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Storm Causes AT&T Outage Across Midwest

kevin.fowler Re:Cell phones with no battery chargers? (213 comments)

New England resident here: I've got a Duracell Pocket Power charger, a battery-less solar USB charger, and an old 4-AA battery iPod charger (clunky, but can still give an iPhone a charge). I'm in the city now, but long power outages used to be a problem back in the boonies. It's always good to be prepared.

It's crazy how many people who live anywhere (city or country) who don't have a maglite/crank radio/space blankets/stash of emergency food.

about 6 years ago

What's the Best Video Game Download Service?

kevin.fowler GOG Beta is Great So Far (227 comments)

But I seriously doubt I'll buy anything aside from Fallout 1&2 + Tactics from there.

GameTap is somewhat broken with Vista and gimped on Mac so I gave it up. I've got the Source engine pack from Steam, but I played it to death and got a bit bored with it. Steam overall seems to be relatively painless.

Physical DVDs have recently lured be back, especially when they contain both Mac and PC versions (as much as I want to hate EA, I can play Spore on the road and on the beast PC at home).

more than 6 years ago


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