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Bill "The Science Guy" Nye Says Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children

khendron Re:So which field of engineering (1774 comments)

I hear you and I logically agree with you. But I've witnessed many examples that show this not to be the case.

For example, when I was in engineering school the most brilliant of my fellow students was a strong believer in creationism. He once lent me one of his creationism textbooks. I dutifully read it and found it to be nonsensical and completely illogical. Yet he was firmly convinced this was the truth. I never have understood how someone who was getting straight A+ marks while taking a double course load could at the same time believe such nonsense.

about 2 years ago

Baskerville Is the Greatest Font, Statistically, Says Filmmaker Errol Morris

khendron Garamond (158 comments)

In the Typography course I took, we were taught that the greatest font of all time is Garamond.

It wasn't even tested in this article.

more than 2 years ago

Critics Blast Apple's Cheesy New Ad Campaign

khendron Re:Successful ad campaign is successful (244 comments)

but if apple had filmed a turd for 20 seconds and published that as an official advert it would have the highest viewcount on youtube - however I really doubt that would mean it's a successful advert for them in building of their brand image.

People would have said they liked the new fully cornerless design and swirly textures. Brown is obviously the new white (or black) and you have to be impressed by the new smell feedback technology. It's soft and warm to the touch as well, making it comfortable to hold.

Good thing I didn't step in it!

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Is There a Professional Geek Dress Code?

khendron Mismatched socks (432 comments)

To quote the new VP of Development at my company, on the day of his promotion: "I stand here before you wearing one brown sock and one blue sock, demonstrating that you do not need to know how to dress yourself to get ahead."

more than 2 years ago

7,000 Irish e-Voting Machines To Be Scrapped

khendron Re:use the same system for slot machines (198 comments)

I pay my bills online.
I do my banking online.
I order my shopping online...

And all those activities are the target of a significant amount of fraud. It is tolerated, though, because the savings outweigh the costs. You can't say the same for an election.

more than 2 years ago

Raunchy Dance Routine a PR Nightmare For Microsoft

khendron Awkward... (322 comments)

I haven't seen something like that since the time my company accidentally hired strippers for our Vegas-themed Christmas party.

more than 2 years ago

Why Desktop Linux Hasn't Taken Off

khendron Because penguins can't fly (1264 comments)

The poor choice of mascot has clipped the entire distribution.

more than 2 years ago

Zuckerberg Made Instagram Deal Alone

khendron Re:and this is how... (307 comments)

No no no! A cloud bubble DOUBLE rainbow!

more than 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: The Very Best Paper Airplane?

khendron The Ring (183 comments)

Might not win a competition, but I've always liked this design. Looks way cool when flying.

The Ring.

more than 2 years ago

FBI Says Smart Meter Hacks Are Likely To Spread

khendron +1 to FA for covert Dilbert quote (189 comments)

"...paradigm shifting without a clutch"

I always liked that quote. Too bad the FA article felt the need to [edit] it.

more than 2 years ago

Estonian Tech University Bans Notebooks and Smartphones

khendron Re:Pay attention to the professor? (134 comments)

When I was in first year U I had a calculus prof whose lectures were painfully boring. He'd put a slide on the overhead projector, talk about it while we'd copy it down into our notes. Then he'd put up another slide, repeat, repeat. No time for interaction with the students. Just switch slides, copy, switch slides copy, for 50 excruciating minutes.

One day, the bulb in the project blew. We were all hoping that the prof would cancel the class, but no. He just pushed the overhead to one side, picked up a piece of chalk and started to lecture while writing on the blackboard. The prof transformed from painfully boring into a first rate lecturer. The class was engaging, there was interaction with the students, back and forth discussions. For that one class, the prof was one of the best lecturers I've ever seen.

Next class the overhead was fixed, so it was back to painfully boring.

more than 2 years ago

Estonian Tech University Bans Notebooks and Smartphones

khendron Re:Understandable. (134 comments)

> I should really stop bringing mine.

Good idea. That will help you catch up on your sleep.

more than 2 years ago

MythBusters Bust House

khendron Re:Adam was quoted as (631 comments)

I'm pretty sure Discovery will cover it, and probably give them a substantial bonus and invite them to participate in the episode to boot.

I think they've already participated in the episode.

more than 2 years ago

What's Keeping You On Windows?

khendron Work and VPN (1880 comments)

I am mostly Mac at home. At work we are still stuck on XP.

When I work from home and VPN into the office, the VPN client runs on Windows (there is an OSX version of the VPN client, but it doesn't support the required security policies). So I run XP in a Parallels VM.

more than 2 years ago

Netflix Creates Qwikster For DVD Only Business

khendron Saucer separation (481 comments)

This is like the Enterprise doing a saucer separation.

Netflix is separating themselves from the part of the business that they think are doomed. That way, when the DVD by mail business does go belly up, Netflix itself won't be around to take damage.

And I think they fully expect it to go belly up. Qwikster? Come on! "*ster" names went out of style almost 10 years ago!

about 3 years ago

United Pilots To Use iPads For Navigation

khendron What if it fails? (253 comments)

I can imagine the announcement from the cockpit: "This is your captain speaking.We will be in a holding pattern for a little bit, while we deal with some minor technical issues. I expect we will be delayed about 1 hour into Chicago...By the way, does anybody on board have an iPad?"

about 3 years ago

IBM Watson To Replace Salespeople and Cold-Callers

khendron Might work (316 comments)

Customer: Can you tell me the location of your office in the United States?
Watson: Toronto?????

more than 3 years ago



Microsoft Security Essentials is nuking Chrome

khendron khendron writes  |  more than 2 years ago

khendron (225184) writes "In what appears to be a crucial false-positive, Microsoft’s security tools are removing Chrome from Windows machines, marking it as a variant of the notorious Zeus (Zbot) malware family.

This just happened to a coworker of mine. Fortunately, when she re-installed Chrome all of her bookmarks were still there."

Link to Original Source

The sky is not falling on the music industry

khendron khendron writes  |  more than 3 years ago

khendron (225184) writes "A recent article in the Globe and Mail states that 'for more than a decade, the music industry in Canada, and globally, has been cast as being in dire straits --a portent of things to come for all media in the digital age--unless copyright laws are updated to combat illegal downloading.' But, as the article goes on to show, the music industry as a whole is doing rather well."
Link to Original Source

khendron khendron writes  |  more than 7 years ago

khendron writes "Buying a new car? This blog describes how you will be treated at a particular car dealership in California. after filling in all the paperwork, you are handed a slip of paper and told to mark your right thumbprint in a box. The paper says clearly that it's a request, for your protection, and to prevent your identity theft. When you politely decline, the dealership refuses to sell you the car.

How exactly this protects the buyer is not made clear by the dealership. Their implication was that if you refuse to supply your thumbprint then you must be hiding something."

khendron khendron writes  |  more than 7 years ago

khendron writes "The Jakob Nielson's latest newsletter, he laments the fact that schools appear to be teaching kids how to use specific computer application (he cites Excel in his example). What a waste of time, since these skills will be useless by the time the kids graduate. Instead, he lists a number of "life-long" computer skills that we should be teaching kids: Search Strategies, Information Credibility, Information Overload, Writing for Online Readers, Computerized Presentation Skills, Workspace Ergonomics, Debugging, and User Testing and other Basic Usability Guidelines.

From the article about Debugging: "We shouldn't turn everyone into a programmer, but the basic debugging concept is a fundamental survival skill in the computer era. Most spreadsheets contain formula errors, for example, and unless people know how to find such mistakes, they'll make decisions based on the wrong numbers."

Who thinks his list is accurate? Or complete?"

khendron khendron writes  |  more than 6 years ago

khendron writes "The Canadian online music store Puretracks (a store I have generally avoided because of their Microsoft specific solutions) has announced that it will immediately start selling part of its catalog as DRM-free mp3 files. The site's unprotected catalog, which includes artists such as The Barenaked Ladies and Sarah McLachlan, will initially feature only 50,000 of its 1.3 million tracks, but will grow weekly.

More also from the Globe and Mail. If this endeavour is successful, maybe we will see the larger music labels jumping on board."

khendron khendron writes  |  more than 7 years ago

khendron writes "A couple weeks ago, Macleans magazine, Canada's leading weekly news magazine, proclaimed The Internet Sucks. The lengthy article by Steve Maich (which was the cover article, by the way) describes, in great detail, how the Internet is behind the ills of today's society. There is almost nothing he doesn't take a swipe at: Google, Napster, online gambling, Wikipedia, Digg, GraigsList, online porn, blogging, online newspapers, YouTube, MySpace, Yahoo! ... you name it, he says it is all for the worse.

As one might expect, the article is rather one-sided. All the positive aspects of the Internet are dismissed as mere replacements for something that already existed. "Emails replace faxes and phone calls. Online shopping replaces sales that used to be made through a catalogue," he says. Yet when speaking of the negatives such as porn, gambling, and infidelity, he completely fails to consider that these traits of humanity existed long before the Internet came along."


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