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Yahoo Offered Lap Dances At Hack Event

kevjava Wonder why women are so uncomfortable... (572 comments)

in the Information Technology field? This might go some way to explain it.

Did Yahoo not think that women engineers would be present at this event? They make up roughly ten percent of engineers as a whole. Furthermore, did they think that there was some way that women attendees would be perfectly comfortable watching other women objectified on a stage?

It's not that I mind women being objectified for money -- the women involved are handsomely rewarded for their parts in this business deal. I do mind people in my field saying that they do everything they can to make women comfortable in our field, then turning around and saying that they don't understand why anyone would be offended by this.

more than 5 years ago

The Myths of Security

kevjava Re:Thanks! (216 comments)

But, the Schneier chapter isn't meant to piss him off, I have no beef with him whatsoever. I just think the fanboys do the world a disservice by not thinking for themselves, especially when they draw from material that's a decade old.

The thing is, you're not convincing me that the book is out of date. There is plenty of material in the Internet that is over a decade old and is still relatively current. I read the Cathedral and the Bazaar for the first time last month, and drew a good amount of benefit from its words, even if I'm not ready to swallow it whole. The Mythical Man Month shed quite a bit of perspective on project management in a field that our industry has fifty or so years of experience in, and yet we still do terribly at.

The principles of cryptography are still the same today as they were in the days of the Roman Empire and the Caesar Cipher, with all the bits about Alice and Bob with Mallory in the middle. Our toys are much more advanced today, and their rate of advance continues to increase, but just what is it that makes our pulling of information from a 10+-year-old book harmful?

I'm no Schneier "fanboy", and haven't actually read the book; I just genuinely want to know.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft, Nokia Team To Add Mobile Office Apps To Phones

kevjava Re:usability (154 comments)

Works fine here:

Let's set so double the killer delete select all


more than 5 years ago

AT&T Calls Telecommuters Back To the Cubicle

kevjava Re:Telecommute = Outsourced (393 comments)

The solution to that problem is pretty simple (and yet at the same time, not simple at all): get a cleared job. If you work for the government and your job requires a clearance, then you have instantly guarded yourself with very good certainty from outsourcing.

Okay, you still can't telecommute, but you probably won't get outsourced.

more than 7 years ago


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