527 comments)

and yet a $100 wifi dual band router is capable of transferring files wirelessly 8 bands of 40mhz that carries 1300Mbit/s of data and there is enough bands for a whole apartment building to each have a wifi router in every apartment.
Main article: IEEE 802.11ac

IEEE 802.11ac-2013 is an amendment to IEEE 802.11, published in December 2013, that builds on 802.11n.[18] Changes compared to 802.11n include wider channels (80 or 160 MHz versus 40 MHz) in the 5 GHz band, more spatial streams (up to eight versus four), higher order modulation (up to 256-QAM vs. 64-QAM), and the addition of Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO). As of October 2013, high-end implementations support 80 MHz channels, three spatial streams, and 256-QAM, yielding a data rate of up to 433.3 Mbit/s per spatial stream, 1300 Mbit/s total, in 80 MHz channels in the 5 GHz band.[19] Vendors have announced plans to release so-called "Wave 2" devices with support for 160 MHz channels, four spatial streams, and MU-MIMO in 2014 and 2015.[20][21][22]

about two weeks ago

Ask Slashdot: What Are the Best Games To Have In Your Collection?

kesuki Re:Nethack (382 comments)

there is a thing called a bluetooth keyboard+touchpad/mouse url:
as only one pairing is possible though that one pairing can be cloned to four or eight devices.

about three weeks ago

How many devices are connected to your home Wi-Fi?

kesuki Re:iDevices plus CNC machine (260 comments)

"wifi is the easist way to get gcode files from the main PC to the garage PC."

challenge accepted.

wifi doesn't do 1gbps. and powerline uses existing copper infrastructure to send signals to anything with an ethernet port. wifi support is wonky at best, especially if you buy the cheap hardware. maybe they work on windows but still drops many packets. linux you almost have to cherrypick your wifi adapters. and all the best powerline adapters send data encrypted... while wireless encryption cripples your speed unless you shell out for a 5ghz wifi setup which then may or may not work with linux.

about three weeks ago

Why Ferguson Is Just the Beginning of Future America

kesuki Re:Sweet, sweet solipsism (12 comments)

we are the giant robotic overlords. why do you think our baby memories are so rare and fade so fast? because from nanolathing in the womb the networking of the mind is started by the mother, and we go from instant nerve based signals to no signal at all when the cord is cut. then we crash and learn how to wirelessly communicate, and at first there is no questioning of any adult action as the nural matrix is still growing, because mothers are so burdened with the duties they perform as mothers, rather than a perfect bit for bit copy which wouldn't work anyways our massively parallel brains generate and discard data to make room for new programming. besides most mothers want to enjoy their childrens lives, and the best extension of that is not by a bit for bit copy so much as a slow interface such as sensory organs, to gradually run across the reality engine of the mind. i have made my own mind crash, i experienced it first hand at an adult mind, where i could attempt to record the thoughts.

i even had extra pyramidal symptoms, and the messages were fast and i didn't have internet access from a device so i was stuck using the fast connection where realities floated across my mind and everything people were trying to tell me was being directly drawn to my nural network. they really really tried to get the extrapyramidal symptoms into my head but i was so busy doing things it had not been digested information.

on a routine basis i see people doing things that they could only know about from supposedly secure sources. i write things sometimes that cause the whole of my reality tremble, and if i need something reality soon finds a way for me to get it. if i want a thing it is a bit harder than if i don't 'need' it usually i have to do things my family wants because they know me better, and are more likely to help me if i help them some way.

don't you remember the time i got the superbowl up to halftime charted out a week before the big game and was rather vague about the end of the game? how did that data 'happen' to fit in my mind? why do people tell me not to talk about the internet to their children as they are not ready for their kids to know what an internet is.

why do i know that a non monolithic designed cpu on silicon is a mere 40ghz while companies sell between 1.2ghz and 5.0ghz (with water cooling) hmm i don't read the articles myself...

about a month ago

Why Ferguson Is Just the Beginning of Future America

kesuki a worthy read (12 comments)

i have few words to say, as the above is already quite insightful. if humans are all like me, there simply isn't a will to change from the idiot box's garden variety lies to the dead tree propaganda, to the internet's steadily eroding rights to privacy and free communication.

about a month ago

Smartphone Kill Switch, Consumer Boon Or Way For Government To Brick Your Phone?

kesuki Re:Bricking or Tracking? (299 comments)

so government a key portion of civilization is no longer needed once our corporate overlords take their place? and these $800 com devices that have $160 worth of parts every 18 months is better than taxes how? oh and hey the phone company will drop the price $200 if only you agree to pay $15 a month more cause a $600 phone is more affordable than if you pay $280 over time. sure there are pay as you go wireless... but they are carried in some markets they don't have towers in. same for contract based phones they will sign you up happily even if their computer says they have no towers where you live. because once the ink is there its final you have to pay.

the point of the government is to protect the people from companies and it has sadly failed many times many ways. lung black from coal miners goes untreated despite federal laws where are the government acting about that? obama care has the potential of killing a $3 billion dollar a year of fraudulent medical payments but no those are 'easy' jobs for the wealthy to profit off the suffering of the poor, so we can't let the program actually work now can we?


technology doesn't kill the need for government especially when it comes from corporations. the free market you say? then clearly they buy low sell high. even if granny freezes to death because propane went up in price when her social security payment went down. and IT IS REAL

the problem isn't that the government is too big, it is that it has not been doing it's job and is now more worried about how to keep the rich rich while allowing as many companies to be free of pesky regulations like preserving the quality of our water and air.

about a month ago

Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

kesuki Re: Would be awesome (727 comments)

What really kills open source is that it doesn't have a functional GUI or a dearth of useful apps. It is because it doesn't have what marketing is looking for, vendor lock in for not giving competitors access to the same tools/data sets. It doesn't guarantee high profits, on low margins. It doesn't offer a user base of clueless clickers, who will pay because everyone else is charging for software, and think software means paying money...

about a month ago

Rightscorp's New Plan: Hijack Browsers Until Infingers Pay Up

kesuki Re:Amost sounds like a good deal ... (376 comments)

remind me how many dollars sony was sued for over the walkman.

remind me how much has apple had to pay for illegal downloaded music playing on ipods.

the internet is a service, and with net neutrality it is not up to the isp to issue a court order to stop the infringement. they are not a court. neither is these stupid companies who harass people for using bittorrent or jigdo or ftp for crying out loud. the DMCA has clauses for takedown notices which the isp is allowed to essentially ignore unless the burden of proof is achieved. which these companies don't care about. this is shakedown money. and without net neutrality it is a forgone conclusion that to use the internet will require shakedown money for all future generations.

about 1 month ago

Windows 8.1 Update Crippling PCs With BSOD, Microsoft Suggests You Roll Back

kesuki Re:I've learned the hard way (304 comments)

"I've learned the hard way over the years. Never let Windows Update install a driver of any kind. Ever.

I've had them blow out network cards, video cards, sound cards, and low level on-board devices. I've had them completely bork systems to the point where they were unbootable. "

thats not a bug, thats a feature... you've heard of vendor lockin and planned obsolescence...

about a month ago

Ask Slashdot: How Dead Is Antivirus, Exactly?

kesuki Re:No, you don't need AV, even on Windows (331 comments)

sounds like we've got an Id ten T error.

thing is, i've seen $100 a fix computer security professionals unable to remove a virus.

i removed the administrator privileges from said user and the malware couldn't reinstall itself. funny thing about windows is that making a new user account prevents many reinfection scenarios, yet a $100 a fix professional tries to fix it with tools that wont install properly because a malware is reinstalling every boot up.

they infected the keyboard controller on the laptop somehow too, so i used a new $10 usb keyboard to fix that because i didn't want to replace the whole keyboard, and made it so that the id ten t user would have to enter a password to install a program, and would have to use a password to remove the anti virus which i wrote down and didn't give to them. they also though youtube movie links were 'purchasing' movies so i did what i could and washed my hands of the situation.

about a month ago

Microsoft Black Tuesday Patches Bring Blue Screens of Death

kesuki Re:Patch Tuesday updates (179 comments)

here, download, put to usb media... use BIOS to set usb and/or dvd to boot before the hdd. then boot and fix MBR then roll back updates. you can ever use the boot cd to replace the bad files using the copy on your boot dvd (just google the guides i'm lazy)

about a month ago

Parallax Completes Open Hardware Vision With Open Source CPU

kesuki Re:Limited utility. (136 comments)

not really, until you can 3-d print it yourself and then verify with an xray will security be verified.

right now only governments and corporations are really able to build their own fabs and thus be 100% certain no backdoors are installed. 3d printing breakthroughs will take that fab and make it a expensive prototype box which can create copies of itself for material prices, as well as make devices such as routers/firewalls etc. leading to cheap devices that can make secure open hardware for defending the walled gardens of less secure devices. within 10 years of the processor printing 3-d printers and there will be a world changing event where the hobbyist can secure a network anywhere in the world and thus be totally immune to government watchdogs. they will then resort to ipv6 built in tech to find the secured routers by location and go in and try to bust their hardware for not having government required mandatory backdoors. or maybe i need to see my doc and get some of the meds back that i asked to be taken off of.

about a month and a half ago

Reglue: Opening Up the World To Deserving Kids With Linux Computers

kesuki Re:DVD-ROM is a start (91 comments)

if it has all the information needed to rebuild civilization and can easily fit on a new $220 laptop which an old virused windows machine isn't going to have the hdd space to store it on except in the microdownloads section i linked to.

and yes wikipidia for school (the name for the hdd distributable edition) is already there now.

about a month and a half ago

Verizon Now Throttling Top 'Unlimited' Subscribers On 4G LTE

kesuki Re:what the hell are you doing on your cellphone (274 comments)

good comment but i have a bit more detail. if you use wifi on your smartphone then it uses about 200mb a month for light in car use (not as driver though)
verizon and walmart have a 20 year contract for pay as you go, unlimited data for their straighttalk wireless users.
the 'average' smartphone user uses 1 gb per month based on verizons numbers.
verizon is crying crocodile tears here, cause 'poor folk' can afford unlimited wireless and can and will stream music and videos if they don't cost them money and the buffering isn't too bad, especially if they are paying $45 a month for unlimited everything from walmart, without a contract (if you use a used phone, or buy a pay as you go phone)
verizon rampantly spies on users and when making a slow lane for torrenters they realized legal streaming customers were using their expensive hardware for old contracts of unlimited data that are no longer offered to new customers.
despite the fact there is dark fiber and dark spectrum. why can one apartment building have wifi from every user and has only a small spectrum of broadcast yet cell carriers are supposedly restrained by their data networks capabilities? hah, this plan to only throttle when a tower is over-saturated is a bait and switch scam, they will take down towers and claim their networks are over-saturated and throttle the networks so no one can use it so they can put cheaper gear in their towers. i just spent $100 on a wireless router and it's radio is almost double the signal of the old $40 walmart router. fwiw it's a 1750ac router. and fwiw the same router sells for $180 at walmart, but i bought it online. anyways better gear costs more and thus this is just verizon lying about why they want permission to throttle wireless signals they want to use cheaper hardware and take down towers. the sad part though is that a modern communication satellite can transmit over 1,000 channels of 1080i sized channels of broadcast, as long as it doesn't have to process the signals onboard. i've heard as high as 5000 channels and that is from a hundred some odd miles above the sky... wireless signals have way more bandwidth it is just that terrestrial based com signals are all processed so it can be spied on, and processing that is not as cheap as unprocessed (in the sky) data.

about 2 months ago


kesuki hasn't submitted any stories.



just went under 220lbs for the first time in a long long time...

kesuki kesuki writes  |  about 2 months ago

i love it when overweight people give me diet advice.
i double plus like it when they say i lose weight from exercise.
i rotflol when they tell me to eat veggies/salads 'instead of meat' while eating them with high carb dressings.

i took an inch off my waistline and i caved in on eating 'banned' foods according to the diet i picked at least 2-3 times a week. i clearly know more than they do, because it is the first diet to ever work for me even though i couldn't follow it like i wanted to. nothing else works. exercise on most diets makes me hungry, and therefor i gain weight. i even trained for a 10k and gained a whopping 10 lbs.
my secret? replace almost all carbs with meat, veggies and fruits combined are to be less than 15% of my caloric intake. grains and potatoes and legumes are totally off limits, according to the diet i am trying to be on. if i lost 16 lbs and a waist size why do i 'need' your obese self justification for eating like a feedlot cow? i was trying to follow the paleo diet if you must know the name, and hense legumes, grains, and potatoes are off limits but so to is sugar, processed foods sodas etc. needless to say i didn't stick to it. but i did stop eating garbage foods from the frozen section (quit those 2 years ago though) i made a point of finding new ways to eat meat, including lunchmeat, that i could tolerate and really i only get hungry if i've had bread or it's many cousins in the past week. yeah and i quit taking acid reflux meds turns out the wheat was irritating my tummy and i thought i had acid reflux.


just watched "terms and conditions may apply" on netflix.

kesuki kesuki writes  |  about 4 months ago

but it is lacking. it makes a few points, but they are kinda empty on what people can do about or against surveillance. encryption gets 3 seconds worth of coverage. they don't even mention the fact that closed source software makes detection of spying almost impossible. no mention of how true open source gives the freedom to be free of government and corporate surveillance, as long as you don't release information on your own. i realize google uses open source software, but they neglect the facts that open source isn't by itself enough to prevent abuse because humans are humans and that is the flaw in google's model. ah well, it has a little republican slant, barely mentioning how republicans were involved in it while painting dems as having the most use of surveillance, which is a fluke because google yahoo and facebook have been doing this stuff for years now regardless of which party is in office. it just that 'freemium' games and popularity of social media has skyrocketed in the past 6 years. although i know a lot of people think we have a 0 party system that it's just the rich who gets their wheels greased...


color e-ink is here! now comics and color manga on e-readers!

kesuki kesuki writes  |  about 5 months ago

i don't think this is news, but second generation color eink readers are now $500 and for sale online. first gen i have seen as cheap as $120 but second gen is so much better. now if only the screen came down in price. paints a dark picture... i don't know what the refresh rate is on the triton2 but it must not be good enough for high frame rate video. i have movie watching devices though, color eink just needs to work with digital delivered comic books/manga. and ebooks with 'color' pictures. it doesn't need to be a one device does everything it just needs a group of people willing to pay for eink in color and know what that means too slow for video. eink displays don't shatter, and kids get too much video anyways, so they should be encouraging kids to use a device that has a battery that has as much energy as a AA battery, but needs charging only periodically...


has slashdot lost it's sense of humor?

kesuki kesuki writes  |  about 6 months ago

today is april first, and while bing and google have jokes up, i haven't seen a single april fools on the main page. i realize in years past they have done nothing but april fools and that was unpopular but seriously not even a token link to google or bing?


just watched "we're not broke" documentary and here are my thoughts on it.

kesuki kesuki writes  |  about 6 months ago

the main point of the movie is that companies are offshoring profits to avoid the 35% corporate tax rate, and that so called laws to get the money back in the usa don't create jobs but rather let companies reward the people at the top and cut jobs drastically.

companies including bailout companies from 2001-2011 have over 2.4 trillion dollars off shore. most of that money has 0% taxrate and can never return to the USA, except on 'tax holidays' which generally allow for as little as 5% tax rate. and it is all legal. sick it is so sick. republicans have forced through huge benefit cuts under the notion that america is broke. no americas tax laws are broken, and so are many other places including the uk.


so i dived into bitcoin....

kesuki kesuki writes  |  about 7 months ago

not really, i dived into dogecoin. but with my hardware i was able to mine 1,000 dogecoins a day which is worth $1.76 as of last refresh. roughly $50 a month with only the electric bill to pay its nice, but i decided the risk is worth investment. i don't quite trust 'asic' devices as the people making a scrypt based asic would almost certainly be making more profit mining new scrypt coins than selling asic for miners. at least until parts start going bad, then it's time to dump them on the market and let the buyers be jipped thinking they had a decent miner.
my current rigs do 170/khash but i just dropped $400 on a gpu that should do 600-800 khash on dogecoin the former is at my 2.2 days a total of 1700 dogecoins, which is as well as a 5ghash asic for bitcoin. mining bitcoin no longer makes sense(unless you have asic and are desperately trying to recoup your investment). oh and i get a nice free game to go with the new gpu. my power supply and motherboard are can do quad gpu, depending on how the initial gpu does i may buy a second and possibly a third. for legal reasons this is all part of my dad's small business. even though my computers are being run to do the work. as i am the only one with decent gpus. you may have heard of max coin so have i, but seeing the mining going on i'd say asic for maxcoin is highly likely. because math is hard and quality information on which exchanges to mine for maximum profit (they can all be converted once they are in your wallet) i am so far sticking with dogecoin.


windows 7 and hidden resolution 'feature'

kesuki kesuki writes  |  about a year ago

okay, i have been using windows 7 for quite a while now, but just found out that setting the screen resolution to 1080p does not actually set resolution to 1080p. from the desktop if you right click it says 'screen resolution' by default that is set to 1080p BUT it is overridden by a feature called 'display percentage' which defaults to 100% yet in my experience on a custom from oem build vs a dell setup that it really defaults to 125% of resolution. this means less room for desktop icons and a lot of other things... this includes trying to watch blurays to a 40" tv via hdmi, not cool. windows 8 and 8.1 both disable or hide this feature though i haven't checked for hdmi resolution on the tv with 8.1. games of course override the desktop settings which is part of why i didn't notice sooner.


advice on wifi routers...

kesuki kesuki writes  |  about a year ago

we now have 6 devices on wifi here good router info would be good... i will research a bit myself but i want to know a good one that has a long range it is not ok to log me off just because i walk to the other end of the house..


so yahoo claims account hacking against me, to get a Capital Letter in password

kesuki kesuki writes  |  about a year ago

i know i wasn't hacked but their login screen invalidated logins until i changed my very secure password to a slightly less secure but containing a capital letter password. sigh i for one welcome the post nuclear holocaust.


does anyone know if tor is standard on ubuntu?

kesuki kesuki writes  |  about a year ago

i noticed on my ubuntu laptop that tor is running and at a low pid, is tor default as installed at /usr/sbin/tor i havent checked logs yet i just noticed it is installed and running.


a bit late but i was checking out chromium os...

kesuki kesuki writes  |  1 year,5 days

it is just a browser kiosk with an app store. i used a vm to try it out and i was unimpressed.
i guess i feel like if i were going to a hacker thing i wouldn't mind grabbing a cheap one just to browse the web without having to worry about getting hacked since i could have a second gmail account just for the chromebook and wipe the account and format and restore the chrome book while still on vacation then i could keep it for the next time or just sell it on ebay or something. but i don't go to hacker things. and if i wanted cheap i could find cheap without being crippled the way chromebooks and windows 8 tie ins are. at least with win8 i was able to teach my mom how to do things she likes. and ugh the malware i already found some in the chrome store that was able to open a tab and look like it was a search setup sigh not safe for grandma either. android devices are better but have some of the same flaws of chrome os. google you're not apple. and i don't see why microsoft is making win8 as much like chrome os as they are. flashy gui up front but everything is flawed from a real usage scenario.


should i become an at home author?

kesuki kesuki writes  |  about a year ago

i haven't been as heavy a contributor here on slashdot since i started on facebook/g+. i have considered taking up writing as a hobby again as i now have the time to do so... i learned how to storyboard from movies and haven't taken up a project with a good storyboard yet(since i learned how). i just want to feel important and to do what i enjoy doing and if writing isn't all i thought it would be as a child, well i don't have any better plans for what to do.
it would seem that things are going to be okay for me for a while, i have no worries other than worrying that not progressing on writing fiction will drag me back into feeling worthless cause i could not write a single useful thing in that spare time.
what should i do. i can't game, as i made an iron clad no serious gaming for myself except on weekends rule as i can stay sane if i don't over stimulate my brain. i know how to write, i know what i like to read, i know a few insider secrets to writing the kinds of stories i like... but every time i try to draw myself into writing i just act like i don't want to write more. i don't want to be tldr, i don't want to scour old media hoping to glean some copyright infringement free ideas... basically i just don't know what to do as i want to be important, but i can't figure out what i should do to be important


windows 8 is hate.

kesuki kesuki writes  |  about a year ago

first off, everything is broken -- you load all apps as limited user privaleges so called windows mode. great for a tablet which doesn't matter, but broken on a laptop where they invented new ways to emulate touch screen with a mouse if i hadn't found that out while installing i would have had to scour youtube for directions. needless to say window mode doesn't work with pogo, which uses flash, java, and popups. once i got ie to run in desktop mode i could find the ways to enable/update things but despite being preloaded with all three they didn't work in desktop mode without updating which took a good 20 minutes to even try to find, and of course mega download updates for the os. i don't know if flash updated i don't know if my mom is going to be able to keep them updated either, since i was confused as to how to get it done. still in progress of making it work, dumb website that makes people use the latest software even when that is broken in windows 8. sigh. if anyone has any ideas of ways to make windows tile screen have a simple link to desktop mode ie, it would be helpful though i will probabally scour youtube for that. then i need an app that makes updating flash and java painless. not sure what to do there, i can't be there every time there is an update to flash because they go on vacations and remote desktop is too insecure for me to trust it running on moms laptop.


mom is getting a dell, maybe.

kesuki kesuki writes  |  about a year ago

so, my mom wants a laptop to play '' games she pays for membership there, and plays games (mostly java with some flash since EA acquired pogo.) so i checked her desktop screen size on her desktop and it is 1680x1050, in laptops i only found 900p in her price range (450-550usd) at dell which if you look at the tech specs is a dual core 1.9ghz cpu she currently has a dual core 2.8ghz desktop. so i tried shopping other sites but could only find 1366x768 resolution hardware in her price range, i didn't search everywhere and 'dad's' laptop is a dual core 2.0 ghz computer. whats wrong with dad's laptop? it won't run java or flash very well it is old and i formatted it twice since he owned it. should i stick with the i3? or should i try to talk her into an i5 dual core at 2.7 ghz? even though it it is $100 over the price range i suggested for her. any better sites to get at least a 900p laptop or better on the cheap that will only run an av and a browser, using java heavily? the dell has a 17.3" screen fwiw and she needs one at least as large. is it okay to not have it faster than their existing hardware? these are tough questions to me.


windows vista broken on dad's laptop

kesuki kesuki writes  |  about a year ago

well isn't this fun, first we have windows take 45 minutes to start, though i cheated and used taskman to start things cause i wasn't gonna wait for windows... then we have windows load but norton complains because i attempted to run norton while windows was booting. finally we have nav refusing to scan while hijackthis fails to work. i have tried in the past to get my parents onto linux but they didn't like it.
internet explorer fails firefox runs, but ugh it is not pretty, also i can't get my dad to use anything for browser script stopping, and my mom won't run popup blockers. sigh. i want to format and reinstall and of course use linux to backup and restore important files but that also involves finding the install dvds.


my old desktop went up in smoke, so i built a custom rig.

kesuki kesuki writes  |  about a year and a half ago

i just randomly picked parts based on what newegg had available. i reused a hdd and a bluray burner.
it is an AMD 8 core 125w cpu with ATI hd7770 gpu. windows 7 because it is for gaming, the games from gamefly instead of tpb. it will run steam because the free game is a steam code. if i do dvds or blurays it will be of legal content like from the internet archive. i tried using bluray in linux, and it was shoddy coding at best, not giving features of the command line strings the guis were interfacing for. and i like command line only where it is needed. not everywhere because it is too memory intensive learning a skill set and then not use it enough. computers make my life better, or they find the bin. i went overboard on the power supply thinking i might need crossfire, but it's energy efficent, and 80gold certified psu. oh well, it has a single stick of 8gb ram i might buy more if i ever learn virtual machines. it's tco sofar is $800. that includes windows 7, because i don't quite trust the desktop to linux when i just lost my second open source machine and my first linux one. i lost a freebsd running from a 486 once, sigh. i've had various backup devices and schemes, but the one that works best is always have a removable media source that can not be overwritten easily.


my inbox has been spam free for a while...

kesuki kesuki writes  |  about a year and a half ago

with only a few foriegn spams. i wonder if the wow spammer realized i was posting about the spam here on slashdot... seasons greetings as well, having a safe and quiet holiday season so far here.


after a long hiatus the wow spam continues...

kesuki kesuki writes  |  about 2 years ago

i was busy catching up on my netflix today so they sent two emails.

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