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Digg.com Attempts To Suppress HD-DVD Revolt

keyrat rafa Slashdot Republic (1142 comments)

Well, here's my chance to vocalize an idea I had for a Slashdot/Digg mashup.

The best thing about digg is how fast new stories make it to the front. The bad? Well, apart from today, there's always sensationalist headlines, innacurate headlines/descriptions, and just general pandering to the idiot masses.

So, what about a site like digg where users who had a better reputation had a vote that counted for more? It'd be like combining digging with Slashdot karma and comment moderation. Add to it an algorithm that doesn't call for 50 stories per second, and maybe you'd have something cool. Obviously it needs to be thought out a bit more, but it could work...maybe.

more than 7 years ago



keyrat rafa keyrat rafa writes  |  more than 8 years ago

keyrat rafa writes "According to this article in the New Straits Times, thieves in Malaysia are using an unknown tool to detect hidden laptops inside cars. Speculation on another tech site ranges from battery sniffers to bluetooth snarfing. Still, it seems a little strange with the laptop being powered off. I figure the Slashdot crowd could figure this one out.

What type of device could detect a laptop hidden inside a car?"


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